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Busted Season 3: Latest Release Updates, Cast & Plot Details


Will Busted Return for Season 3 on Netflix? 

The TV series is currently in people’s minds, ” South Korean Mystery Fiction. Any show in which Park Min-young along with Kim Se-Jeong exists is basically a triumph. This initiative by Netflix introduced the thriller genre, and that in K-world too, a completely new direction.

For the very first season, manufacturer Cho Hyo-slogan jin’s to have the show” absorbed around the world stage” In the second season, an intriguing momentum was created. The show takes us about the path to famous detectives who enroll in Project D.

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They become independently owned detectives of K and fix a new crime in each incident. In the meantime, they also detect the real puzzle of the association.

When will Busted Season 3 Release on Netflix?

Back in June, filming has been wrapped up. Fans are now awaiting Busted Season 3. Not only that but lets us flutter our teeth expectation of this pandemic that is located in both businesses.

Busted Season 3
Busted Season 3

In the first week of November 2019, the second season was initially. We need to then predict Busted Season 3 from the very first season.

Which Celebrities are included in the Cast of Season 3 of Busted?

Yoo Jae Suk, Ahn Jae Wook, Kim Jong Min, Park Min Young, Lee Kwang Soo, GUGUDAN Sejeong, and EXO Sehun would be the original cast members of this series in season 1, in which Lee Seung Gi was joined in Season two as a new detective to maximize the fun.

In addition, to the fixed cast, numerous celebrities, including Yoo Yeon Seok, Park Hae Jin, Tae Hang Ho, Nam Chang Hee, Stephanie Lee, Yoon Jong Hoon, along with IZ*ONE, made the program shine.

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In season 3, Lee Kwang Soo, who disappeared from season two, will come back as a normal member.

What can fans expect from the Plot of Busted Season 3?

The show that tracks the significant figures on the detective trip reveals great funny antiquities. We watched them, however, engaged with all the murdering of Ahn Nae Sang in the prior episode.

In the next season, the first season has obtained over. Thus, Busted Season 3 will take over. We’re likely to see of the abduction. They had been following the road of Flower Killer and finding something simply beautiful. In another season, however, the momentum build-up in the second season will enhance.

Busted Season 3 Official Trailer

The show has been renewed for another season, but there are currently no updates on when the trailer for season 3 of busted will release. Fans can expect a trailer as the production will be finished soon.

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