movie The Intouchables Ending Explained! Movie Plot Details & Spoilers

The Intouchables Ending Explained! Movie Plot Details & Spoilers


The Intouchables Ending: Everything you should know

Directed by Olivier Nache and Byric Toledano, cha The Intouchables’ is a French comedy-drama and one of the highest-grossing non-English films. It tells the story of Philip (Francois Cluj), a wealthy aristocrat, born in luxury and inheritance and his caretaker Driss (Omar Sy).

Philip is a quadriplegic as a result of a paragliding accident at age 42. He hires Driss, a Senegalese resident, as his caretaker after he is fiercely confident of his disability and liking shamelessness.

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They attack an unwavering friendship between the marginalized person of the society and another person from its upper echelons. This sombre Bond sets in for a touching film that touches a humanistic melody among the audience.
Its beautiful screenplay and narrative, told in flashbacks, create melancholy moments that move as an influence. The story is based on real-life individuals Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, a man born in the French nobility, and his relationship with Abdel Saleau, an Algerian immigrant who took care of him.
We decided to see the combination of the film with a real-life story and read between its nuances. here are the details.

The Intouchables Plot Recap: What Happens in the movie?

The Intouchables Ending Explained
The Intouchables Ending Explained

Philip is a wealthy aristocrat who has all the luxuries of life within his reach. Unfortunately, he has a quadrilateral — he is paralyzed in both joints of his limbs and is wheelchair-bound.

Philip and his assistant, Maggie, decide to interview candidates for the position of a caregiver. Driss is a Senegal immigrant who lives in a cramped small house with his large family. She has a history of judicial leanings, a fact she has hidden from her family.

He protests to be interviewed but wants to be denied for availing unemployment benefits provided by the French state. Driss’s direct approach and his raw courage tempt Philip, and he ends up hiring her.

Philip ignores his criminal record and decides to keep Driss under his employment as long as he does his job. Driss unknowingly works but slowly develops a bond with Philip. Pouring hot water into Philip’s hand as if he can feel it, asking him to take a ringing phone, and he has small moments of smokeless marijuana that captures his growing friendship.

Dris does not come to his work with sympathy – his actual transgression makes Philip believe him. Phillip talks to him about his paragliding accident and also introduces Dris to modern art and opera.


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Driss later learns that Philip has a pen-pal named Elonor living in Dunkirk. He tries to set up a meeting between Philip and Eleanor, but Philip is out at the last moment. After this, they both go for a paragliding getaway in the Alps.
Driss encounters a dangerous situation where he has to deal with the wrong side of a gang with a cousin. Philip listens to these details and tells him to leave the excuse that Dris would not like to be a carer for the rest of his life.
Thus, they participate. Interestingly, the film ends at a serene moment that merits an informed discussion.

The Intouchables Ending: Philippe and Driss Employment

The film sets a date for Elisore and Philip with Dris. He bids for them, a wonderful moment that leads to their eccentric relationship. The final shot of the film comes from the real-life Philip and Driss actually an Algerian immigrant named Abdel Sellou.

It is a celebration of their friendship a testament to the fact that life, however difficult it is, can be enjoyed in good company. Philip and Driss are men from fundamentally different parts of society, but somehow manage to grow together.

In the film’s final 15 minutes, the character development of Philip and Driss is effectively expressed. Philip achieves his zeal to live and love through his infirmity, while Driss leaves his past and becomes a kind man.

An interesting tool that filmmakers use is a cyclic narrative — the film’s final work returns to the opening sequence. It is revealed that Driss returns to Philippe at the behest of Yvonne (Philip’s ally) and takes him on a luxurious car drive, in which he finds Philippe to date with Eleonore.

Pleasantly surprised, Phillip let him fall out of love this time and not be compelled to the same circumstances as before. The final shot of real-life characters tie together the film’s ethos, namely, life, a poignant reflection on disability and the softness of human bonding.

Philip’s accident shows him the unpredictability of life. Regardless of what he wants, he cannot perform a task as simple as the dawn. A year after his accident, he lost his wife to cancer.


This disrupts his thought process, and he cannot help but reflect on the changed attitude of those around him. He dislikes the kindness and concern that everyone offers him. Dris’s flamboyant nature and his indifference to Philip’s condition provide Philip with a vibrant social connection.

More than a caretaker, Phillip discovers a new relationship that can ease his mental sufferings. Viewers may flare at Driss’s attitude about Phillip’s disability, but it shows Driss’s innocence, the harbinger of a warm friendship.

The scene where Driss and Philippe again paragliding symbolizes the impact of Driss’s presence on Philip. More than a person in need of care, Driss treats Philip as a friend who is fully qualified to enjoy his life. Philip is also able to stabilize his relationship with his adopted daughter, Alyssa, with his new outlook.

What happened after Philip left?

Philip had to let Dris leave after hearing a conversation about his cousin’s problematic situation. Realizing that Driss has to support his family, Philip expels him from his job.

He hires a new caretaker, but no one can change Driss’s charming and high-spirited nature. Philippe lands in Melancholi and stops taking care of himself. Yvonne informs Dris about Philip’s condition, and he returns to reinvigorate the man’s life.

Driss knows that Philip’s reluctance to meet Eleonore stems from his insecurities and decides to complete his incomplete quest. He manages to do so under the guise of surprise, translating into heartfelt satisfaction for both of them.

On the other hand, Driss’s experience working with Philip enables him to get a good job and lead his life without various obstacles. In short, the film covers a range of emotions, pressing themselves on a beautiful journey of life and friendship.

It deals with issues of disability, autonomy and the intangible essence of life quite effectively. What is necessary to live a life of contentment? Perhaps this film may hold the key to complex answers.

The fact that real-life Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and Abdel Cello are still close friends acknowledges that any relationship can last long if dealt with with innocence and kindness.

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