movie Outside The Wire Ending Explained! Plot Details & Spoilers

Outside The Wire Ending Explained! Plot Details & Spoilers


Outside the wire: Everything you should know

By the time the MCU reintroduced him as a legitimate action star, Anthony McKee established himself as a versatile actor by performing a variety of roles in films such as ‘Brother to Brother’ and ‘The Hurt Locker’ did.


It was clear that the youth of New Orleans had enough charisma to carry the entire film on their own. In director Mikel Hafströms (‘Escape Plan’) the Out the Wire, Mackie plays the role of an Android military captain, the first of his kind,

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Who is a notorious terrorist named Victor Koval (Pillo Asbok) on the Balkan battlefield Follows The film carries some anti-war messages, dealing with ideas that are not particularly prevalent in Hollywood’s no-nonsense military demonstrations.

Outside The Wire Plot Details: 

The story is set in 2036. The greatest conflict at the time appears to be in Eastern Europe, where Koval’s forces have complete control. The US Army has been sent there as peacekeepers.

Outside The Wire Ending Explained
Outside The Wire Ending Explained

Realizing that they need more firepower to cope with Koval’s growing influence, the US government deploys robotic troops, also known as gumps, in the heavily militarized territory.

Lieutenant Thomas Harp (Damson Idris) is a drone pilot operating from the US Air Force base in Nevada. One day, while the Marines are actively engaged in battle with local rebels, Harp disobeys orders from his superior officer to fire the Hellfire missile directly at a target.

While it kills all the rebels and saves the lives of 38 Marines in the explosion, two 19-year-old Marines are killed. Believing that Harp needs to experience war first, the army sends him to Eastern Europe.

Harp is commanded by Leo (McKay), a captain who regularly ventures into a military territory to gather intel on Koval. It is revealed that Leo is not a human, but the next generation fully autonomous biotech soldier.

Leo tells Harp about Koval and the subsequent discovery of the Russian nuclear arsenal still exists in countries that were once under the control of the Soviet Union. Leo also tells the young soldier that he chose Harp to work because of his ability to make hard decisions.

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Completely helpless to survive on an active battlefield, Harp almost blindly follows Leo from one risk to another, and when Leo saves his life for what seems like an all-time high. , Then Harp begins to rely on both respect and cyber dogs.


Therefore, when Leo pleaded with him to claim a tracking device from inside Leo’s body, Harp did not ask many questions, which would otherwise drive the enemy away from their location.

In fact, it is a fail-safe device, it is inserted as the last line of control if it is ever against its manufacturers. Now independent in every sense of the word, Leo sets out to execute his master plan: nuke mainland U.S.

Outside the Wire Ending: What is the Greater Good?

In a film with gunfights and high-octane hand-to-hand combination sequences, there is a surprising amount of morality story. Harp makes the logical decision to sacrifice two marines to save the lives of another 38.

From the very beginning, Harp has an innate ego, often found in people who are very good at their jobs. It is not until he arrives in the Balkans and confronts the Marines, whose companions killed him, that he finally begins to understand the true impact of his actions.

This is further reduced when he visits the resistance-run orphanage and sees tens of young boys and girls there and realizes that his current fate is the work of him and others like him.

Leo tells Harp many lies, but one thing he tells her is the truth. Leo later chose Harp due to his ability to understand the costs and benefits of any action. He knew that with the right instigation, he could defy the Harp from his other superior officers.

And that’s exactly what he does. Harp sees what Koval has done for the region, becoming Leo’s keen companion. It is not until he explicitly realizes that Leo has no desire to take the nuclear code that he has acquired from the rebels to the US military that Harp begins to understand Leo’s real objectives.

For Leo, he dodges both coeval and resistance by working with both to obtain the code. He spares Harp’s life and asks him to go home before heading to Koval’s temporary headquarters.


Leo then kills Koval and all his people and sets out to execute the final phase of his plan. The people and resistance of Koval may dislike each other, but both factions are completely disgusted by their presence in the US and the region.

Therefore, even when the Resistance learns from Harp that Leo intends to send the atomic bombs to mainland America, they believe it but almost illegally dismiss it as collateral damage. Such intense apathy is almost always mutual.

The resistance has seen thousands of their people killed in combat by the US. For them, America is simply getting their absence. After Harp manages to incapacitate Leo during their final confrontation, the latter tells him of his real plan.

He wants his actions to serve as a cautionary tale against any biotech development for the future. In his final moments, Leo urges Harp that this is the only way to cure man’s inclination towards war. As a machine, his world view is at last.

Leo thinks it is logically acceptable to kill a million people to save a hundred million. Maybe it is. But human causes should not always be determined by logic. This is why Harp disagrees with him.

According to Harp, well, let humanity learn from its mistakes. He leaves Leo at the facility, as an American drone arrives and ejects the facility, along with active missiles and possibly Leo.

Will Leo stops the war at the end of Outside the Wire?

It is unlikely. Humans have a parallel capacity for self-destruction. Despite seeing what his prototype Cyberberg was planning to do, the US can assume that Leo’s actions were just part of the mess.

For Harp, at least he now has first-hand experience of the consequences of his actions as a drone pilot. As the film’s ending indicates, he is returning to Nevada. When he resumes his duties at the Air Force Base, he will now be at the forefront of his conscience.

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