movie Saint Maud Movie Ending Explained! Plot Details & Spoilers

Saint Maud Movie Ending Explained! Plot Details & Spoilers


Saint Maud Movie Ending: Everything you should know

The psychological horror film Ma Saint Maud is the debut film of director Rose Glass, who has also written the screenplay for the film.


Some horror films in the past have strayed away from the genres that define that genre and still manage to rise above audience expectations. I Saint Maud’s director Rose Glass brilliantly explores the unfathomable depths of loneliness.

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The focus is on a nurse (Maud), who is seeking a higher purpose in life after recently converting to Catholicism, as she loses her job due to one of the patients in her care.

Maud’s journey is troubling in more ways than one and takes us through the darkest corners of the twisted psyche of a man slowly descending into madness. The glass actually achieves this in a chilling fashion.

The ending of the film elevates these horrors to an intermittent level, shattering the audience’s perception and demands some much-needed discussion. If you have questions about the conclusion of Saint Maud, you have come to the right place. We have all the answers here.

Saint Maud movie Plot details: What happens in this horror movie?

Katie (Morphid Clarke) is a nurse who fails to save a patient’s life despite performing CPR. This incident causes him to lose his job and experience trauma. Sometime later, Katy, now going by the name Maud, is working as a palliative care nurse for a private nursing agency.

The exhibition and flashbacks show that she has recently converted to Roman Catholicism. Maud religiously prays to God to show him a way and believes that he has to serve a higher purpose in life.

Katy is assigned to care for Amanda (Jennifer Ehle), who is ill with lymphoma. A former dancer and choreographer, Amanda has now lost the use of her legs and is in a wheelchair due to her illness. After a rocky start, Maud befriends Amanda.

Maud is dedicated to caring for Amanda and is dedicated to her religion. Amanda does not share the same resemblance to Maud for higher authority but remains in Maud about her fear of death.

Maud considers himself a savior, whom God sent to save Amanda’s soul, which has strayed from the path of darkness. After Amanda joins Maud in prayer, she tells Amanda that she feels the presence of God and Amanda pretends to share this feeling with him but is heavily influenced by Maud’s beliefs.


However, at her birthday party, Amanda makes fun of Maud for her faith and belief that she is a savior in front of her guests. Maud is distressed and attacks Amanda. Maude is removed from Amanda’s care and loses her job.

She is afraid that God has rejected her and fails to reestablish herself in society. Her attempt to seek companionship is fruitless and without a higher purpose or her faith in God, she has a psychological breakdown that drives her to take drastic and horrific actions.

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What happens to Amanda in Saint Maud Movie Ending?

After finding out that Amanda shares a good relationship with her new carer, Maud begs God for a sign. He has a physical vision, and God talks to Maud, blessing him to fulfill his higher purpose.

Maud wears the holy dress, complete with beads of garland, and hugs to complete the divine work. Maud waits for the nurse to leave and then enters Amanda’s bedroom to find a weak and weak Amanda in her bed.

Amanda apologizes to Maud for making fun of him but strongly denies the existence of God. Amanda remembers Maud’s loneliness, but Maud refuses to believe she is alone. He reminds Amanda of a time when they experienced God’s presence in each other’s company.

Amanda admitted that she pretended to experience the presence of God and explained the harsh reality of life and death. As Amanda takes a demonic form and attacks Maud, Maud breaks into tears and proceeds to make fun of Maud for believing in God because of his loneliness.

Maud brutally beat Amanda with a scissor and kills her, believing that she killed the demon and serves her true purpose. Amanda’s cold, lifeless body layers are soaked with blood.

Saint Maud’s Ending: Mods Psychosis

After killing Amanda, Maud is overcome by a feeling of ecstasy similar to the experience with Amanda earlier in the film. She cleans herself with holy water and goes to bed. The next morning, she wakes up to realize that she has grown a shiny pair of angel wings.

She walks down to the beach and sees the sky revolving over her. The final scene plays like a coin toss. While the coin is in the air, we consider both possible outcomes. But once the coin lands on the ground, the ambiguity disappears and we get a definite answer.

Similarly, in the final scene, we see Maud putting acetone on himself. The concerned audience can be heard in the background as she proceeds to illuminate herself on fire. In a flip shot, we see people on the beach in front of him, depending on his glory. Maud appears to be climbing a higher plane of existence.

However, the shocking final shot showed Maud swinging in pain as his body burned badly with flames. Any scene the audience sees while watching Maud’s struggle quickly turns into guilt when we realize how many incidents happen inside Maud’s turbulent mind.

The final shot reminds us of how far we have pursued Maud in a deeper and darker distorted version of reality. It becomes clear that both his interactions with God and the demonic form of Amanda are both compositions of his psychosis, resulting in Maud killing Amanda and then killing himself.

The ending inconsistently shifts our perception of Maud from a deeply sympathetic figure to a deeply troubled woman, who is struggling to cope with loneliness in her life, and as a stark reminder of the fallout of her resignation without faith. It works in

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