Web seriesYoung Rock Season 1: Latest release, Cast & Plot...

Young Rock Season 1: Latest release, Cast & Plot Updates


Young Rock Season 1: Everything you should know

The family comedy Young Rock, based on the life of Dwayne Johnson, has dropped a trailer on NBC confirming its premiere in February.

Co-produced by Johnson and Nahanchaka Khan, the series focuses on various chapters of the title character’s life and the experiences that shaped Johnson as the man he is today. Prior to its debut, Young Rock has already revealed its cast.

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Adrian Grolex will play the lead character at age 10, while Bradley Constant will take over at the age of 15. Uli Latukefu completed the trio, as he played the role of Johnson at the age of 2o.

With those stunning performances, and Young Rock photographed teasing some of the show’s WWE connections, it was recently reported that Lexie Duncan would appear as Karen.

Johnson’s high-school sweetheart, Duncan’s character Barbigen dreams of attending beauty school. Although fans will still have to wait a bit to see how the artists farewell with their portrayal, Young Rock now has a premiere date.

The Rock himself shared the trailer of Young Rock via Instagram and confirms that the show will premiere on Tuesday 16 February. Along with Kennan, SNL’s Kenan Thompson upcoming series, Young Rock will be scheduled for Tuesday through the end of May.

Young Rock Season 1
Young Rock Season 1

This completes its run of episodes. The announcement is significant for NBC because the network has generally chosen to schedule its sitcom for Thursday, which will change somewhat after the scheduling changes take effect.

Thursday will be home to workplace comedies like Superstore and Mr. Mayer, while Tuesday’s lineup fits more neatly into the family comedy category.

When will Young Rock Season 1 Release?

‘Young Rock’ season 1 will be released on February 16, 2021, at 8 / 7c on NBC. The show is slated to follow the weekly release pattern of dropping an episode every Tuesday. Its run is scheduled to end in May 2021.

Which Celebs are included in the Cast of Young Rock Season 1?

The cast of ‘Young Rock’ is led by Dwayne Johnson, who plays himself as a presidential candidate in the 2032 election. The sitcom also has three young versions of The Rock, depicting various periods in his life.

Bradley Constant plays a 15-year-old version of Dwayne during his wild and unpredictable childhood that includes his early years. Uli Latukefu essays the character of the 18 to the 20-year-old college version of The Rock when he was a football player at the University of Miami. Sitcom also features

Dwayne said his early years defined his life, and the highs were unbelievable, but the lows were significant. Adrian Groulx plays the 10-year-old version of star AKA “Little Davy”, a disgusting nickname “shockingly inspired” given to him by Dwayne’s godparents.

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Stacey Leilua is Etta Johnson, Dwayne’s mother, who has survived cancer. She went to hell and back, but still remains the cutest human being on the planet, as John has said. Joseph Lee Anderson plays Rocky “Solman” Johnson, Dwayne’s father.

He emerged as a wrestling stalwart in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Ana Tusila plays Dwayne Johnson’s grandmother Lia Mavia, who was the first female promoter in professional wrestling.

Other cast members include Lexie Duncan as Karen, Stephen Adams as Kevin, Brett Azar as Iron Sheikh, Robert Cretan as Robert Worton, Taj Cross as Gabe, Ana Tisila as Lia Mavia, Matthew And Matthew as Andre the Giant.

What is Young Rock about?

‘Young Rock’ portrayed Dwayne Johnson’s life and career, starting from childhood to success as an adult. It explores his early years spent stirring up the streets of Hawaii, with arrests occurring every single week.

He was reportedly breaking a lot of rules but was still more or less a good kid. He was then driven off the island, which is why he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he maintained his image as a “troubled child.”

The sitcom sheds light on Dwayne’s high school years before becoming a football star at the University of Miami. He was then replaced by a man named Warren Sapp, who became one of the most amazing defensive attacks ever.

The first episode of the show is dedicated to Dwayne’s father, who died recently. He was a brilliant wrestler, as Dwayne called him “a bad friend in the game”. You can take a look at the trailer below!

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