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Malcolm and Marie Movie Ending Explained! Plot Details & Spoilers


Malcolm & Marie Movie Ending Everything you should know

“Show, don’t tell” has always been one of the golden rules of filmmaking. The film connects with the students’ artistic sensibilities when they take their first class. And correctly. The unique versatility of the


medium allows for a unique exploration of visual and auditory enjoyment. But, once in the blue moon comes a film that challenges all filmmaking rules and tells a story on its own terms.

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Malcolm and Mary, an explosive relationship drama by writer-director Sam Levinson (hor euphoria), is one such film. Long and dense with long monologues, and Malcolm and Mary turned out to be a two-handed play.

It puts a particular and tireless focus on its two protagonists, never offering relief through flashbacks such as plot devices or the introduction of supporting characters. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of the film.

Malcolm and Mary Plot details: What happens in the movie

Malcolm and Marie Ending Explained
Malcolm and Marie Ending Explained

The entire film (except for the closing scenes) takes place one or two hours late at night. Young filmmaker Malcolm (John David Washington) and his girlfriend Mary (Zendaya) return to their rented and temporary residence after attending the premiere of Malcolm’s most recent film.

Their conversation suggests that they have made films in the past, but have not received positive reviews from critics. However, it is a possibility that unflattering will break the streak. All the critics Malcolm spoke to in the evening received positive feedback.

As he waits for his reviews to be published and to find out what they think officially, he notices that Mary is angry with him. It is revealed that Malcolm forgot to thank Mary during her speech.

Although he later apologized, this is clearly not enough. Mary recognizes this as a symptom of a larger problem and relates it to her inherent intoxication. There is a cascade of such accusations and counter-allegations, neither of which particularly cares that they are causing irreparable damage to their relationship.

Malcolm and Marie Ending: Why are Malcolm and Mary fighting?

The charges and subsequent fights occur in one episode, and as the film progresses, they deteriorate. Mary claims that the protagonist of Malcolm’s film Imani is based on the duration of her life when she was an addict.

For her, Malcolm expressed his inability to tell that it stems from his narrowness. He may not know well the idea of ​​sharing the fruits of his creative labor with someone else, even if that person is just as qualified as him.

Malcolm’s reaction is no less emotionally violent. “You want to hurt me, Mary,” he tells her. “I promise you; I can give you ten times as much trouble. You are the owner of an (outer) winged, level-one.

I can pounce on you like a twig.” Launches verbal assault. She names all the women in her past who have inspired her to make Imani and reiterates similarities between the tragic aspects of the former between the character and Mary.


Malcolm takes an amount of pleasure in providing some details about a particular past lover, Kiki. He says that he acted as a dancer, while clearly, he meant something else.

Throughout the film, Malcolm reiterates that this is the biggest night of his life and blames Mary for ruining him due to his own insecurities. He has fought tooth and nail to make his dreams come true and it has brought him to where he is now.

In contrast, Mary, despite being incredibly talented, gave up her desire to become an actor. Eventually, it turns out that Mary always saw the project as a collaborative effort and wanted to play the role of Imani herself.

This came as a shock to her when Malcolm overtook her and chose someone else as her leading lady. These revelations, in the form of scorched earth fights, escalate the plot.

We learn about the infidelity of Mary’s past, drug abuse, overpopulation, and attempted suicide, as Malcolm weapons each of them, including the fact that he lived it all with him.

Mary correctly describes her when she says she does not know how to escalate a situation. However, ironically, he is guilty of the same crime. Each time, the argument ends with a sense of finality.

And yet, the one who loses that round inevitably contacts the other, and the fight resumes. Filmed in black and white, the film is intensely claustrophobic, despite the huge house it is set for.

While the two characters take a break from fighting by drinking, smoking, or taking a walk on a regular basis, they eventually get stuck with each other, at least for now. night. Isolation occurs several times, but it is never discussed.

Despite saying terrible things to each other, Malcolm and Mary still love endlessly. Ultimately, the film returns due to Malcolm’s parochialism and his unwillingness to change himself for the sake of the relationship.

While Mary has tried to change her life for the better, Malcolm is happy to live steadily, truly believing that he is as good as he can ever be. Mary finally recognizes this when she tells him how easily she can clarify her arguments when comparing the twig.

All Marie wanted on this night was a public “thank you” for her contribution to the film and her life in general. He let him use his experiences to write the script and read draft after draft until he was satisfied on paper.


She convinced herself to accept her decision not to select him for the role of Imani, even though she desperately wanted to do so. Malcolm did not mention his name during the premiere, indicating how successful he was as a person. She warns him that his shortcomings also affect his creativity.

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Why is Malcolm angry at criticism in Malcolm & Marie?

A white woman was a film critic at the premiere representing a mainstream news outlet from Los Angeles. He gave bad reviews to one of Malcolm’s previous films, and apparently, he has since held a disgusting loathing hold against him.

However, even this critic likes the new film and tells it after the premiere. But Malcolm is irritated when the woman begins to tell him what racial and social comments he has made.

As he later tells Mary, he made a commercial film about an intoxicated girl’s journey to recovery. While Imani has obstacles in her path because she is black, her film is not about race.

When the review is published, Malcolm and Mary are taking a break from the fight. In those moments of a temporary truss, Malcolm restricts him and his art to the parameters of his racial and sexual identity at the reviewer’s effort.

He claims that “cinema does not need to have a (detailed) message”. “It needs heart and electricity.”

Do Malcolm and Mary get together at the end of Malcolm and Mary?

For all the screaming throughout the film, the sequence of the finale is deep. Malcolm gives Mary an apology before they say thanks before they fall asleep. Her bedroom is certainly not where she originally wanted it to be, but that does not diminish its importance.

For the first time in their relationship, Malcolm is forced to admit that they have sacrificed for each other. And through that acceptance, he can show that he wants to be in a relationship.

So, when Mary responds by saying, “You’re welcome,” it acknowledges that their relationship has managed to survive this terrible night. The next day, Malcolm wakes up and finds that Mary is no longer in bed with him.

After a moment of panic, he discovers her standing outside. The film ends with the two looking away from the camera. Given their personality, it certainly would not be the worst fight they would have if they kept the relationship.

The best thing is that they can both learn from these arguments and strive to be the best for each other.

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