celebsSuperstar Rajnikanth to Launch a New Political Party Next...

Superstar Rajnikanth to Launch a New Political Party Next Year


South Superstar Rajnikanth will announce His New Political Party on 31st December 

Chennai: After building up anticipation for many years, celebrity Rajnikanth has declared that he will start his own party in January 2021. The assumption of this celebrity’s celebration was creating”A miracle in the surveys” with secular and spiritual politics.

The actor made the announcement on Twitter saying: “Party Launch in January announcement in December”. In a few minutes, the actor dealt with the media in front of his Poes Garden residence in Chennai. 

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He also said that he is ready to sacrifice his whole life for the betterment of his people.

Why Rajnikanth is forming a new political party?

Formerly the actor’s political aspirations were pushed back due to health complications. The superstar will soon be forming his own celebration in January but has not yet declared if he will be running for the elections.

Rajnikant to Launch a new Political Party
Rajnikant to Launch a new Political Party

The celebrity demanded a change in Tamil Politics stating”My success will be the victory of the folks and my defeat will the individual’s defeat. “

The celebrity, on Monday, held a meeting with district secretaries of this Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM), a costume that he started in ancient 2018 as a precursor for his political party.

Back in December 2017, the actor had announced that his political entrance has been a certainty. However, past month, Mr. Rajinikanth increased doubts within his much-awaited political plunge after confirming that doctors have informed him from meeting people and campaigning through the elections as it would boost the possibility of contracting COVID-19.

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Is this the First Time Rajnikanth is Entering into Politics?

Back in 1996 Rajini had publicly endorsed the DMK and had called for”Saving Tamil Nadu out of Jayalalithaa” and in that election after AIADMK was defeated Rajini had been seen as a significant game-changer and many were expecting him to create his political entry shortly after.

However, the wait for his political statement came to a conclusion, a year after Jaya’s departure. After his statement, though the superstar had clarified that he won’t join any existing political parties.

So Rajini had gone and fulfilled DMK patriarch Karunanidhi to seek his blessings. Though against the AIADMK, Rajini such as most in the cine area was close to many in the DMK.

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