movieAkshay Kumar's Bell Bottom Postponed! Latest Updates

Akshay Kumar’s Bell Bottom Postponed! Latest Updates


Bell Bottom: Everything you should know about the Akshay Kumar movie

The Bell Bottom release date has been postponed, with the makers deciding to postpone it due to this situation.

In August, Akshay Kumar became the first A-list superstar to begin shooting for a feature film as he air-dashed the UK for the start-to-finish schedule of the spy thriller, Bell Bottom.

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Let’s see what updates do we have about the postponed release date of the movie and also other details of the bell bottom.

Is the Movie Bell Bottom Postponed?

The shooting process for Bell Bottom took only 35 days and he finished the shooting part within these days. It was then announced that they were going to release the film in theaters on 2, 2021.

But recently we got the news that the release date of the film is going to be postponed. Bollywood Hungama has said that the most awaited film has been officially postponed.

The production team has said that they are going to postpone Bell Bottom for 2 months and now they will release the film in the month of June.

Why the Release Date of Bel Bottom is Postponed?

The main reason behind this is that Akshay Kumar has another film which is Soravanshi, and it is going to release in a month window from 15 March to 15 April.

Therefore, Markers has stated that it would not be right to release two of his films in a span of 30 days, especially amidst this epidemic.

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We all have to wait a few more days to know about the release date. As he has only stated that Bell Bottom will be released in the month of June, but he did not specify the exact release date.

What can we expect from the Plot of the movie Bell Bottom?

Diwakar (Rishabh) is a wannabe detective, but a policeman by profession. He takes one of the biggest cases in his area to establish himself as a detective. During the investigation, he meets several bizarre characters who only make it harder to solve the case.

Meanwhile, he finds love in Kusuma (Haripriya), who is involved in selling illegal liquor. Will Diwakar be able to solve the case? Did he and Kusuma reunite? Suspense is revealed in the second part of the film.

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