Web series Virgin River Season 1 Ending Explained! Plot & Highlights

Virgin River Season 1 Ending Explained! Plot & Highlights


Virgin River Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know

It seems that Netflix is ​​coming into more Hallmark-esque territory with ‘Virgin River’, but you know what we’re not complaining about. Starring Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Colin Lawrence, Ante Ottol, Tim Matheson, and Lauren Hammersley.

The plot revolves around a nurse practitioner named Melinda Moneke AK Mel. She makes room from LA to small town to deal with some tragic events of her past. But is this the right step, and will she be able to call the Virgin River her home? let’s find out.

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Virgin River Season 1 Recap: What happened in the show

Throughout the first season, Mel is dealing with some unknown trauma to her ex-husband Mark (Daniel Gillis). By the season finale, it was revealed that he had died in a car accident, struggling to cope with his grief.

At the same time, however, she grew up with local bar owner Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) throughout the series. The pair eventually confessed their feelings for each other in episode eight and went on a date in the ninth outing.

Virgin river First Kiss
Virgin river First Kiss

Hope McRea (Annette Oytole) got herself into trouble at the season finale when she revealed the news about Cormin’s pregnancy to Mel.

As a result, Jack expels him from his life, which breaks Hope’s heart and makes him rethink his choice. As a result, she opened up to Doctor Mullins (Tim Matheson) about how she wanted to give her marriage another chance.

How Virgin River season 1 ended?

Jack and Mel finally go on a date, where they have an interesting conversation about the philosopher Kierkegaard, and the concepts of fate, fate, coincidence, and free will. On reaching home, he finally reads the letter that Charmaine has sent him and finds out that she is pregnant with his child.


Naturally, he goes to see his ex and says that he will support them both. However, Charmaine says that she still loves Jack, further complicating the situation for her. Jack goes to Mel’s cabin, fully intending to tell him the news. However, at the last moment, he makes an excuse and leaves.

Back at the doctor’s office, Hope accidentally tells her that Charmaine is pregnant. He then tells Hope to stay out of Jack’s business. However, Mayer is concerned for him. When Mel arrives for work, Hope brings up the subject, not realizing Jack has not yet informed the nurse.

As expected, Mel is shocked, and slightly hurt. Peggy shows up at the bar and tells Preacher that her ex-husband is a police officer who was physically violent with her. However, one day, he raised a hand on his son, Christopher.

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In fact, even though the police were called, she was the one who was arrested. She was then given custody, but she could not leave her son in the hands of an addict, which is why she took her son and ran away. Preacher understands and vows to save her.

Although Preacher goes to visit Peggy after a suspect arrives at the bar, she does not find anyone at home. However, he finds a few drops of blood on the floor. On the other side of town, Jack Mel arrives and apologizes for the entire situation.

She says her own fertility problems make it difficult for her to be part of such an equation. The veteran tells her that she is falling in love with him, but she asks for time; he agrees. Nevertheless, she calls her sister Joey and tells him that she is coming to La’s house.


What Happens with Mel in the End of Virgin River Season 1?

We understand that ‘Virgin River’ is a drama series, and the finale itself acts as a cliffhanger. Just like how such situations are historically treated in style, Mel will most probably not leave the city forever.

But we are going to ignore this aspect of the plot feature and focus solely on her personality to come to a conclusion. With the finale, it is almost as if his life is complete. We all know that Mel has not yet made complete peace with his tragic past.

After all, these things take time! Despite wanting anew, he finds himself once again at the pinnacle of a similar trajectory: either he loses Jack completely, or his child can serve as a possible reminder of his past .

After all, when he lost his own child, it didn’t help that Mark was adamant about fatherhood and just wanted to focus on his marriage. Angels City will be a relief for her, where she can gain some perspective and reevaluate her decisions. Also, the chemistry between Jack and him is undeniable.

We think, in the end, it is her feelings for him that will inspire her to return to the small town for good. She would rather have her issues permanently back in LA. This is the magic that the Virgin River has inflicted upon him. It is the city that has given him what he does not even need.

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