The Prom Ending Explained! Plot Details and Spoilers

The prom Ending


The Prom Ending: Everything you should know

Netflix’s The Prom ‘is a musical comedy film revolving around a gay teenager named Emma. He just wants to take his girlfriend to high-school prom, but when the PTA hears about this, they cancel the incident altogether.

Then, a Broadway star and her motive crew heard about Emma and the head of Edgewater, Indiana with the hope of gaining some publicity to help the girl. However, their support actually makes things worse.

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Netflix’s The Prom Plot Details: A Quick Recap

Dee Ellen (Meryl Streep) and Barry Glickman (James Corden) are the stars of a new show on Broadway that revolves around the life of Eleanor Roosevelt. However, critics are not kind and even label the pair as narcissists (which is not entirely false).

Together with their partners Angie Dickinson (Nicole Kidman) and Trent Oliver (Andrew Rannells), they drown their grief at once. This is when Angie takes to the Twitter story of Emma Nolan.

Netflix’s The Prom Ending

Emma is a teenage girl who wants to join the prom with his girlfriend. However, the head of the PTA, Mrs. Green, has strongly opposed it. Also, oblivious to Green, it is her daughter, Alyssa, that Emma wants to dance.

Even though the school’s principal, Tom Hawkins, supports the teenager, the event is completely canceled. Theater actors feel that if they go to Indiana to resolve the issue, they may once again get positive publicity.

However, his strangely brand of activism actually ends up backfiring. Nevertheless, they refuse to take any for an answer, and in an effort to help change Emma’s life, the group also ends up what they were all looking for.

The Prom Ending Explained

As the film inches closer to the climax, everyone is busy setting up the second prom. De Day and his friends tell Emma that they actually came to her city for the campaign. The teenager has no problem with them as they have really progressed in recent times.


However, Mrs. Green runs for more items at the event. Then, Emma’s classmates go inside and apologize to her for her distressed behavior. He also credits Trent with broadening his horizons, which would later lead him to the school’s drama teacher position.

Alyssa also takes this opportunity to present her mother. She then turns to Emma and says that she loves him, and the hero returns the sentiment. The news is a bit difficult for Mrs. Green to do this process, and she tells her daughter that they will talk about it later.

It’s the night of prom, and Emma and Alyssa are the first to arrive. They finally dance with each other. Soon, D Day and the gang also move inside. Angie reveals that she has been called to play the role of Roxy Hart.

The doors to a truly inclusive prom are then open to all other children in the city. Mrs. Green also shows up to support her daughter, and she tells Alyssa how much she loves him. DD and Tom finally end up getting happy as they deserve to kiss.

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What if Emma had got on TV?

Emma had the opportunity to go on TV and spread her story. Eventually, the PTA misbehaved the student by throwing a different and laughing prom altogether. He is the only person who was not told about the relocation.

The sheer outrageous Emma feels that this is shocking, and it makes sense. Everyone essentially threatens him just because he has a traditional, heretic. Naturally, others hear about this, and Emma gets a stage to set the record straight.


She can also condemn these actions and try to change people for the better. Emma intends to keep her story out and wants to host another prom that Edgegate’s children can attend regardless of their background and sexual leanings.

In fact, it is D Day, who swallows her pride and contacts her ex-husband, Eddie Sharp, for a slot on her primetime show for Emma (in exchange for the Broadway star’s home in Hampton).

However, Emma declined the offer and uploaded a video online. As we all know that the protagonist’s plan works, and his story goes viral. With the help of an assistant principal and a motivational team of actors, the student also focuses on a beautiful event.

But we can’t help but wonder if the second prom would have looked any different if Emma had decided to go on TV. Would more children be present, would more adults have objected to this dance, or would everything have stayed the same?

As a result, even though Emma must have been a place of acceptance and love, the night could have gone in a completely different direction. The retrograde firefighters widely messed up the hero’s vision.

Furthermore, the themes of tolerance and unity are the ones the film touches on. (Trent also sings an entire song around it). Today, it has become harder than ever to have amicable and thoughtful discussions about various subjects in our society.