movie The Beast Ending Explained! Plot Details and Spoilers

The Beast Ending Explained! Plot Details and Spoilers


The Beast (2019) Ending: Everything you should know

Overexposure to Hollywood films has built up in us definite expectations about movies that portray kids (or parental figures) on warpaths to rescue their abducted children. Towards the tail end of his profession, he had been abducted by terrorists along with tortured before a team was sent to rescue him.


Though Riva left it alive, not one of the members of the team lived. During his debriefing, his superior officer, a general, commends him for not showing any sensitive information and gives him a promotion.

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Riva decreases and criticizes the decision of sending many officers to their deaths simply to rescue him. He requests to be immediately discharged, which the general reluctantly accepts.

Beast Plot Details: What Happens in the Movie

Apparently, he suffers from a severe case of PTSD, has turned into a dependent on his pain medications, and is estranged from his loved ones. As we later learn, the last person is self-inflicted. After he retired, he increasingly became distant and gloomy and left his loved ones, fearing that he would hurt them.

The Beast Movie Ending
The Beast Movie Ending

After the film opens, it has been some time since the last time he’s observed his wife Angela (Monica Piseddu) along with children. He and Teresa are supposed to spend the evening with their father, but he takes her into a fast-food restaurant.


When Mattia goes to smoke a cigarette together along with his buddies, Teresa is kidnapped by a member of a human trafficking ring, then led by a mysterious man known as the”Mozart”.

The Beast Movie Ending

The authorities get access to Riva’s military record, and Simonetti miracles if one of Riva’s past enemies might have achieved it. Circumstantial evidence even makes him consider Riva as a suspect. It’s a legitimate theory.

All things considered, a substantial portion of all kidnappings are done by estranged parents. But this theory becomes lost when Riva can be located bleeding to death after he neglects to save Teresa from among Mozart’s possessions.

He’s detained and taken to a hospital. The authorities discover the remains of a young woman in Mozart’s home and think that it’s Teresa. However, Riva knows his daughter is still alive, and together with his son’s aid, he escapes from the hospital.

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The Dad

Being in this life-and-death situation for the very first time in years, memories of horror and torture return to haunt Riva. The movie’s title refers to the nickname he had during his time at the Special Forces.

‘The Beast’ clearly establishes that he was exceptionally good at his job but still defines him as a human, prone to injury and injury. And that is where the success of the movie lies. The battle scenes are lengthy, messy brawls shot with a camera that is constant.


On his way to face Mozart, Riva quits his car to let Mattia out. His son earlier saw the footage of his debriefing ahead of his retirement and today have some notion of what his father has been through.

He informs Riva that he has a game on Sunday and requests him to be there. Past the adolescent bravado, this can be a boy’s plea to his dad, asking him to endure the coming ordeal.

After coming to Mozart’s base, Riva quickly kills all of the other guy’s lackeys before throwing him over the railings. He discovers Teresa, however, their reunion is interrupted by the Russian purchaser that Mozart procured for the young girl.

Riva pleads to him to simply have them go, however, the guy prepares to take him. Fortunately, Simonetti finds them shoots the possible pedophile dead.

How did the Movie Beast End?

The final scenes place a month afterward. Though he’s incarcerated, Riva is doing better. He’s started attending group therapy sessions, where he is talking about his adventures in the army. Most of all, he has learned how to smile again.

His relationship with his household has likely become regular, or something near it. The battered warrior is presently resting and was substituted with a resurgent family man.

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