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Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 4 Ending Explained! Plot & Spoiler Details


Attack on Titan Season 4 Epi 4: Everything you should know

Fans of ‘Attack’ on Titan waited very eagerly for Season 4. Keeping this in mind, the show makers have actually delivered some great stories so far, and don’t think they will slow down anytime soon.

In Episode 4, the Tybor family and their motives are discussed, as is the identity of Falco’s “mystery” friend, Krueger. So, without further ado, let us destroy the climax?

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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4 Plot Recap:

Krueger tells Falco to post a letter for him because the former cannot leave the hospital. The Tyrb family also arrives in the city, and the chief, Willie, meets with Commander Magath. They discuss the war hammer titan.

In addition, Willie says he wants to tell the world the truth at the festival. Felco kills Gabby in a race, and he gets annoyed with all the attention. She tells him that it is too late for her to get ahead of him, but Falco responds by saying that she is doing all this for him at first.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4 Ending explained
Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4 Ending explained

Although he essentially confesses his feelings to her, she does not take the hint. Later, the children saw Willie and Magath at the site of the adjacent festival, talking about the burden of war.

Falco tells Krueger that he is still unsure of beating Gabby and inheriting Titan. However, the child also states that he will continue to march further. Falco leaves, and a doctor arrives and sits near Kruger.

The medical professional presents himself as Jagger. He tells Krueger to leave Falco alone as this could endanger the safety of the boy and his family.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4 Ending: What is the significance of the name “Krueger”?

Negotiations between the two men continue in the hospital. Jagger reveals that he pushed his son away because the former was too strict about his son becoming a doctor. The son took his sister and went outside the wall.


At the end of this story, the professional starts screaming uncertainly, and the hospital staff takes him away. At the celebration, Willie announced that he would reveal the solution to the festival in the form of drama.

Gabby and her posse were later seen enjoying various food stalls in the area. The scene after the credits is where things get interesting. Falco finds Rainer and takes him to a cellar where Krueger is waiting.

Rainer immediately recognizes that Krueger is nobody else but Aren Jager. For avid fans of the series, this comes as no surprise as many made the same guess at the end of episode 3.

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But why is Eren Kruger going by? What is the significance of this name? Well, Eren Krueger was the name of a secret operative for the Aldean Restore, and he was also known as The Owl. He worked with the Marleian Military Police.

In fact, it was he who gave Grisha the power of Attack Titan and tremendously influenced the life of Eren’s father. In a way, it is almost as if Eren is paying homage to his roots.

Attack on Titan S4 Epi 4: why has Eren decided to expose herself again?

To understand Aren’s decision, we must take some factors into consideration. First, the Tybor family is in town, and they have the War Hammer Titan, about whom little is known.

Then, Aren / Krueger has formed a friendship with Falco, who doesn’t really draw much attention to himself in the larger scheme of things. Aren asks the child to deliver a letter to his family; However, the fate of the Survey Corps has not actually been confirmed yet.


Needless to say, we’ll only get to know more about Aren and his plan in the next episode. However, it is highly likely that he would have thought about all aspects of the plan before it could take action.

In addition, the festival is going to be an important venue, and Willie will deliver his solution there as well. In the preview clip, Eren’s eyes turn to a familiar green color when he says he is similar to Rainer.

Due to this, we speculate that Aren will once again turn into Titan. What is his motivation for doing this? Well, it seems that the Wilbur family has the whole idea of ​​telling which member the War Hammer Titan is.

Ultimately, its identity is a mystery. But if Eren turns into a Titan, that person won’t really have many options. They too, have to change to save their loved ones from Aren.

Is Aren’s grandfather a Doctor?

Yes, most of the clues point to the fact that the medical professional who meets Eren in the latter part of episode 4 is his grandfather. For starters, it is the fact that they share Jaeger’s last name.

The Doctor talks about how he pushed his son away because the former was too strict, and it can refer to Grisha, Eren’s father, who was also a doctor.

Grisha left with her sister, Faye, and proceeded through the walls to see a plane land. The two Marian officers separated the siblings, and when the brother was beaten, Faye was never seen again.

Later, his mutilated body was found, but the security officials gave no justification. 7 years later, Grisha finds out the truth: she was gone

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