movie AK vs AK Movie Ending Explained! Plot Details &...

AK vs AK Movie Ending Explained! Plot Details & Spoilers


Ak vs Ak Movie Ending: Everything you should know

Vs AK vs AK ‘promotional campaign, Vikramaditya Motwane’s super meta suspense thriller, started with a mock Twitter feud between its two stars, Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap, and gave their prospective audience a glimpse of the film in advance.

Two of them are perhaps the supreme incarnations of two different and often warring clans within Bollywood. Kapoor is shaken by a long line of cinematic heritage. Despite being active as an actor for several decades, he did not lose his unquenchable hunger for success and continued to reinvigorate himself.

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On the other hand, Kashyap is a pioneer in the new era renaissance of Indian cinema. A powerhouse known for making realistic films, he is a permanent outsider in the Bollywood fraternity.

Motwane brings these two livewire personalities together in a project that hilariously blurs the line between reel and real.

AK vs AK Plot Recap: What happens in the movie?

AK vs AK Movie Ending
AK vs AK Movie Ending

As the promotional campaign, the film begins with a public feud between the two characters. Still angry that Kapoor refused to act in his early 2000s project, ‘Allwin Kalicharan’, ‘Kashyap never refused to work with the veteran actor.

The boil that begins in the makeup room before the public interview starts boiling the moment it appears on stage. As the humiliation goes back and forth, both the host and the audience forget. It eventually turns out to be Kashyap throwing water at Kapoor’s face.

The director of Soon Gangs of Wasseypur soon learns how the fraternity can have self-preservation as he faces an industry-wide backlash. His projects have been canceled; Long-time “Kashyapian” actors begin to abandon their sinking ship.

Desperate to get revenge against the man who believes that all his woes are the cause, Kashyap comes up with a rigorous plan with his assistant Yogita Bihani. He kidnaps Kapoor’s daughter, Sonam, and hires the actor until sunrise to find him.

If he fails or goes to the police, Kashyap warns of the terrible consequences of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. Initially skeptical, Kapoor becomes increasingly frightened as he realizes that this is not some sick prank; Sonam is actually kidnapped.

The search for his daughter takes him all over Mumbai and beyond. He follows a man who believes he was involved in a kidnapping at several railway stations, runs away from a car, and even dances in front of a whistling and cheering crowd, just To get some information about his daughter.


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AK vs Ak Ending:

At the beginning of the third act, the story takes an abrupt turn, forcing its audience to give up all their projections. It is learned that without Kashyap’s knowledge, Sonam is taken to her house.

And now, the director’s parents are also missing. Kashyap gets a taste of what Kapoor is doing overnight. Kashyap researched the entire house for his parents and then accused Yogita of setting him up.

He and Kapoor later moved to the deserted construction site where Sonam was original to be taken. When they arrive, they find some space other than camphor. Kashyap kept on saying that it is not part of his screenplay, and yet, when Kapoor reads it, it is all there, with minimal authority to elaborate.

As written in the screenplay, Kapoor finds a gun within Kashyap’s bag, and in an apparent moment of deep fury, shoots the director.

AK vs AK ending: Who’s playing whom?

It can be safely said that there is no film in the history of Indian cinema that can be compared to this gem, although Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Fan’ comes very close. Ultimately, however, Khan’s superstar personality was preserved as he portrayed a character with a different name in that film.

Kapoor and Kashyap do not have that luxury. So, even if they are playing a hyper version of themselves, the jokes and insults seem impossibly personal. When you are well aware that all this is imaginary, then a part of your mind keeps wondering whether Kashyap is petty and violent or if Kapoor is pretentious and defiant.

Perhaps this is where the film’s success lies beyond its aspirations as a lie. Despite having names of respective personalities, both heroes are ridiculously fictional. During the interview, Kapoor was humiliated when Kashyap extended his age and mocked him in front of a live-audience to play the lead role.

He first persuaded Yogita to serve as a double agent and established the whole thing with the help of his family. On his instruction, Yogita tells Kashyap about Sonam’s plan to kidnap him and drives him around Mumbai, punishing Kapoor and fooling himself while filming it.


Sonam was taken by people on Kapoor’s payroll, including Javed. His son, Harshvardhan, hit him with his car. Although Kashyap did not know this, he was never at the top of the project. He wrote most of the screenplay and set how the early aspects of the story would unfold.

He planned to use Kapoor to regain his place in the industry. But Kapoor used his talent to resume his career. He certainly mattered in Yogita to a young filmmaker: lured in with the possibility of making a film of his own.

Through him, Kapoor dumped the entire project out of Kashyap’s hands. When Kashyap learns that his parents are missing, he is wearing an overnight collapsing mirthful and calculating mask.

A scared and clumsy boy emerges in its place. Until she is explicitly told about it, she does not realize that she has been cheated by anyone other than her intended victim.

How the Movie AK vs Ak ended?

After the absurd end credits that portray Kapoor’s rapping and reflect his victory, Kashyap is shown in a mental facility, sitting together with his hands folded. During his investigation, the police concluded that Kapoor shot Kashyap in self-defense and released him from all charges.

Kapoor has won the Best Actor Award for his performance which is now considered Yogita’s film. He won the Best Director award for his debut film, no less. However, Kashyap could now face a sentence of up to 15 years.

When he watches the awards ceremony on TV, all he can do is give Faizal Khan’s (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) memorable lines about payback from ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. After all, Kashyap had almost no support.

The crew consisted of cameraperson as their director and Yogita, while Kapoor, as he himself says, was his entire family. This is a serious unequal battle from the beginning. During his next confrontation, Kashyap will probably be more prepared.

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