A California Christmas Ending Explained! Plot Details and Spoilers

California Christmas Ending


A California Christmas Ending: Everything you should know

Lauren and Josh Swickard who are also real-life couples re-share an on-screen romance in ‘A California Christmas’, directed by Sean Paul Piccino.

At its core, the story is one of love, betrayal, romance, and many obstacles (especially financial ones) that one must overcome to live life on their own terms.

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A California Christmas Plot Recap: What Happens in the Movie?

In the movie, we see that Van enterprises want to build a warehouse for which they are looking for a farm to buy. But no amount of money or power can persuade the owner, Callie Burnett, to sell her property.

As a last resort, Mrs. Van Aston wants her son, Joseph, to have a conversation with a stable woman before Christmas. However, wealthy women men only agree to do so when their lifestyle and company role is endangered.

A California Christmas Ending

So, Joseph goes to the farm with the contract. However, upon reaching there, he was mistaken for a rancid named Manni. Joseph realizes that he needs to get closer to Callie and learn more if he wants the deal to succeed.

A California Christmas Ending Explained!

Connor tells Callie the truth about Joseph, and Mrs. Van Aston also arrives in town (as her son is not picking up her call and has not given any updates about the deal). Joseph tells his mother that he did not let Callie’s farm get away from him.

However, the business Mogul makes an offer to the Burnett family that is basically impossible to deny, especially since Wendy’s hefty medical costs will be paid. Callie asked for 24 hours to end the contract.

After this, he quarrels with Joseph and asks him to leave his farm. However, later, after talking to Leo and Manny, Joseph finds out that Callie is ready to capitalize on his wine, and they also meet a wine connoisseur, who loves sampling.


Joseph then goes to meet Callie, but Connor tells him to turn around. However, the former farmhand just wants to make things right for him. At night, he and Callie organize the vineyard, and the next day, the wine experts come and give him an important offer.

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This means that now, they will not have to accept Mrs. Van Aston’s proposal to keep their heads above water. Kelly then shares the good news with her mother. In the trailer, the real Manny d iscovers that Joseph has gifted him a new gaming system and TV for Christmas.


Also, even though the deal was not done, Mrs. Van Aston is proud of her son and offers him a promotion if he wants. However, he rejects the offer. Joseph then organizes an entire party in the barn after cleaning up. Wendy and Hannah take Callie there, and he apologizes to her.

They just have to kiss, which is when it starts snowing (with the help of an ice machine, of course). Callie has never seen snow, and so makes the perfect romantic gesture. Everyone has a gala time in Sori. Eventually, Wendy dies, but Joseph is there to comfort Callie.

The Promotion

There is no denying that Joseph’s mother offered him an attractive offer to join the company. But his time at Callie’s farm has changed him completely. Initially, he is basically a playboy with a carefree attitude, especially because he has never had to work for things in his life.

But on the farm, things are different. Joseph realizes that Labor eats fruit and even gives it all to him. In fact, it is because he takes his “job” so seriously that Callie, Wendy, and Hannah get to spend more time together.

So there is definitely a lot of good that has come from the union with the real world. Also, once the liquor project closes, it is likely that Callie and Joseph will have their hands full.

However, we also think that he could have added a lot more value to the venture if he had actually taken that promotion. Eventually, he became the chairman of acquisitions for Van Aston Enterprises.

It is almost as if Callie’s father swoops in one last time to save the people he loved so much. Therefore, Burnett’s vineyard is not just a source of income for the protagonist. This is extremely valuable for him.

We think that if Joseph had taken that promotion, he could have actually helped Callie indirectly develop the business more. There is also the fact that Joseph helped him expand the enterprise to many other states and cities in America.

We know that the product is good, and Callie won’t really face any hiccups on that front. But without proper guidance and support, even the best businesses can falter. We are sure that even without publicity, Joseph holds Callie’s hand.

But also realizes that perhaps he is not maximizing his potential. For these reasons, we think Joseph should have