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Tom Hardy to Return for Taboo Season 2! New Release Date Updates


Taboo Season 2: Everything you should know!

Tom Hardy, who is already a star on the big screen, made a name for himself in the TV game with two heavy hitters: Peaky Blinders and Taboo. The former became a huge hit, having suffered several seasons, but the latter has been curiously absent since it debuted in January of 2017.

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Although a second season was announced directly in March 2017, there are not many details about BBC One / FX series could return, and what it will look like going forward. While we still don’t have a ton of information in the ready, executive producer Steven Knight has opened up about some possible plot details, and we know that there will actually be an eight-episode second season.

But what other Victorian-set drama do we know that was co-created by Tom Hardy and his father, Chips? Break all the news that comes to us about Tabu Season 2 and when we can expect to see more.

Tom Hardy Taboo Season 2
Tom Hardy Taboo Season 2

Taboo Season 2 Renewed or Canceled by FX?

Tabu was renewed for the second season of 2017. Yes! We don’t love you, producer Steven Knight also confirms this in an interview. Along with the good news, Knight is also fulfilling Promises Season 2. Therefore, we can all rest easy now that we know that Tom Hardy is coming back.

Knight also confirms that the show was planned for season 3 at the beginning, and would be the same way. So, even though the season is slow to come, we can expect season 3 in the future as well.

What will be the Expected Release Date of Taboo Season 2?

While there have been no official announcements on the dates, Knight told the Den of Geek in May of 2017 that he was difficult to work with in Season 2. “I’m doing it right now,” he admitted. “I’m trying to write it as soon as possible.”

In the same interview, he said that as soon as possible we will see Season 2 “well into 2018.” Since it is now 2021, and a worldwide epidemic has slowed production, Knight was clearly a bit optimistic at the time.

Tabu season 2 will likely be released in late 2021 or early 2022. The creators of this series have only officially announced that they have renewed the series for two more seasons, but they have not yet officially announced a release date.

According to some reports, filming of the series was expected to begin in early 2020. Nevertheless, as you know, this global epidemic happened, and it caused everything to be delayed, and so did the series.

Tom Hardy to Return for Cast of Taboo Season 2!

Back in January 2020, the network’s entertainment chairman Eric Shire told Deadline that they were interested in an additional Charles Dickens adaptation from Knight – the network aired its own version of A Christmas Carol, including an appearance from Hardy in 2019.

The cast of Tabu Season 2 has already been announced. The cast will feature Tom Hardy as James Kejia Delaney. Leo Bill Benjamin will play the character of Wilton and Jesse Buckley will play Larna Delaney.

The cast will also feature Stephen Graham as Atticus, Ona Chaplin as Zilfa Giri, and David Heyman as Brace. Jefferson Hall as Throne Gerry, Edward Hogg as Michael Godfrey.

Franca Potente as Helga von Hinten and Michael Kelly as Edgar Dumbarton will join the cast of Taboo Season 2.

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What Can Fans Expect from the Plot Taboo Season 2?

Taboo 1814 is set in London and follows Hardy’s James Delaney, a smuggler, and beast, who returns to his native Britain after a 12-year stint in Africa. Disappointed that his wealthy father left nothing of value in his will, Delaney agreed to regain his legacy.

He heads the East India Company, which spends most of the season trying to kill him before he eventually escapes upon setting up a ship for America. Sets the state tantalizing end for the thrilling season 2, which Knight promises will be “explosive”. We know that we will eventually follow Delaney and his crew in the “New World”

But we also know that their next destination is Ponta Delgada, a remote group of Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the Azores. That setting for the show still means nobody’s guess, as Knight is taunted about the future.

Tom Hardy’s Taboo Season 1 Finale Review!

If Tabu is judged only by its confident premiere and its thrilling finale, it will look thrilling and engaging. The first episode is full of mysteries that refuse to be suppressed; In the flame of final disobedience. But a lot of mysteries are pointed out, then abandoned.

Many characters are moved around and sacrificed like pawns, never taken out or given inner life. The malleable, shocking traps of incest, magic, and resurrection prove to be inconsistent distractions from the plot at the show’s core.

I like slow burns, but Tabu would have been far more thrilling if he had shortened his fuse. A story that begins with rumors of a top-hatred dead man wandering in London and feasting on human hearts finds a way to pay that secret.

A show that hinges on the forbidden love between step-siblings and the unique relationship between them, needs to be resolved from one of the bridges. A show that spans multiple episodes on it needs to fill its hours with something more than smoke and mirrors.

And a narrative that blows smoke about the demonic powers of its protagonist must make solid use of them, or at least show why they are so cruel. Tabu does not manage any of these. A show that opens with sorcery, cannibalism, and incest, it does not matter to be so monotonous.

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