movie London Heist Movie Ending Explained! Plot Details & Spoilers

London Heist Movie Ending Explained! Plot Details & Spoilers


London Heist Ending: Everything you should know

There is a ruckus in British action films, for them as rugged quality as filmmakers deliberately focusing on storytelling and motion on extraordinary showpieces.

Craig Fairbras (‘Villain’) is the co-executive producer, and actor in the sensational crime drama ‘London Heist’ (2017) (original title: ‘Gunned Down’), a film starring Criminal, Revenge, and Sordid’s Family Affairs.

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After his father is brutally murdered, the bank robber Jack Cregan (Fairbras) sets out to hunt those responsible, but he soon realizes that his family is hiding a terrible secret.

Now, Jack must choose whether he wants to continue on his path of vengeance or leave and get away from his criminal life with his wife Nicole (Nathalie Cox).

London Heist Plot Recap: What happens in the movie?

Jack is a sleek, experienced career criminal who leads a highly skilled team that has committed four successful robberies in the last five years. Their manner is so immaculate that they do not leave any clue or witness behind.

This has been a long source of frustration for the officers, especially DCI Wikstead (Nick Moran), who tried to arrest Jack’s father Alfie (Steven Berkoff) for years but was unsuccessful. He is now desperate to capture a son at any cost.

When Alfie is murdered, and the team’s latest job money is stolen, Jack’s three companions, Eddie (Eddie Weber), Frank (Tony Denham), and Sammy (Roland Manookian), make his haste.

Warns against actions taken, knowing that they have done business with all kinds of people. The killer can be any of them. Unfortunately, Jack attacks a hornet’s nest while visiting a local club run by the notorious dacoit Lenny (Mem Ferda) to find out his father’s death.

It was Lenny who killed Alfie and later ordered Jack to hit him. After neutralizing the first two assassins who came for him, a desperate Jack Raymond approaches “Ray” Dixon (James Cosmo), the kingpin running the entire operation from his home in Marbella, Spain.

Jack leaves Nicole with Ray and goes back to London to do one last job for the exiled crime lord. Unknowingly aware of Jack, Ray approached Wicksteed and agreed to serve a plate of Jack and his team.

London Heist Ending: Why was Alfie killed?

Directed by Mark McQueen (by Devils Playground ‘), ist London Heist’ does not feature a single excessive scene. Alfie’s gruesome death was celebrated by Ray and his team celebrating their latest job at Leno’s club with Boo and foreign dancers.

The film shifts back and forth between the two sequences, showing the connection between sex and violence. Later, Jack receives his father’s call and discovers that the last two people named Alfie were Lane and Holly (Katie Clarkson-Hill).

The latter is the granddaughter of an old friend of both Alfie and Ray. As Jack begins searching for Holly, he learns from an acquaintance that Lenny orders him to be kept in a club no matter the night of his father’s death.

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Realizing the implications, he goes to confront Lenny. It is then that the two murderers almost kill him. When he comes back to the UK to do one last robbery for Ray at the main foreign exchange depot in the Canary Wharf, he and his team find out that Wickstead and other police officers are waiting for him.

In the ensuing shelling, Frank and Sammy are killed, and Eddie is arrested. As the officers begin to shut him down, Jack still can’t figure out what happened. He calls the only person who may have some answers to Holi.

The last time they spoke on the phone, she told him that she knew why Alfie was murdered, and it was not for the money. When they finally meet, Jack realizes that he was conceived after being raped by his mother.

Alfie initially didn’t know about it, but Holly’s grandmother, who lost her husband and son to Ray, made sure she found out. She knew because she was Ray’s mother’s best friend and the only person the other woman had told her the devastating secret.

Holly’s grandmother wanted Ray to pay Ray for her sins, so Holly told Alfie, who later ordered a paternity test for Jack. After learning that he was not Jack’s father, Alfie realized that what Holly was saying was true.

He was similar in nature to Jack. He immediately flees to Spain to kill Ray. However, he failed, and after returning to London, Ray sent Lenny and his men to kill him.

What happens to jack at the end of London Heist? Does he die?

Jack is told that he is the product of a rape, he does not believe Holly. It is only when she gives her paternity test results that everything becomes frightening and tragic. Alfie and Ray have grown up together.

In their minds, they have always thought that they were closer than most biological siblings. It takes a little time for him to make excuses for the last stage of denial and face the truth.

Jack then arrives on a battlefield, killing Lenny and his henchmen, and withdrawing the money taken when he kills Alfie. He finds a former business associate who leases his plane to fly back to Spain.

Now deeply concerned about Nicole and the fact that he left the mastermind behind all his suffering, he warns his wife about Ray. She tries to leave Vineet but is caught and sent back to her room.

When Jack arrives, Ray is convinced that the younger man will not shoot his biological father and lower his gun. This is a fatal mistake. For his entire life, Jack has considered Alfie his father.


A few lines on a paper can never change. Ray rapes his mother and kills his father, and the only absence Jack can offer is death to that kind of person. Therefore, he kills Ray and leaves the villa with Nicole.

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Before they can drive to the sunrise, Jack discovers a harsh reality about his criminal life: he has almost nothing to show for it. To dismiss Nicole’s pleas, he goes to the bank where Ray kept his money in a safe locker. Wickstead shows up there.

It is revealed that Ray was very willing to give it to Jack in exchange for not extraditing Jack, and Winstead, who had been hounding the Craigon family for years, accepted Ray’s offer.

However, Ray did not want to kill Jack, as he knew that he was the biological father of the younger man. But during the shootings in which Frank and Sammy were killed, several officers were also shot. This prompts Wikstead to ignore his deal with Ray and punish Jack.

After Wickstead shoots Jack in the leg, they start wrestling for a gun. Although Wikstead manages to shoot Jack in the stomach, the latter kills him to death. As the police arrive, Jack manages to leave, steals a car, and arrives at the beach.

As the morning sunrises to the sky, Jack faces the sea, snapping a bag of money. The film ends there, leaving Jack’s fate unclear and unclear. He is bleeding profusely from a bullet wound and is nowhere in sight of the authorities.

He would likely die on that beach. This is the violent end of a violent life. It is also deeply lonely and serene. In the first film, Jack and Ray talk to the latter’s villa about life after the crime while watching the sunrise together.

Jack doesn’t get a happy ending with Nicole, but he gets sunrise on the last day of his life. For Nicole, she is forced to leave the area around the bank when the police arrive. He was reluctant to Jack’s crimes. Now, he doesn’t have Jack, nor does he have any money.

Jack used the cash taken from Lenny’s club to take the plane to Spain. But, finally, in the long run, he has some peace. Jack’s death can serve as a blessing in disguise for him. Unlike her husband, she now has a clear path to a normal life.

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