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Two Weeks To Live Returning for Season 2? Latest Release Date Updates


What do we know about Two Weeks to Live

‘Two Weeks to Live’ is Sky One’s dark comedy + crime thriller packed into a lot of punch in the first season. Bringing in a deadly mix of shootings, revenge, the worst practical jokes, and the funniest, weirdest mother-daughter dynamic, the show is lauded for its outstanding performance and an equally entertaining yet talented comedy story.

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But since the series was branded as a limited event, initially, many fans are eager to learn that there will be a second iteration from ‘Two Weeks to Live’. Well, here is a little of all the details we have learned till now.

What will be the Expected Release Date for Two Weeks to Live Season 2?

Two Weeks to Live Season 2
Two Weeks to Live Season 2

‘Two Weeks to Live’ season 1 premiered on HBO Max in the US on November 5, 2020. It aired on Sky One in the UK from September 2, 2020, to October 7, 2020, before being released in the US. It consists of six episodes.

Although the show was branded as a mini-series at the time of its concept, its finale has many questions. Also, the opening installment received a great response. And when asked about the possibilities of the second edition, star Maisie Williams did not respond in the negative or positive.

What are the Chances that Season 2 of Two Weeks To Live Will Happen?

Maisie Williams just said that if enough people watch the show, future episodes may be an option. On that optimistic note, we hope Sky renews the show soon. If this happens in the next few months, we can expect to week to live ‘season 2 to premiere in late 2021 or later.

Will Maisie William Return for the Cast of Two Weeks to Live Season 2?

The main characters of We Too Week to Live are Kim (Maisie Williams), her mother Tina AK Jo (Cyan Clifford), Nikki (Mavan Rizwan), and Jay (Tahin Modak). Since they are all alive until the end of season 1, the respective stars will also return in season 2. We also have Brooks (Jason Fleming) and Jay’s partner Beth (Carey Howard).

Both Fleming and Howard are expected to return for season 2. Thompson (Thalassa Teixeira) is killed in a landmine, ending Teixeira’s character. Jimmy (Sean Pertwee) kills himself, and therefore, Pertwee will not be seen in the next version.

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Two Weeks To Live Season 2 Plot: What Can Fans Expect?

Season 1 ends with AK Tina realizing that if she wants to win the trust of her daughter Kim, she has to let go later. A leather-bound book in hand, Kim sets out on her journey to determine what regular girls do in a normal world. However, Jimmy’s daughter is out for revenge and is targeted by Kim, Tina, Nikki, and Jay.

Again, ever since Brooks has run away with cash, our new adversary is also after the loot. Finally, Tina’s former partner tells her in the finale: “So you didn’t tell him [Kim] everything.” One more day, maybe. “As you can see, Season 2 has to address many unfinished stories. And we hope that future episodes will give us all the necessary answers.

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Where to Watch Two Weeks To Live Season 2?

The 1st Season of the show was released on HBO Max. So we can expect the 2nd season of the show to also release on the same platform if it is renewed. Until then you can watch the first season of Two weeks to live if you haven’t watched it yet.

Two Weeks To Live Season 2 Official Trailer

As we said earlier there has been no confirmation by the officials on the next season of the show. So fans will have to wait for the trailer of the upcoming season of the show until it is renewed.

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