EntertainmentAll the Locations Where Vikings Season 6 is Filmed!!!

All the Locations Where Vikings Season 6 is Filmed!!!


Vikings Season 6 Filming Locations around the world:

‘Vikings’ is a historical drama television series that chronicles the lives of some of history’s most famous Vikings, Ragnar Lothrobak and his sons. By season 6, the focus is almost entirely on Ragnar’s sons, who not only define the landscape of their kingdom,

But also shape the history of the Vikings. The sixth season highlighted Björn’s rule in Kattegat, Ivan’s plans in Rasan, and Ube’s adventures in Iceland. We were curious to know where it was filmed, so we dug ahead, and here is what we found!

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Vikings Summary: What the show is about?

Vikings is an exemplary TV show produced and composed by Michael Hairst for the History Channel. The main season was released on March 3, 2013, and since that time, the show has effectively finished five seasons. The 6th season was given on 6 December 2019.

Vikings season 6 filming location:

Vikings Season 6 is filmed in Ireland and Norway. Interestingly, season 6 is set in the region known today as Ukraine and Norway. Here is a description of all the filming locations!

Viking season 6 Filming Locations
Viking season 6 Filming Locations
  • Wicklow, Ireland

You may find it fascinating that Wicklow in Ireland has a history with the Vikings as the Norsemen began looting and raiding their monasteries and residential settlements around 795 AD. Eventually, the Vikings laid a foundation to take advantage of the natural harbor.

Wicklow in Ireland is known for its pristine and untouched beauty. It offers a range of geographical features such as the Wicklow Mountains, valleys and beaches. In the series, Luff Tai in Wicklow stands for Kategate.

Loaf Tai, also known as The Guinness Lake, is a private lake known as the Lugla Estate, which is located in the Wicklow Mountains. Ashford Studios is located in Ballyhenry, Ashford, County Wicklow.

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It is a convenient location for filming as it sits amidst many natural landscapes, most of which are only an hour’s drive from the studio. The studio has three well-equipped sound stages on 500 acres. Scenes requiring green screens for CGI are filmed here.

In season 6 of ‘Vikings’, some scenes are filmed at Powerscourt Waterfall, Ireland’s highest waterfall. The actual sailing scenes are filmed at Blessington Lakes. Scenes have also been filmed near Dublin, including locations such as River Boy (County Math) and Nuns Beach, Ballibunian (Count Carey).

  • Vik, Norway

In Norway’s Westland County, Vick doubles as the home of the Russians Vikings in Kiev in the series. It is not surprising that Vic himself has a strong historical connection with Vic. Many farms are located on old sea terraces dug by burial mounds along its edges.

The Vic is also home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Fjors of Jirangfjord and Noroyfjord. The Jostedalsbreen Glacier separates the two fjords.

Vikings Season 6 Cast Details:

Catherine as Winnic Lagartha,
Gustaf Skarsgård as Floki,
As Alexander Ludwig Björn,
Georgia Hurst as Torv,
Jordan Patrick Smith as a ninety-nine
Travis Fenmel as Ragnar Lothrobak,
Clive Standen, as Rollo,
Peter Hargen, King Herald Finehair
Marco Ilso as Hvitserk, and
Jenny Jax as Judith.

Where to Watch Vikings Season 6 & Upcoming Season 7?

Currently, there is no update as to which streaming platform is about to take over the upcoming season of the show. However, there are some updates about the show on Netflix. If that happens, we can stream the 7th season of Vikings on Netflix.

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