movie The Informer Ending Explained: Plot Details and Spoilers

The Informer Ending Explained: Plot Details and Spoilers


The Informer: What it is all about

In recent years, Joel Kinnaman has emerged as the next-minded man’s action hero in his cerebral and projects like ‘Suicide Squad’, ‘Age of Winter’, ‘Alqad Carbon’ and ‘Hannah’.


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In An ‘Informer’, he plays the role of a military veteran who is sentenced to prison after accidentally killing a man while trying to protect his wife. While he is serving his time, the FBI visits him and recruits him to infiltrate the Polish mob.

Pete becomes a skilled double agent, collecting valuable intelligence for the officers known as the general for the mystic crime boss. And the Informer ‘is a well-executed and well-acted thriller that effortlessly maintains the critical importance of suspense throughout its runtime.

The Informer Ending
The Informer Ending

Directed by Andrea di Stefano, it is a cinematic adaptation of the Swedish writing duo Anders Rosalund and Borge Hellstr√∂msam’s 2009 novel Sec Three Seconds.

The Informer Plot Details: What Happens in the movie

The film opens the day with Pete Koslow (Kinnaman) as the previous day’s FBI informer who infiltrated the General (Eugene Lipinski) criminal organization. Over the years, he has gathered enough evidence to put the other person behind bars for good.

All he has to do is take several kilos of drugs to the airport, along with General’s nephew, Staszek Cusick (Metuso Kosukiewicz), and deliver it to the General. Fade will then arrest and arrest everyone.

However, as often happens with these things in the imagination, there is an unexpected turn of events. Staszek suddenly announces that he has found a buyer for the drugs and makes the rounds. Pete quickly realizes that the buyer is an undercover police officer and tries to release him, but Stazek kills him.

This forces the FBI to stop the operation. According to the general, Pete owes a debt to him and his family, and the way he can repay it, he goes to the same prison he was in before he was returned and There were traffic drugs. If Pete does not, his wife Sophia (Ana de Armas) and daughter Anna (Karma Mayer) will have to bear the consequences with him.


His FBI handler Erica Wilcox (Rosamund Pike) and his boss Montgomery (Clive Owen) believe the case they have made against the general is scandalous and persuades Pete to go along with the general’s plan. But once he is inside the prison, he will continue to collect information about the activities of the Polish mob.

The Informer Ending Explained

Pete successfully manages to get the information the FBI is seeking, but when he tries to deliver it to the prison warden – as he is believed to be – and asks to be held in solitary confinement, he realizes that The FBI has instructed the warden not to do such a thing.

Horrified, he realizes that he has been betrayed. He calls Erica, but she is unresponsive. He then calls Sophia and tells her to take Anna and immediately as far as possible. Sophia suggests that they should reach the Grains.

But when she goes to retrieve the recording, which Pete has made from her conversation with the FBI, Erica arrives, listening to their conversation. Although she takes the tape, she also leaves the money and urges Sophia to leave.

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When Pete Tried to Escape

The Police had previously provided Pete with a small stabbing device for personal protection. But after his cover is blown off, he finds her to disappear. The inevitable attack does not occur long after, but he manages to subdue his attacker.


As the authorities see who has transpired, the entire jail has been alerted. In the ensuing pandemic, Pete takes a corrupt officer Slyvit (Sam Spruel) hostage, and locks himself inside a chamber on the prison’s roof.

During his military days, he was a special forces sniper. He carefully marks the possible trajectories of the bullets that he knows will get in their way and moves the two cylinders of a volatile gas into a strategic position.

At their home, Grens helps Sophia to take out Staszek and his companions, who were sent by the general to kill Sophia and Anna, possibly for Pete’s betrayal. After learning that Pete has collected evidence on him, Montgomery wants to kill him, before everything is out of hand.

He goes to the scene and takes charge. When Pete detonated the FBI sniper shooting Slyvit and caused the explosion, Montgomery genuinely believes that the only threat to his power and influence has been eliminated.

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Shockingly, Erica Turns the Table

A subplot in the film revolves around Erica dealing with her sense of morality. She eventually realizes that while working under Montgomery, her actions have become suspicious and border criminals.

She recognizes that the way they are treating Pete does not make them better than the Polish. When she receives the tapes from Sophia, he plays them one after the other and remembers the promises she made. She goes through this moral dilemma and in the end

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