Wolfwalkers Ending Explained! Plot Details and Spoilers

Wolfwalkers Ending Explained


Wolfwalker Ending: Everything you should know

Wolfwalkers is one of the best and underrated Criminal genre animated movie. It is not just a movie, it is a work of art that echoes its creators’ (coderers Tom Moore and Ross Stewart),

A deep passion for animation and storytelling and pays homage to everything that might have inspired them, including Irish folklore Ranging from monon paintings to old Disney cartoons.

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The film is effortlessly pagan, embracing pre-Christian themes and then using them to weave intricate tapestries of stories that are still relevant today.

This masterful piece of cinema, with creatures from ancient magic and Celtic mythology, feels like the third entry in the collection, including two of Moore’s previous works, ‘The Secret of Quels’ and ‘Song of the Sea’ , Both of which nominated for Academy Awards in the Best Animation Feature category.

Wolfwalkers Plot Details: What Happens in the Film?

Wolfwalkers Ending

In 1650, expert hunter and trapper Bill Goodfellow (Sean Bean) moves from England to Kilkenny, Ireland with his daughter Robin (Honor Nefesi), where he has a fresh start after his wife’s death and wolves them in a nearby forest Is tasked to kill.

Lord Protector (Simon McBurn), an Oliver Cromwell stand-in. Bill is significantly more protective of his daughter. In dire need to ensure his safety, he keeps her away from her work in the forest, repeatedly instructing her to stay inside the city walls.

But Robin is inquisitive and courageous, as she often chases him into the woods with her pet hawk Merlin, which frustrates her greatly. During one such excursion, his path crosses with Mebh íg MacTíre (Eva Whittaker).

One of the famous wolfwalkers, a group of people with powers to communicate with wolves and one at bedtime Is changed. They can also use wolves to increase their healing magic. After the initial hostility, during which Mebha bites Robin, the girls become fast friends.


Robin promises Mebh that he will help her find her mother, Mole MacTyre (Maria Doyle Kennedy), who has long been missing as his wolves, though her human body is still in the magical refiner’s heart Whom they share are ordinary wolves.

Robin realizes that she has become a wolf herself after Mebh bit, and that while she is sleeping, her own father inadvertently becomes a deadly threat to her. Lord Protector is adamant about clearing the forest of all wolves.

So it would be safe for hyena to venture there and cut trees and farmers and shepherds to an acre to raise crops and livestock in its vicinity. Facing all these challenges, the girls must find a way to deal with the issues of their respective parents while ensuring the survival of the wolf pack.

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Wolfwalkers Ending Explained

At the end of the film, it is revealed that Mole is currently taken captive by Lord Rakshak. He brings his cage to the public, soothing his fears of wolves. Probably for the first time in his life.

Mebha ventures into the town to see Robin, as he does not come to where they were to meet later. She does not know that Robin has made a second promise to her mother, that she will ensure that Mebha and the wolves exit the safe forest.

She tries unsuccessfully to get her friend out of the city before finding out the truth about her mother. Bill’s world and faith begin to fall down as he sees a wolf from his unconscious daughter. This is a turning point in their relationship.


Since his wife’s death, his entire existence has revolved around him. She begs him not to go with her and be with her. But Robin knows that his friend now needs him more than ever. Lord Protector leads his men, who, armed with oysters and cannon, go into the forest and tie the bill in chains.

As Meibh tries to recover her mother, Robin leads the regular wolves in a fight against Lord Protector. As the fight escalates around him, Bill’s transformation into the Wolfwalker begins and is completed when Lord Protector prepares to kill Robin in his wolf form.

The realization that he is actually going to lose his daughter so that he can embrace his wolf side. After a brief fight with Bill in his wolf form, Lord Protector falls from a cliff to his death. Robin and Mebha fix the mole with the help of wolves.

The Search for New Home

Despite his transformation, Bill, the former hunter, still doesn’t feel like a part of the pack. It is only after Mole invites him to stay, that he embraces her, their respective daughters and wolves.

The film ends on the road with the family in search of a new home from where they and the regular wolves will not be taken out again. They are traveling on a horse drawn carriage by the late Lord Protector.

Bill and Mole are now together, which makes Robin and Mebhe the real sisters. In that inaccessible path, the family can actually be itself. As the young girls fall asleep in the car, both wolves emerge, they go on to face new challenges in their lives.