movie What Happened to Monday Ending Explained! Plot and Spoiler...

What Happened to Monday Ending Explained! Plot and Spoiler Details


What Happened to Monday Ending: Everything you should know

Tommy Wirkola gave us some delightfully funny films in his previous outings, such as ‘Dead Snow’, featuring a Nazi corpse, and transformed the characters of Hensel and Gretel into an adventure story in ‘Hansel and Gretel’: Witch Hunters.


Wirkola’s dystopic sci-fi thriller. What Happened to Monday ‘leads to serious problems such as moral issues of overpopulation and scientific modifications, creating narratives relevant to our times.

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Along with socio-political commentary, Ended What Happened to Monday ‘stars Noomi Raspa’s septuplets in seven different roles, who struggle against authoritarian tyranny to defend themselves.

A harsh ordinance protects the sisters from life-threatening situations that fight many obstacles to uncover some dark secrets. Written by Max Botkin and Carey Williamson, Ended What Happened to Monday ‘is a fascinating science fiction film with a long-lasting impact.

The theme of the film revolving around the Seven Sisters and its narrative surprised us, and we went through the details for an informed view. Here is what we have decided.

What happened to Monday Plot Details:

What Happened To Monday Ending Explained
What Happened To Monday Ending Explained

In the year 2043, overpopulation has led to a worldwide crisis and food shortages. Due to the effects of climate change, there are not enough resources to feed the population.

Scientists have resorted to genetically modified crops to increase yields, which, in turn, causes a deeper problem. Consumption of these crops has somehow increased fertility and birth rate, leading to a further increase in population levels.

To curb these effects, government officials put every other child in a family in a “cryosleep”, a botanical state that can be replaced when resurrected in better conditions. Karen Settleman dies while giving birth to similar septuplets.

Fearing the Child Allocation Bureau (the promoter of the one-child policy), Septupelet’s grandfather, Terence (Willem Defoe), decided to extend him to secrecy. Children are trained to hide their identities and are given names seven days a week, each of which is allowed to leave their names on the day.

They are able to hide in plain sight, and the sisters are dressed in such a way that their talents complement each other’s weaknesses. The sisters must look and act the same in the outside world while they live together in an apartment.

He assumes the identity of Karen Setman and is employed in a bank. On her scheduled day, Monday fails to return home, leading to panic among the other sisters, who fear that their cover may be blown off.

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Tuesday tries to trace Monday but is caught by C.A.B led by the ruthless Nicolette Cayman (Glenn Close). He woke up on Tuesday morning to gain access to his apartment, secured by a retina scanner.


In an ensuing attack by C.A.B agents, he was killed on Sunday. The remaining sisters try to uncover the mystery behind Monday’s disappearance and find themselves in the midst of events that endanger their lives.

Thursday and Tuesday manage to survive their quest, while other sisters are trying to fight dangerous agents and suspects, most notably Jerry, a co-worker at the bank.

What Happened to Monday ending: What is Cayman’s plan?

Nicolette Cayman is the ruthless leader of the C.A.B and is in charge of implementing the one-child policy. His elaborate plan of ‘Os cryosleep’ is nothing but abuse to maintain work in front of the general population.

Using her position and her apparently effective administration, she wants to gain a position in government. Its current methods are revealed on Thursday and Tuesday when they discover that le cryosleep is a method to effectively dispose of victims of unilateral policy.

Caught children are clumsy under this program. As it turns out, on Monday, Adrian Knowles is in a romantic relationship with a CAB agent and becomes pregnant with twins. In order to protect her children, she makes a deal with the Cayman and splits details of her sisters for her own safety.

When Cayman’s truth was revealed publicly, he was devastated. His subsequent arrest ends the program. The film’s last sequence shows hundreds of children in a huge w ard, with nurses tending.


After the occupation of the Cayman and the disintegration of the Le Cryocelep, the ‘population has exploded unlike anything seen before. The film provides an ending that forces us to think through Cayman’s ideas, and even though the method is immoral, there is certainly some truth in the facts.

Despite her evil ways, her motives were clearly in the right place. The film forces us to think through our current situation because overpopulation creates huge imbalances in our natural resources.

Although no more children have died, and the dreaded disappears, the expansion shot of the maternity ward is symbolic of the time that awaits us. If no actual corrective measures are taken, the end can be read as a serious reminder of our bleak future.

Why Tuesday is alive in what happened to Monday?

Wanting to find out about Monday, all siblings are brutally hunted by C.A.B agents. Tuesday is capped by Cayman as she wants to use him as a bargaining chip against Monday.

Monday bribes Cayman for his own safety and decides to keep him alive on Tuesday in the event of Monday backstabbing Cayman, making him the master manipulator. If he changes his mind on Monday, Cayman can bring the world to the forefront on Tuesday, against the public on Monday.

Monday is oblivious to the fact that gives Cayman an advantage in his deal. Keeping Tuesday alive is a fail-safe alternative to Cayman’s ambition to gain entry into the government setup.

In the end, however, when things don’t go according to plan, Adrian is saved on Tuesday and Thursday.

Why does Monday betray her sisters?

Monday’s betrayal stems from his upbringing under harsh conditions. In one particular scene, we sneak outside her house on Thursday for skateboarding, and she bites one of her fingers.

To maintain equality in his appearances, his grandfather makes the same cut on all other siblings. This sequence indicates the twisting lives of the sisters who deeply influence Mondays.

She wants to build a relationship with Adrian Knowles and lead the dogma of an independent society as a woman leading a normal life. When she becomes pregnant, this frustration forces her to deal with the Cayman for the safety of the twins.

His deception is an act stemming from his maternal instinct and the growing resentment of his hidden existence. Interestingly, Adrian’s C.A.B. When he discovers the reality of the cryocephalus, he still succumbs.

‘He helps the sisters avoid C.A.B and manages to protect their twins from the dreaded child policy. Ultimately, Monday and Adrian’s shared desire for parenthood forces them to go against the norm.

This fact is also understood by her sisters, on Thursday and Tuesday, who, despite losing almost their entire family, are able to forgive on Monday, while she dies from a gunshot wound.

They see Monday’s twins growing up in an artificial womb and name them Terry and Karen, probably in the shared identity of their grandfather and their mother, Karen Setman.

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