movieDouble Dad Ending Explained! Movie Plot Details & Spoilers

Double Dad Ending Explained! Movie Plot Details & Spoilers


Double Dad Ending :Everything you should know!

Double Dad (Portuguese: Pie am Dobro) is a 2021 Brazilian comedy-drama film directed by Chris D’Amato, written by Renato Fagundes and Thalita Reboukas, and starring Massa Silva, Eduardo Moskovis, and Marcello Medici.

The movie shows the story of a girl who wants to find her real father while her mother is abroad. She is an 18-year-old girl who has lived in a hippie commune, takes her entire life into the real world to find her biological father.

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Netflix’s Double Dad Plot Details

Double Dad is the story of 18-year-old Vicenza, who wants to meet his father every birthday. Vicenza and her mother belong to a hippie commune.

When his mother leaves for India for a trip, Vicenza finds one of his mother’s hidden treasures and sets out on a trip to Rio de Janeiro in search of her father. There he meets a person named Pako, who may have chances of being a father.

Double Dad Movie Ending
Double Dad Movie Ending

Paco is a painter who is an artist’s block for the past five years and struggles to maintain his abilities. Vicenza comes close to him after telling Paco that he can be his biological father.

The place where Vicenza lives find photographs of another man, Giovane, who may also have the potential to be his father. Vicenza goes in search of Gioven, finds him, and also develops a father’s bond with him.

Confused between the possibilities of being the father of either of the two, Vicenza has the time of his life in Rio de Janeiro, making memories, finding love, and a family.

Netflix’s Double Dad Ending Explained: Does she find her real dad?

Her mother sets out on a trip to India, and it serves as a perfect opportunity for Isenza to escape and explore the possibilities of finding her father. She leaves for Rio de Janeiro and is warmly greeted and praised for her clothes.

She meets people who help her on her journey to meet her father. She is happy to experience the love of a father, but she does not want to lose any of them. If one of them is his father, will he have to let the other go?

Her friends suggest to her that it might be her stupidity to risk one’s love for the other. Jumping straight into it removes suspense and any tension that does not go on and tell it. Vicenza engages himself in the life of the creatively barred Paco.

And she meets a boy from a carnival group, the naked amoeba. Kabu (Pedro Ottoni) is bubbly and supportive and serious in the hippie girl, who sits right alongside the Carnival Parade Corps.

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Rumored through her photo collection (as with Mardis Gras, the crew can go back decades, generations), she arrives by day with one of Mother’s Carnival Paramours. uh oh. Can the wealthy banker Giovanni (Marcello Medici) be his “real” father?

Cast of Double Dad Movie:

Massa Silva as Vicenza.
Eduardo Moskovis as Paco.
Marcelo Medici as Giovan.
Layla Zaid as Ryan.
Mohammed Tyrger as Roberto.
Cao Vegatti as Nando.
Pedro Ottoni as Kaidu.
Rayna Dinnies as Betty.

Where was Netflix’s Double Dad Filmed?

  • Bara da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro

This place is an expensive region of Brazil and is famous for its expensive properties, restaurants, bars, and beautiful decorations. Apart from this, Barra Beach also belongs to this place.

  • Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro

Petropolis is famous as a tourist destination where you will find Serra dos Oragos National Park and delightful waterfalls. Massa also shared a photo of Santa Tereza where we can see foreign restaurants with Vicenza and other characters.

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