movie Bliss Movie Ending Fully Explained!! Spoilers

Bliss Movie Ending Fully Explained!! Spoilers


Bliss Ending: Everything You Should Know

‘Bliss’ is a science fiction drama written and directed by Mike Cahill. The film follows a man in whose life it seems that until he discovers that his tragic reality is not at all real, but a simulation that he can control.


The woman who makes him realize this is a beautiful telegenic enigma takes him on a strange ride, exploring the limits of perception simultaneously through a new force that bends reality.

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The opinionated and determined concept of ‘bliss’ makes certain speculations that are the hallmark of an informed discussion.

Bliss Plot Details: What happens in the movie?

Greg Wittel (Owen Wilson) works in a call center called technical difficulties. He does not invest in his job and spends his time drawing sketches of distant places and shapes which is a conjecture of his imagination.

Bliss Movie Ending Explained
Bliss Movie Ending Explained

Greg’s boss calls him for a meeting, and he tries to shut it down. Eventually, his master expels him, and Greg kills him in a bizarre accident. He hides the body and arrives at a bar, where he meets Isabel (Salma Hayek), who looks like the woman in his portrait but immersed in a free personality.

Isabel tells Greg that the world they live in is actually a simulation and that the people around them are fake. Greg is visually confused, but the idea of ​​having a care-free nature brings him closer to Isabel.

Both consume yellow crystals, a kind of medicine that gives them the power to bend the laws of physics and reopen reality. Encouraged by their newfound power, Greg and Isabel embark on a whimsical journey where they overcome the stresses and tensions of life and try to understand the meaning of existence.


As the simulation arrives at a relaxed moment with Greg and his daughter colliding, Isabel picks up some blue crystals that can lead them to a blissful reality. They are short on the required number of crystals but still carry on with their plan.

As Greg takes in the crystal through a strange metal device, he is transported to a laboratory where he is connected to a thoughtful visualizer.

Isabel and Greg are scientists in reality who experiment with simulations that help them accept their privileges by discovering difficult realities.

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Bliss Ending: The Real World?

As Greg is transported to the reality that resembles his picture of the world, he realizes that he has a privileged position. He is clearly a scientist, and so is Isabel, who actually designed the idea visualizer.

Greg and Isabel spend some time in the ancient world, enjoying. They interact with wealthy people at parties, even meeting Slavoj Zacek, a famous philosopher. Unfortunately, a mess in their reality disrupts their lives, and they resort to yellow crystals to erase incompatibility.

In a hideous attempt to escape, Isabel and Greg consume blue crystals and return to the jagged streets of Los Angeles. The differences between the two realities reflect the class struggle wrapped in the film as social commentary.

The idea behind the brain box is to experience different realities that can provide different social conditions. Inconsistent realities are a metaphor for Greg’s desire to escape his worldly routine and reach a glimpse of bliss.


His pictures point to this fact and mean he is looking for an escape. In her street prophet avatar, Isabel helps Greg to appreciate the things that he has and most importantly, Greg’s relationship with his daughter.

Finally, Greg moves into a rehabilitation center where he accepts his daughter’s presence. A different theory for analyzing the actual puzzle is that Greg may have schizophrenia, and wants to completely change his worldview. He rapidly falls apart and tries to find a way out of the difficulties of his life.

His Bliss’ forces us to empathize with his character and tries to portray the perennial desire to escape to a world free of difficulties, using the backdrop of social inequality. Maybe, the world of Los Angeles is real, and Greg eventually comes to terms with it through his final confession.

What are crystals in the Bliss Movie?

Two types of crystals appear throughout the film – yellow, which gives the power to bend reality, and blue, which transports a person to a different reality.

Greg parallels Greg’s consumption of prescription drugs, in the opening scene, he negotiates with the pharmacy to allow him to refill. Greg is introduced to Isabelle by Krystal, and they consume them to enjoy moments of fun over dark comical violence.

Even though the crystal grants some powers, the characters rely heavily on them to navigate conflicting realities.

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