Web series netflix The Stranded Season 2: When Will It Return on...

The Stranded Season 2: When Will It Return on Netflix?


Netflix’s The Stranded Season 2: Everything You Should Know

Stranded is one of the breathtaking series and is first known as a Thai origin premiere on Netflix. The perfect mix of fantasy and drama was seen in the first season, which drove a huge crowd crazy about the series due to its incredible story-line.


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The story revolves around our hero Kram and his friends, who all attend the same elite school. Due to a devastating tsunami attack, our 18-year-old protagonist, along with a group of 36 classmates, are trapped on a remote island where the scope of existence is shallow.

The entire season consisted of 7 episodes, and in fact, there will be a second part in the suspense series which is excellent news for every fan out there, and hopefully, we’ll soon get to see what happens to Cram and his teammates.

The Stranded Season 2: Release Date

The Stranded Season 2
The Stranded Season 2

The Awesome Series was first released on November 15, 2019. Since there has been no official statement on the release date of season 2 of the series, season 20 is likely to air around mid-2021 but production has not yet started as we fans will be waiting for some more time.


Which Characters will return for the Cast of The Stranded Season 2?

As no updates have been officially received for season 2 of the series, it is anticipated to see the series return to our main leads depending on the end of the first season. Hopefully, we can see Papangkorn Larchlampotte as Kram.

Chatawat Phatrakampol as Ani as well as Chanit Chansangzev in May. Kitisak Petomburan as Ice and Ticha Vongthipkont again as Ying in the series. The upcoming season may involve solving the mystery with some new cast members.

The Stranded Season 2 Plot: What Can Happen

Looking at season 1, it was completely like a roller coaster. So many ups and downs and the spectacular ride came to an end from where our season 2 will start to reveal so many doubts which are there for our fans.

As we saw throughout the season, Anan was very angry to come to the position of leader, and after so much plotting and planning in the finals, he gets what he always wanted to overcome the impression of his maternal uncle’s boy Was.

After suffering a lot of pain, surviving different attacks, and struggling for life, our hero reaches another world through a dive into the pond, which may be the “gate”. He soon comes in contact with the rest of his classmates who were left behind.


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On the other hand, we see Arisa, Nut, and Gun pass through the cave through another gate that leads them to the night before the tsunami, and they come into contact with Joey at the party that is still alive. In the upcoming season, we get to know about Kram’s parents and what happened to them with the second story of May and her child.

The season will shed light on which gate was chosen which was the correct one or any other right gate that would appear later and how the students would cooperate under Anan’s leadership. Also, Jack has a chance to be alive and may reappear in season 2.

Is there any Trailer for The Stranded Season 2?

As of now, the show has not renewed for the upcoming season. So we will have to wait for the trailer until the show is renewed for a season 2.

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Where to Watch The Stranded Season 2?

The First Season of the stranded was released on Netflix. So we can expect the next season of the show will also release on the same platform. Also if you haven’t watched the previous season of the show it is still available for streaming on Netflix.


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