Web series Dickinson Season 1 Ending Explained! Plot Recap and Spoilers

Dickinson Season 1 Ending Explained! Plot Recap and Spoilers


Dickinson Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know

‘Dickinson’ is a period comedy-drama series focusing on the wacky adventures of teenage Emily Dickinson in New England in the mid-1800s. The show gives viewers a uniquely hilarious scene in the bizarre headspace of a great poet who ever lived.

Emily’s morbid genius and idiosyncrasy are discovered in rapturous amazement. The show’s focus remains on relationships with her family, and perhaps most importantly, with Sue Gilbert.

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Taking advantage of the fact that it is a comedy show, ‘Dickinson eans lies in its uniqueness as it depicts the life and times of a poet who lived a life of oblivion and became famous only after his death.

Here’s a detailed recap of the entire first season of ‘Dickinson’ and its oddly consistent ending.

Dickinson Season 1 Plot Recap: What happens in the show?

Dickinson 1 Ending Explained
Dickinson 1 Ending Explained

In 19th-century Amherst, Massachusetts, as a young Emily Dickinson pursued under the prevalent patriarchy of her time, her mother made a persistent attempt to marry her, and her father had decidedly regressive views on literary women.

She falls in love with her best friend, Sue Gilbert, but is engaged to Sue Emily’s older brother, Austin. A friend of Emily’s, George wants to marry her, despite the fact that she has bigger dreams than becoming a housewife.

George, who is the paper editor at Amherst College, agrees to publish one of Emily’s poems, to the displeasure of Edward, Emily’s father. Emily is badly fascinated with death and imagines that she is going on a luxurious ride with her (Vij Kifa).

Emily and Sue disguise themselves as men and sneak into a college lecture about the volcano. Edward finds out and reveals his disapproval to Emily, who gives him bread as a way of apologizing.

Emily and Sue discuss the possibility of running away together, and they end up making love in Emily’s room. When Mr. and Mrs. Dickinson go on a trip to Boston, the Dickinson siblings decide to throw a party.

Things go wild when George brings a poppy bottle and Emily decides to share it with everyone. Austin kisses Emily and Sue and walks in on the devil outside.


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As the brothers and sisters fight over Sue’s affection, Sue tells them that they are both suffocating her and leaves for Boston, where she has a job of governance. With Soo gone, Emily and Austin are both distraught and keep writing letters to her.

After reading ‘Nature Walden’, a book about living in nature, Emily travels to meet author and environmentalist Henry David Thoreau, but he turns out to be completely fake.

In a misguided attempt to please Emily’s father in order to allow him to join the wedding, George acts like a misogynist and tears Emily apart. The youngest Dickinson’s brother, Lavinia, takes sketching and gives Joseph Lyman a nude self-portrait she likes.

Emily ties up with her father’s new parallel, Ben Newton, who is also a fond reader of poetry. At Ben’s encouragement, Emily enters a local poetry contest under Austin’s name, but her father discovers the truth and his anger leads to a violent confrontation.

Edward Dickinson wins elections for Congress and has to walk away for several months, during which the family hosts a Christmas dinner where Emily meets another female writer, Louisa May Alcott.

Emily and Ben watch a solar eclipse together and confess their love to each other, but Ben falls ill, forcing Emily to face death again.

End of Dickinson Season 1: Why is Austin angry with Emily?

On the wedding day, Emily writes a love poem to make her day special. The girls also go out to collect flowers because Emily wants to collect a bouquet for Soo. As Soo reads the poem, she becomes emotional, but Austin walks in and sees her crying.


Austin gets jealous that his bride is crying over a love poem that Emily has written and becomes enraged as Soo has soiled her wedding dress, heroic with Emily. In his anger, Austin convinces Emily to go to the wedding and lets him stay in her room all day.

While Austin receives huge hatred from the audience for his immature behavior, it is important to remember that he is no older than Emily in age and is marrying a woman he knows is at least his sister.

Is in love with When he sees Soo Ki shedding tears over Emily’s poem, it stands to reason that he feels betrayed or betrayed. And don’t forget, it’s also her wedding day.

According to his reasoning, why should he be made to feel what he originally meant to be Emily and Suu Kyi’s love story? So, to some extent, he walks out on Emily.

Why does Emily imagine her own funeral?

With her morbid sensations, it is understandable that Emily feels her life is over when Suu Kyi marries her brother, and Emily is told by her father to keep her talent for poetry a secret Forced.

Her short-lived romance with Ben, Emily, has only two things that matter to her – poetry and Sue. With both being taken away from him, he feels that death is the only answer.

Emily is, after all, a dramatic teenager. So she imagines her own unhappy, minimalist funeral and decides that she does not want to die. Even if the poet could not be sued, he did not give up his poetry.

When Edward returns to confront Emily, she tells her father in a calm and completely sure way, that she is a poet and that she writes very good poems, and there is nothing that will stop her Say or say for

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