movieThe Dark and The Wicked Ending Explained & Spoilers!

The Dark and The Wicked Ending Explained & Spoilers!


The Dark and The Wicked: Everything You Should Know!

The Dark and the Wicked is a 2020 American horror film written and directed by Brian Bertino. It stars Marin Ireland, Michael Abbott Jr., and Xander Berkeley.

The film premiered on August 28, 2020, at the Fantasia International Film Festival. It was released on November 06, 2020, by RLJE Films.

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The Dark and The Wicked Summary: What the Movie is all About?

With The Dark and the Wicked, writer and director Brian Bertino turns grief into a fingering. In this depressing parable, grief is something that spreads easily, grief is a force that removes any kind of agency over our own fate.

Granted, the concept works closely with the subjects at hand, but in contrast to recent gruesome efforts that have focused on grief, Bertino refuses to rely solely on metaphors. No, this is a cold, rough piece of Americana, where true evil is sovereign to an inevitable reality.

The Dark and The Wicked Ending
The Dark and The Wicked Ending

And this reality is strangely related, especially right now, and especially when it comes to family. Without getting too political, The Dark and the Wicked seems to be something that infects us all across America.

We are a nation built on traditions, patriarchal rules, on inborn responsibilities, and Bertino inadvertently plays those ideas against his hero. As sons and daughters, we are all born into a family cycle of giving and taking – and all of this often becomes a beast of burden.

The Dark and The Wicked Plot Recap: What Happens in the Movie?

A farmhouse capped in the late sun. Wiregrass is strangulating the perimeter. Homemade wind chimes rustle in thin whistling air. A flock of quiet, silent sheep suddenly jumps and kicks as if startled by an imaginary enemy.

Darkness envelops, pitch black, like soot and ashes rest where the heat once stood. There is a presence here, in the dark, at night, and to call this place home is unfortunately heavy on every soul.

The Dark and the Wicked opens in a very intriguing way, you know it’s a horror film, but you don’t know what you’re really up to! Halfway through the film, you won’t know what evil you have to fear,

And not knowing it keeps the film interesting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Evil finds its roots in this family because they lack the relationships, grief, frustration, fear, and anxiety that they keep within and outside each other.

The themes of loss and isolation in an epidemic were different hits. Our quarantined companion in the house is falling like flies around us, falling prey to an invisible force that is both deadly and invincible.

The Dark and The Wicked Ending Explained: Did They Survive?

The really terrible thing about The Dark And The Wicked is that the film can easily be about abuse and generational pain. Lewis and Michael have not been home for years. They are uncomfortable at home.

The siblings come home to help their mother, but they are apparently off duty. He is not interested in reconnecting with his parents, only to serve a purpose. Responsibility brings them home, not love. When the nurse tells them that only love can defeat evil, it is very ironic.

Something happened in his childhood that the siblings left and never looked back. Love departs a long time ago. Louis wakes up to the sound of the phone ringing, and he finally realizes that he has to go, not knowing that it is too late.

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She apologizes to her wheezing father, who now seems only a few miles away from dying, and walks off. She falls down the stairs outside, and when she hears him gasping and coughing, she cannot bear to leave.

She goes back inside and tells her father that she will not leave him. She hears the devil mimicking Michael’s voice, calls him for help, and shouts in her defiance. Ghar goes to Shamra while Lewis catches his father in his final moments.

When he breathes his last, she begs him not to leave, and then she cries in sorrow. A moment later, she is distracted by singing her mother’s voice in another room. As she turns to her father, Satan catches her and she shouts.

Although the unit can kill Lewis’ father quite easily, it takes his sweet time to torture the old man and his entire family before eventually killing them all.

When Mike tries to flee the home and the unit’s torture, the unit shows him a vision and kills him immediately, which proves that he can kill his victims in one stroke, especially if its victims are in its trap.

In the film, Louise’s mother knew quite a bit about the evil entity and her presence in the house, which suggests that perhaps Lewis’s parents had some kind of deal with the devil.

As his father’s condition worsens over the course of a week (providing intertitles on specific days, and the word “Tuesday” never seemed so inauspicious),

The ghost of his imminent demise appears physically at home. Causing all types of spine-chilling events. Meanwhile, Michael’s mental condition also begins to deteriorate.

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