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In Which Countries The Movie Tenet was Filmed? All Latest Information


Every Location in which The Movie Tenet was Filmed

‘Tenet’ is Christopher Nolan’s science-fiction action-thriller film that re-imagines the concept of time. An unnamed CIA operative, the Protagonist (John David Washington), is appointed by a mysterious organization.

A Russian oligarch named Tetet, Andrei Sutor (Kenneth Branagh), prevented World War II from starting. The film follows a global assignment that takes audiences to spectacular locations around the world.

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One cannot help but be curious to learn more about those places in the film. Keep reading to know about every country in which the movie was filmed.

All Tenet Filming locations

Tenet was shot in seven countries: Estonia, Denmark, India, Italy, Norway, England, and the USA. Principal photography began on May 19 and lasted for about six months before being wrapped on November 12, 2019. Let us give you this information!

  • Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and is located in the northern part of the country. The Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn stands for the fictional Oslo Freeport. The car chase scenes were filmed on Laagna Highway, Paarnu Road, and surrounding areas.

The sequence was filmed moving cars back and forth. To shoot these scenes, California, Estonia, Prague, and the U.K. Highly specialized divers were gathered.

The film features important sights of the city, such as the Maarjamäe Memorial, Liivalaia Courthouse (formerly Harju County Court Building), Linnahall, and Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel.

Scenes were also filmed at Paljasare Harbor, Copley Rail Freight Terminal, and Teleskyvi Creative City. The Muga Harbor doubles for the scene to a port in Denmark where the Protagonist finds himself on a ship in the middle of an offshore wind farm.

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  • Lolland, Denmark

Lowland is the fourth largest island in Denmark and is also known as “Pancake Island” due to its flat topography. In the film, the Protemist is taken to the ‘Wormuth-Biaggingen building’ after waking up on a boat after a suicide bullet, which he swallows.

Although the scene where he is laying ashes is actually in Estonia, the turbine where he temporarily resides is at Nistad Wind Farm. Scenes were also filmed at sea on an icebreaker ship, near Rodebyvan, a small town on the island’s southern coast.

  • Mumbai, India

The film was shot for five days at various locations in Mumbai. Mumbai or Bombay is the commercial capital of India and the seat of the Bollywood film industry. Most of the scenes were filmed in the southern part of the city, particularly in Colaba and its surrounding area.

The movie features Cafe Mondegar and Colaba Causeway Market, both within walking distance of the famous Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and Gateway of India.

Forty boats were brought to deploy near the Gateway of India. The scene where Pragya was talking to Priya on a boat was also filmed there. Scenes were also filmed at the Royal Bombay Yacht Club, Breach Candy Hospital, and Grant Road.

  • Campania, Italy

This administrative region of Italy is involved in many presentations and is home to 10 of the 55 UNESCO sites in Italy. The Amalfi Coast is one of the most recognizable locations in the area where many scenes were filmed.

The film features Villa Cimbrone in Infinity Terrace as the location where Kat and the protagonist are having a conversation. You may remember this as ‘Thimisika’ in the 2017 film ‘Wonder Woman’.

The view included in Andrei Sutor’s luxury yacht is the Super-Yacht Planet Nine which is over 240 feet tall. Although it has a helipad, it cannot accommodate the helicopter seen in the film. A specialist was therefore hired to do very little to see that it touched down.

Scenes were also filmed in various parts of Ravelo’s resort city. Via Richard Wagner appears in the scene where the protagonist is walking to dinner for Satour, which was filmed on the roof of the Belmond Hotel Caruso.

  • Oslo, Norway

The capital of Norway was used to film some scenes in the film. On the roof on which the building is built, Neil has told the importance of what they are going to do.

It was filmed on the terrace of the Oslo Opera House in the Bjørvika neighborhood. The terrace is accessible to the public and offers panoramic views of the city.

  • London, England

Attractive locations in London served as filming locations for this film. One such place is the film ‘Non-Cannon Hall School’, which is not really a school, but Gerald du Maurier’s former home, Daphne du Maurier (author of ‘Rebecca’) father.

The mansion is called Canyon Hall and is located at 14 Cannon Place in Hampstead. The fight between protagonists and some goons follows Locanda Locatelli’s restaurant.

The Reform Club and National Liberal Club in London also served as filming venues for the film. Other locations in England featuring the film are Berkeley Mews and Southampton.

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