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Kiss Me First Returning for Season 2? Latest Release and Plot Updates


Kiss Me First Season 2: Everything you should know about the show

The show was first dropped on Channel 4 and it was released by Netflix. Kiss Me received a warm reaction from the fans worldwide. Therefore another season is something we are awaiting. 

Let’s see what updates fo we have about the release date, cast, plot, and other details of the show.


Kiss Me First Season Two
Kiss Me First Season Two

Netflix along with Channel 4 both neither canceled nor revived the series because of its next installment. The founders have been pretty tight-lipped on the renewal of the series also.

However, at the time of the premiere, the show-runners stated they always wanted the show for a multi-season play, and they expect the show to return as soon as possible. But the network did not receive a renewal for Kiss Me First Season 2.

The fans are still waiting to get any update from the officers regarding the renewal or cancelation of the series.

Will Kiss Me First Return for Season 2?

However, as of today, the makers haven’t uttered anything about Kiss Me First Season two. So we cannit say exactly if a different season is on the cards or not. Although when we consider the viewership and response the first season has received, the makers should really consider bringing another season.

And even the narrative demands an approaching season. So we do not know whether the manufacturers will actually think about it and if they do we may find an official statement shortly.

What can fans expect from the Plot of Season 2 of Kiss Me First?

This amazing series was able to win the hearts of the crowd globally due to the awesome plotline. It is a thriller drama revolving around the shadowy world of the net or more precisely the cyber planet.

The protagonist Leila meets Tess through an online gaming platform named Azana. And they befriend one another and get along in real life as well. However, things take a dark turn when Tess goes missing or maybe just disappeared with no thought or reason.

And this frees Leila into a whole new world of dark secrets, crime and mystery. We saw how Leila starts detecting some mysterious truths about the internet game Azana. In a note, it was about how the dark universe of the net has begun controlling our lives.

If we ever get Kiss Me Season two, we can expect the storyline to concentrate on darker things related to the cyber world.

Since our generation has really started to depend on the virtual world to get everything. And many a time we don’t really understand the fact that by doing this we can get trapped into the dark a heinous universe of cybercrime.

When will KISS ME FIRST SEASON 2 Release?

The series remains to obtain renewal for the next season. If the creators chose to provide the green light to Me Season 2 in the approaching months, then the fans can expect it to release sometime in 2022.

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