Netflix’s Sir Ending Explained! Movie Plot Details & Spoilers

Netflix's Sir Ending

Netflix’s Sir Ending: Everything you should know about the Hindi Movie

Rohna Gera’s 2018 Hindi language film, Is Sir – Is Love Enough? ’, Is a beautiful and poignant tale of love that crosses social backgrounds and class divisions. Mates, intense emotional intimacy, and friendship can also be found in the most unexpected places.


But if it develops into romantic love, are those feelings sufficient to bridge the gap between years of conditioning, social norms, education, and parenting that are carved between two people who stand at opposite ends of the social spectrum Huh?

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Gera’s slow-burning, influential, and painfully sweet romance film poses the same question and leaves the viewer open to interpretation in the end, depending on who you personally are about those social norms What do I think that challenges the characters.
If you want a clear understanding of the end of the head, you will come to the right place. First, take you through a quick plot synopsis and then dive right in to discuss the deep moving end.

Netflix Movie Sir Plot details: What happens in the movie?

Netflix’s Sir Ending

Ratna is a domestic help employed by architect Ashwin and his fiancée Sabina, who live in the US. When Ashwin returns from his destination wedding after leaving Sabina at the altar, Ratna has to cut short of her journey and return to work as well.

The servants break up, thinking about the details of the break-up, but Ratna can guess her sadness from her employer. When a friend comes to talk to Ashwin about Sabina, we come to know that Sabina cheated on him.

Ashwin does not blame Sabina as he admits, retrospectively, that she was not in love with Sabina and was only marrying him because she had recently lost her younger brother to an illness after he and her. Went there to support the family.

As Ashwin slowly picks up the pieces of his life and attempts to move on, Ratna is always there, quietly walking about the house, making his life easier. Even when Raju, the driver, offers to find her a more suitable position (worried that it is inappropriate to be alone with a man in the same house),

Ratna silences her by saying that society feels Is what they want, but it will remain because she knows that she has done nothing wrong. In a standout scene between them acting as an ice-breaker,

Ratna tells Ashwin about her husband, who left his widow at the age of 19, just 4 months after their marriage. He ends his story by saying, “Life does not end, sir.” Ashwin understands what he is trying to say.


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Ratna and Ashwin’s friendship develops slowly as they talk about their personal dreams and aspirations (Ratna wants to be a fashion designer; Ashwin remembers her life as a writer in America and a half Dreams of completing a written novel).

In a slow-building, a whirlwind of frightful emotions, the two fall in love, despite a huge class split between them. They never say it, but it reflects subtle gestures, longings, and heavy silence.

He buys her a sewing machine; She makes him sew a shirt for her birthday; When he goes to his village for 3 days to attend his sister’s wedding, he randomly calls her to listen to her voice.

An unexpected moment of shared tenderness shocks Ratna back into reality, and he tries to bring Ashwin back, as well as for both of them.

Sir Ending: Why does Ratna go back to Ashwin’s place?

When Ratna leaves the job and goes to Ashwin’s house, she stays with her sister, who moves to Mumbai after her marriage. Her sister asks Ratna if she was fired for stealing something, but Ratna denies the truth.

However, Ratna does not tell her sister (or anyone) that she has left the job because she is in love with her employer. Meanwhile, Ashwin tells his father that he wants to go back to America. When his father asks him if he is sleeping with help, Ashwin says, “No, but I’m in love with him.”

His father agrees that it will be best if Ashwin leaves India. A few days later, Ratna gets a call from Ashwin’s fashion designer friend, who offers him a job after interviewing a man.

Realizing that Ashwin might have pulled some strings even for an interview, Ratna goes to Ashwin’s apartment to thank him, but she is not there.

He is disappointed that the door is open, and the film does not tell us whether Ashwin has already left for the states or is out on the town. Ratna goes to the terrace, where she gets Ashwin’s call. She says, “Ashwin …” takes full time to say.

The film fits right at this pivotal moment in Ratna and Ashwin’s love story. Ever since they had shared a kiss, Ashwin insisted that he would rather call her in the same name to address her as “Sir,” but Ratna was out of the way, not wanting to encourage him.


Throughout the film, Ratna addressed her as “Sahib”. They live in the same house and sleep in separate rooms with only one wall, but in reality, they are apart of the world.

Do Ratna and Ashwin end up together at the end of the movie Sir?

Rohna Gera leaves the audience open to understand and imagine what they will do. There are two distinct possibilities. In the first scenario, Ratna only asks her once to show her how much he means to her, thanking her on the call, and they never come again.

Pessimists and realists would probably imagine this end of Ratna and Ashwin’s short-lived but poetic love story. These are viewers who agree with Ashwin’s friend earlier in the film when he says that his love for the society in which they live will not be accepted.

His friend says that Ashwin’s mother would not have eaten at the same table on which Ratna is sitting, very rarely accepting her as a daughter-in-law, and a rejection of this magnitude would only hurt Ratna.

It strikes anarchy because it is the sad but realistic truth of Indian society. A person’s social stature is placed far more valuable than the qualities of his character. In fact, it is not just in India that a unique class divide exists; It is in any society that is built around the oppression of a particular faction.

Ashwin’s friend and Ratna are both right – they will be ridiculed if their romance is to continue. But the other possibility – one that conceives of optimistic dreamers and romantic idealists like me – is that Ratna would allow Ashwin by his name, agreeing to live with his name regardless of social norms.

Huh. Ratna may be finally defeating their forbidden romance, calling her name instead of “Sir”. Taking Ashwin’s story back to the states is an indication that viewers can (and should) hope.

No one in America cares if Ashwin marries or is romantically involved with his former domestic help. In America, they can be together without judgment and derision. What will happen if Ashwin and Ratna do not talk to each other? what if.