movie Pieces of a Woman Ending Explained! Plot Details &...

Pieces of a Woman Ending Explained! Plot Details & Spoilers


Pieces of a Woman Ending: Everything you should know

Directed by Cornell Mundruku, A Piece of Woman offers a poignant picture of a couple battling the death of their newborn daughter. Not only does it seek to highlight the emotional and social uneasiness that accompanies such a devastating event,

but it also embodies the independent journeys that the protagonists make very cleverly. The powerful performances by Vanessa Kirby and Shia La Bioff only add to the dramatic militia. So, if you are wondering what the hell is, then we have you covered.

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Pieces of a woman plot Details: What happens in the movie?

Martha and Sean are a normal, happy couple expecting a baby girl. The whole pregnancy has been largely specific, but everything changes in a day. Barbara, the midwife whom she had chosen for delivery, is stuck somewhere and unable to show up.

Her replacement, Eva, steps in and guides the couple. However, the baby’s heart rate stops, and he or she still has trouble breathing after birth. As a result, the wee little Yvette dies.

Pieces of a Woman Ending Explained
Pieces of a Woman Ending Explained

The rest of the film reveals how the couple deals with their grief while Eva is embroiled in a court case.


Pieces of a Women: Martha’s Testimony

Finally, Martha addresses the court and states that Eva did not intentionally harm her child. The grieving mother also confirms that Yvette’s death was not Eva’s fault. It is clear that he has pardoned the midwife and has finally started therapy, bit by bit.

Before this, however, Mother has protested feelings on the stand and is a part of her who wants to put the blame entirely on Eva. There is also the fact that despite Eva’s suggestions, Martha was adamant about not going to the hospital on the day of delivery.

It is actually a visit to the picture studio that puts things in perspective from Martha’s perspective. Eventually, as the picture of her holding her child develops, Martha realizes that Yvette has only given her joy and comfort, even if she had lived for a few moments.

A picture where Martha has placed Yvette, who kickstarts Mother’s treatment; symbolizes that, even if it was just for a minute, Martha had everything she wanted in the world. It is clear that the mother does not want to spread malice and hurt others, and she says this in her speech in court.

There is no denying that one of the hardest experiences on earth is losing a child, but the fact of the matter is that time heals all wounds. Initially, Martha struggles to cope with Yvette’s death, but by the time she attends Eva’s hearing, she has a fresh outlook on the whole situation.

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Martha even states that she does not want money or any kind of compensation from the defendant because it means that the mother cannot, in fact, be compensated. She reiterates that the pain is unbearable but Eva is not the cause of her grief.

In addition, there is the fact that after Yvette’s death, Sean’s relationship with Sean goes south, and they both actively push each other. Even if the death of the child can be blamed on Eva, Martha’s response to this entire response is something she needs to take non-accountability for.

Who are Lucy’s parents?

In one of the final scenes of the film, Martha examines apple seeds in her apartment and sees them sprouting. Not only does it symbolize his new beginning, but it also conveys the climax well.

For one, Martha has begun to rebuild her relationship with her mother and her sister, and the following month, she goes to the bridge that Sean was working on and shoves her daughter’s ashes from there. is.

Then, we finally introduce Lucy. She walks through a lush garden and then climbs a tree before eating an apple. Martha then comes out and calls her to dinner. Although the film does not explicitly state that Lucy (aka Luciana) is Martha’s daughter, several clues confirm that this is in fact reality.

For one, the fruit is a repeating figure and is a sign of the scene where Martha reveals that Yvette smells like an apple. It is almost as if the diverse apple trees are representative of Yvette, who oversees Lucy from behind the grave.

The former cannot be in the person, but he is in the soul. At the same time, Martha can feel the essence of both of her daughters. That is why he has developed and nurtured the garden so beautifully.

Furthermore, Martha addresses Lucy as “baby” and “bug”, which does not come naturally to extended relatives with a certain ease. Considering this, it is clear that Martha is Lucy’s mother. But what about Lucy’s father?

Well, as far as we know, the scene is out of the picture. Given that Martha has started therapy and has received some form of closure in the last few scenes, we think she is now with a completely different person.

This person is one who understands Martha’s prediction and is willing to give her time and space to deal with it. Since Lucy is a few years old, we know that a lot of time has passed between the court hearing and the climax.

It seems that there is enough time for Martha to start the process of coming to terms with her reality. We are not given a clue about who the father is or if Martha is dating a new man.


Although the prospects seem slim, it is possible that Sean may return to the city, and they may be the rendezvous for one night. It may also be the case that Martha has adopted Lucy and raised her as a mother.

However, it is more likely that Martha has become completely new to someone. It is not that she cannot raise a child on her own. It seems like she has a lot on her plate, and a partner can actually ease her burden.

First of all, it is never easy to lose a child, and a parent never fully accompanies him. Then, there is the fact that Martha’s mother is aging with dementia. It’s not easy to do all this at the same time, and so, we think that Lucy’s father is Martha’s new friend.

What happens to Sean in pieces of women ending?

In the wake of Yvette’s death, Sean has a hard time enduring everything and once again turns into a drug addict. The man had been sober for more than six years and loved his unborn daughter.

He also “promised” that he would complete the construction of the bridge in time. However, later that day, Martha shuts herself down, and Sean is basically all but released. Since his wife is having such a hard time dealing with her own emotional trauma, she may not be there for Sean and effectively turns him away.

By the end, Martha’s mother offers him a check and tells him to leave the city and never enter his daughter’s life. At the same gathering, Sean talks with Suzanne, and they talk about Seattle.

He also makes it clear that when he tells Suzanne that he is in her relationship with Martha, he wishes they had met earlier. The last time we see Sean, he is unloaded at the airport by Martha, and he leaves his beanie behind.

So in all likelihood, Sean is now residing in Seattle and is on his journey to healing from all trauma. However, since he is not quite, we hope that he would have had a hard time passing and starting anew.

Although Sean can always cherish what he did to Martha, it is clear that there is no love between the two now. As such, we speculate that he may have gone to Boston with a different person leaving this part of his life behind.

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