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All The Locations Where Riverdale Season 5 Was Filmed and Produced!


Riverdale Season 5 Filming Locations: Everything you should know

The Teen Drama television series ‘Riverdale’ is a deep twist on the characters of Archie Comics. It follows Archie Andrews and his friends as they attempt to live through mysterious encounters in the seemingly delightful town of Riverdale.

The lives of the towns seem perfect, but as the dark secrets begin to surface, everything changes. If you’re wondering if season 5 is also shot in the same locations as the first four seasons, here we are to address those doubts!

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Netflix’s Riverdale season 5 filming locations:

‘Season 5 of Riverdale is primarily shot in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. The show was filmed in mid-March 2020 due to a global epidemic. The team was filming season 4 at the time, with cuts to be made.

However, he returned in mid-September 2020 to begin a fifth season film and wrapped up around Christmas of the same year. COVID-19 was an important influence in the filming process for Season 5. here are the details!

  • Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is an essential part of Hollywood North for many reasons, making it a favorable location for filmmakers. Attractive tax credits, superior studio facilities, diverse landscapes and cities, and a suitable climate make it an excellent filming location.

‘Riverdale’ is mostly filmed in Vancouver, although the city’s aerial shots are from Harbor Springs in Michigan (USA). The fifth season of ‘Dale Riverdale’ was also shot in the same locations as the first four seasons.

The famous Riverdale High School on the show is an amalgamation of four locations: John Oliver Secondary School, Lord Byng Secondary School, Point Gray Secondary School in Vancouver and Barnabai Mountain Secondary School in Barnaby.

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Pop’s Chocolate Shoppe is a set made on the studio’s parking lot located at 20146 100A Avenue in Langley. The set is inspired by Rocker’s diner in Mission, where the series shot food scenes for the pilot episode.

For the main characters’ homes, the filming locations were the same for Season 5. Interior shots for Veronica’s home are filmed in Permanent at 330 West Pender Street in Vancouver, known in the show as Pembroke.

Archie’s house is a private property at 2037 East 3rd Avenue, while 111 Queens Avenue in New Westminster doubles as Betty’s house at the show. When the filming of Season 5 began, Coronavirus had to undergo several changes to not contract it.

The team operated under strict guidelines set by the authorities in British Columbia. The actors were required to self-segregate for two weeks before beginning filming, after which the team stayed together in a “quarantine bubble” for the duration of the fifth season’s filming.

All cast and crew members were to maintain proper physical distance, and PPE had to be worn when other preventive measures were not possible. All team members were asked to remain in their given locations in Vancouver, until the film was wrapped.

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