Your Honor Episode 2 Ending Explained! Plot Recap and Spoilers

Your Honor Episode 2 Ending


Your Honor Episode 2 Ending: Everything you should know

In Ston Your Honor ‘, Brian Cranston plays the role of Michael Desito, a father who tries his best to save his son, Adam, after killing his son Adam, a powerful mobster involved in a hit and run, Jimmy Paxter’s son. Has been doing.

In Episode 2, we get more information about how Michael plans to salvage the situation. Although this sounds admirable in theory, his actions have some far-reaching consequences. 

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Your Honor Episode 2 Quick Recap: What Happens in the show?

Michael asks Charlie to dispose of Robin’s car, which was involved in the crash. Kofi is the one who has been assigned this task by his gang mates. Later, Adam and his father go to a coffee shop where the judge discusses the previous case with the waitress.

They then proceed to the cemetery, and Michael makes a swift attack on the beggar sitting at the gate. Essentially, Michael plans to play with people’s memories.

Your Honor Epi 2 Ending

The journey to Robin’s tomb is also considered as Adam’s alibi. Subsequently, during a conversation between Detective Nancy Costello and the judge, we come to know that Robin was actually murdered in a robbery.

Michael also tells a detailed story of how the car was stolen when the detective asks him if everything is okay. Nancy confirmed that they would find it. On the other side of the city, the police pull Kofi as he lights a red light.

The car is then kept for confidential reasons, and a policeman takes Michael home. After he leaves, Adam and his father once again talk about the details of the case.

The judge also asked him about the inhaler. At this time, the police force is being abused by Kofi. He is taken to a remote location and even placed in a radiator.


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Your Honor Episode 2 Ending Explained!

Kofi was questioned about the location of the phone, but he has no answer. So the corrupt policemen put him in a car and filled him with gas. The suspect walks out. Nancy calls Desiato’s residence and leaves the information of the car “thief” with Adam,

He then tells Michael that an innocent person is being implicated for their crimes. In addition, officers sneak into Kofi’s mother’s house in search of the phone. Lee returns to town and goes to meet the judge.

Michael asks her for a glass of wine, and she accepts. Furthermore, Baxter’s right-hand man feels that it was not a hit and run, but a deliberate hit. Rudy calls Charlie and tells him that Kofi has kept him safe since he pleaded guilty.

Even though Michael wants to protect his son, he also does not want an innocent man to repent of his sins. He asks Lee to help Kofi, and he gratefully agrees. He then arrives back at the dock, where he finds a very broken Adam standing.

The Gang War

At the beginning of the episode, Michael has a clear goal – to rid Volvo of his dead wife who was involved in the accident. To accomplish this, he approaches Charlie, himself the mayoral candidate.

Naturally, the judge does not reveal the actual reason for the disposal of the car. Charlie realizes that the cause of Robin’s death and the judge went with the flow. After this, Michael believes that the situation is taken care of.


However, in the end, it was revealed that Charlie had contact with a cop, Rudy (acting lieutenant), to complete the task at hand. The latter possibly gets in touch with the gang, who employ Kofi to steal the car.

As the events of the episode unfold, Innocent Kofi ended due to corruption and threats. As such, the entire notion of hit and run ceases. This is why Frankie, who is close to the crime boss, reveals that Rocco’s accident was not just an accident.

It was a hit, meaning that there is a whole conspiracy behind “Operation”. Even though Jimmy feels that his son has been found guilty, he is still not at peace. He even claims that he will “clean this city.”

Apparently, the threat of gang war swirls in the air. On one side will be the Desire Gang, and on the other side will be Jimmy Baxter’s man. It is a matter of sheer luck that Adam was not instigated for the crime.

However, in an attempt to save his own son, Michael may just start a war that would harm human life and other resources. After all, if Jimmy feels that his son was killed intentionally, he will go to any length for vengeance.

It is almost ironic that Michael’s actions which also stemmed from his love for Adam could end in a gang war, which could have been avoided if only Adam had confessed.