It’s a sin season 1 Ending Explained! Plot details & Spoilers

It's a sin season 1

It’s a sin season 1: Everything you should know

The portrayal of the LGBTQ + community in the mainstream media has always been the subject of a heated debate, and many TV shows do not manage to dispel stereotypes that have faced long-term inaccurate statements of the community.


Channel 4’s 4 It’s a Sin ‘is a British drama limited series, which aspires to crush these stereotypes and embraces the sexuality of its original characters.

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It tells the story of a close-knit group of gay men and their friends who live their lives fully amid the HIV / AIDS epidemic in London in the 1980s.

Produced by Russell T. Davis, who has proven himself as a progressive storyteller, the series highlights the struggles of its characters. The series is ineffective and tireless just like its characters and leaves a lot to showcase some heart-breaking moments in the final episode.

It is a recurrence of sin

It’s a sin season 1

In 1981, Richie Tauser (Ollie Alexander) moves to London to pursue a law degree. However, he soon undergoes a change of heart after meeting Jill (Lydia West) and decides to change her classes from law to drama.

Her parents are not happy with her decision. Jill introduced Richie to the fiery Ash (Nathaniel Curtis), and the two hit it off, but Ash left Richie. Somewhere, Roscoe (Omari Douglas) runs away from home due to her disdain for her sexuality towards her family.

Colin Jones (Callum Scott Howells) moved to London to work at Saville Row Taylor as Sales Apprentice. Not far from his home in Wales, he is comforted by his colleague Henry Coltrane (Neil Patrick Harris).

After some time, Coltrane falls ill and dies of cancer. Soon, the group meets shy Colin at a bar and befriends him. They discuss their dreams and aspirations and develop a family bond.

The outbreak of the AIDS epidemic has seen the group’s joyful and joyous lifestyle crumble. However, Richie, Ash, and Rosco remain in denial of the virus despite awareness by activists.

The trio engages in a series of hookups and a one-night stand with the men. After an old friend, Gregory dies of AIDS, Jill volunteers as an AIDS activist and tries to stop boys from having casual sex.

Coleen is diagnosed with AIDS, and the group is forced to face reality and rethink their actions. Colin’s death inspires his close friends to be tested for HIV. Ash and Rozko tested negative, while Richie’s result turned out to be positive.

Richie goes to his hometown but is unable to believe in his parents, who are unaware that his son is gay. Abused among AIDS patients, lack of medical awareness about the disease, and protests against pharmaceutical companies, Richie goes back to London determined to fight the disease.

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What happens to Richie in It’s a sin season 1 Ending?

When we first meet him, Richie is a closed teenager who moves to London from the small town of the Isle of Wight, and after facing rejection at the hands of Ash, shakes his head in the gay scene.

He enjoys casual sex and dreams of becoming an actor. His parents are not happy with his decision to pursue acting. As a result of his accidental hook-up, he contracts HIV. He and his friends are most scared.


The final episode opens in 1988. Richie is performing in a theater with his parents and friends in attendance. They cheer and applaud him for his performance.

His parents have accepted his career and are happy to see his son earning a name for him in his field of choice. We then move on to 1991; Richie’s condition has worsened due to the virus. He is diagnosed with lymphoma and taken to the hospital.

He is still hiding the truth about his sexuality and the fact that he has AIDS from his parents. His parents arrive, and after some controversial arguments, they take Richie back to the Isle of Wight.

Richie’s mother, Valerie (Kylie Hayes) is still in denial over her sexuality and blames Jill and her friends for her condition. He refuses to talk or see them. Shortly after returning home, Richie passed away.

Why does Richie ask to see Jill?

Jill goes to the Isle of Wight with Roske so they can say goodbye to Richie. Valerie does not allow them to do so. During his final moments, Richie expresses his displeasure towards his parents and reminisces about their sexual experiences while keeping their situation a secret.

He tells his mother that he had a lot of fun and wants his life to be celebrated. When his mother fails to understand him, he asks to see Jill. Valerie caves and meets with Jill in the morning. She reveals that Richie asked to see Jill, but she died that afternoon.

At first glance, it seems that Richie wants to see his close friend in his final moments. But the placement of the scene and the preceding dialogue suggest that there is something else in Richie’s request.

Throughout the series, Jill becomes a type of surrogate mother of the group. When Richie falls ill, he constantly comes to her and looks after her. Despite being the only female and straight man in the group, she understands the struggle of being gay.

Richie receives love and acceptance from his mother through Jill. On the other hand, her mother always lived in confusion about her sexuality and in denial rather than confessing that she was gay. So, when his mother fails to understand what he feels, he wants to meet Jill.

How does Richie’s death affect his friends in It’s a sin season 1?

Richie is close to his friends, and the group is like a family. Naturally, they were devastated to learn of the news of his death. The final episode focuses too much on Richie and his family.


However, this episode subtly shows the impact his death has on his friends. When Richie is rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with lymphoma, the impending sense of doom dominates his friends. Ash first addresses it and finally confesses his feelings for Richie.

They share a brief conversation, which indicates that their feelings are mutual. Richie has changed Ash’s outlook significantly, and although he is too sad to deal with it, he is looking to move on from a life of casual hook-ups and a meaningful relationship.

In the hospital, Roscoe runs into her father, an Orthodox Catholic. His father apologizes for mistreating his son over his sexuality, but we cut through before seeing Roscoe’s reaction. In the last few moments of the episode, Rozko returns to his family.

We can understand that Richie’s death prompted him to forgive his family. In the end, Jill is badly affected after learning of Reilly dying alone and there was no one on her side. Finally, we go to the hospital and comfort a single patient suffering from AIDS.

This can be interpreted to mean that Jill wanted to ensure that no one faced the same fate as her friend. She does not want another patient to die alone, feeling ashamed. He is likely to continue his activism and raise awareness about AIDS.

It’s a sin season 1 finale

The finale does a fantastic job of ending all conflicts and brings the characters’ journey to a proper end. The final episode is emotional and heartbreaking.

By showing Richie’s death off-screen, the show refrains from making a cliché conclusion and instead focuses on the after-effects of his death. In a poignant scene depicting Valerie getting the news of Richie’s death to Jill, we get a tense summary of Richie’s struggle through Jill’s perspective.

The scene is beautifully wrought and set against the backdrop of a serene beach. Jill accuses Valerie of creating an atmosphere of love for Richie and does not accept her son for who he is.

This left a deep and embarrassing feeling in Richie’s heart that he tried to deal with having casual sex with countless men. Jill walks away, and as she crashes against the sandy shore, Eshta kills Valerie – it was her fault.

Accepting his son for who he is and accepting him set him on a path that led him to his death. The scene is tragic and emotionally resonant. This makes us rethink Richie’s actions and return his steps to find out that Valerie is indeed at fault.

Answers may vary from person to person, but the visual is well thought out. The final scene shows the entire group of Richie performing for them in a park. They are enjoying each other’s company and having fun.

The scene reminds us that despite Richie’s heart-breaking fate, the series is a celebration of your true self and life. It is also echoed by Richie in his final moments. Through all its struggles and losses, the group of friends is unexpectedly true to itself and never stops celebrating life.