Web seriesnetflixThe Chosen One Season 3: Everything you should know

The Chosen One Season 3: Everything you should know


The Chosen One Season 3: Everything you should know!

The Chosen One Season 3 is eagerly anticipated by the fans since the previous seasons have been worth all of the hype. Now the question is here’s that if are we becoming a different season of their Netflix series?

Let’s see what updates do we have about the release date, cast, plot ad other details of the show.

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Has ‘The Chosen One’ Season 3 Renewed or Canceled by Netflix?

There is still no statement about the Chosen One (O Escolhido)’s renewal status as of this writing. The thriller has released 2 seasons, each with six extreme episodes on the flowing platform.

The first season of the series premiered in June 2019 and the second season was released in December 2019. Since then we have been waiting for The Chosen One season 3.

But Netflix has not yet announced anything about the series’ renewal. There is speculation that the upcoming season is being delayed due to ongoing epidemic conditions. If sources are to be believed, Netflix is ​​considering a renewal of the series.

And the reason is that the end of the second season was not satisfactory. Therefore more can be expected before the series ends. We can assume that a season 3 chosen is definitely on the cards and we may get an official announcement soon.

The Chosen one Season 3 Updates
The Chosen one Season 3 Updates

When will The Chosen One Season 3 Release on Netflix?

The first season of this series premiered in June 2019 and the next season was released in December 2019. Since then we have been waiting for The Chosen One Season 3.

But as of now, Netflix hasn’t announced anything regarding the renewal of this sequence. There are speculations that the upcoming season is getting delayed because of the ongoing pandemic circumstance.

If sources are to be considered then Netflix is considering the renewal of this set. And the reason is that the second season didn’t possess a decent end.

Hence there is more to be expected before the series marks its finish. We can assume the Chosen One Season 3 is on the cards and we also might find a formal announcement soon.

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The Chosen One Season 3 Plot Details: What will happen?

This Netflix series revolves around three doctors Lucia, Damiao, and Enzo who come together to combat the Zika virus together. However, their own lives take a turn when they go to a remote place named Pantanal to vaccinate the people.

The inhabitants of the place are largely affected by the virus along with the following three physicians are in their quest to help them. But everything changes when they’re trapped in Pantanal. They discover that the village isn’t quite as straightforward as it looks like.

With time that they discover the evil secrets of this village. They then experience a faith healer who heals people with his supernatural power. However, he’s evil intentions instead. The healer manipulates the cities from the physicians and asks them to not take any vaccination.

Things get tough for Lucia and her staff because the villagers would rather die rather than opposing their leader. In the preceding season, we noticed just how Lucia makes a pack with all the cult The Chosen one.

In The Chosen One Season 3, we can observe some really nail-biting moments. It will be interesting to understand if the villagers actually agree to select the vaccinations or perhaps not.

Additionally, we can learn if these 3 young doctors can actually escape the village safe and sound. In a word The Chose One Season, 3 is going to be filled with revelation and thrills and it will also unfold a whole lot of secrets about Pantanal and its individuals.

Which Celebs are going to return for the Cast of Season 3 of The Chosen One?

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we’re very most likely to see major cast members reprise their roles.

The show’ all literary cast comprises Paloma Bernardi, Pedro Caetano, Gutto Szuster since the young doctors Lúcia Santeiro, Damião Almeida, along with Enzo Vergani respectively.

Renan Tenca, who plays the enigmatic cult leader, also known as the Chosen One,’ can be expected to go back for a different face-off.  

The Chosen One Season 2 Review: Is this show worth the watch?

The Brazilian drama relied heavily on religious subjects, while on the other hand, on any occasion, did away with science. Atheism was tested, the doctors who arrived in the village doubted their own scientific beliefs and ideologies.

Season 1 was armored with a variety of themes, which made viewers question the plot speed more than Lost. The Chosen continues that energy of his predecessor, constantly questioning the villagers’ behavior, and the Chosen One’s extreme belief that Lucia is his “life”.

The story goes down in adventure, dialogue-filled rabbit hole possibilities, and skepticism as to what the Chosen can do. It is now an open story, the outside world is becoming aggressive with promises of miracles.


The Chosen One Season 2 is just as mind-blowing as Season 1, but this time there is more certainty in the character choices. There are still no clear answers, but at least the character directing gives the audience confidence as to what they are following. The development of the characters is clear.

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