Web series Undercover Season 2 Ending Fully Explained! Plot Details

Undercover Season 2 Ending Fully Explained! Plot Details


Undercover Season 2 Ending: Everything You Should Know

The characters in returning TV shows have a way of making you feel like you’re reconnecting with old friends. People you haven’t seen in awhile and don’t like what they’ve changed. But every time you are following a series, it is always a feeling of nostalgia.


The second season of the Belgian-Dutch Dutch-language crime-drama series ‘Undercover’ has been released on Netflix in November 2020 and has all the ingredients to give you the same feeling.

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The show’s sophistication outing spans the first season’s criminal underworld by introducing new elements. This time, the undercover duo run illegal arms dealers as philanthropists and farm owners. The scope is large, the stakes are high, and the course of justice is even more complex and dangerous.

What Happened in Undercover season 2?

Undercover Season 2 Ending
Undercover Season 2 Ending

The premiere of the explosive season has set a lot for the rest of the series. It opens with a meeting between Belgian undercover officer Bob Lemmens (Tom Wes) and former Dutch officer Kim de Ruiz (Anna Dreijver).

Apparently, it has been at least a few years since they last saw each other. Kim is now working as a Brussels-based human rights investigative journalist and reporting on illegal arms dealers who smuggle arms from Ukraine to Syria.

Kim asks Bob to track down the serial number of a tractor, which, as it turns out later, he found in Ukraine. Since the conclusion of the first season, life has moved on for both. Bob is divorced but has regular access to his children. Kim has a new boyfriend. Time has separated the jagged edges of their relationship.

They are actually very happy to see each other and even reminiscent of their time together. It is in this moment when you begin to believe that the two will once again be on an undercover mission, flipped by Scripter, Nico Mullenaire, and their writers in the script. Kim is shot by assailants on a motorcycle and later dies.


Bob and his old handler Nick Jansens (Manou Kersting) join forces with Patrick Diericks (Jeroen van der Veen), who infiltrates his organization with undercover agents to bring down Berger. In prison, Bowman takes his revenge by sitting in solitude.

When he finds out that Daniel (Ellis Schaap) has cheated on him with Kim, he is initially angry. However, he soon has a reverence for his cold and calculates himself and decides to use that crew of information to get himself out of prison.

Undercover Season 2 Ending

The last two episodes of ‘Over Undercover’ have tied several plot threads together to give the series a satisfying ending. After Kim’s death, the series introduces a new female protagonist, Nathalie Judance (Ruth Bequart).

A former drug addict, he has a son named Jackson (Celeste Henry Cornelis), who is with Laurent, although the child has no idea who his father is. She works at Laurent’s bar and is forced to bring her son in front of her family.

Nathalie always knows about JP’s illegal activities but learns of Laurent’s involvement from Bob and Nick. To get out of Burger’s clutches for both himself and his son, he agrees to help Bob with his mission. Nathalie is an amalgamation of both Kim and Danielle.

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All his actions throughout the season, both assisting the police and being under the burger, keep him away from his need to keep his son safe.


Family Problems

Since the divorce between Bob and Lisbeth (Catering de Ruyscher), their two children, Paulie (Emma Verlinden) and David (Warre Verlinden), regularly shuttle between their parents’ homes. Polly, the oldest knows that her father was involved in an undercover operation with Kim, and believes her affair led to the marriage of her parents. Because of that, there is a lot of resentment in her father for her.

How Undercover Season 2 Ended?

Finally, Bob’s family is sent for witness protection, as he actively lies in court during Bowman’s trial. The season ends with Bob visiting Kim’s grave with Polly. As Bob opens up about his relationship with Kim, their relationship is now back to normal.

However, it seems that David is angry with her now. This is quite understandable. Eventually, his life is uprooted because of his father’s actions. But as Polly promises, he will forgive Bob someday.

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The salvation he gave to his brother left him. They promised each other that they would always be together. And now, he appears to have broken that promise. At the hospital, Bob is visited by Patrick, who informs him that Nathalie and Jackson have moved to a new city and want to see him when he gets better.

Unlike the previous season, which ended in complete disappointment for him, the second one ends on an expectation note. In Nathalie, he can find a sense of belonging as well as love.

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