AnimeBack Arrow Episode 11: Latest Release, Cast & Plot...

Back Arrow Episode 11: Latest Release, Cast & Plot Updates!


Back Arrow Episode 11: Everything you should know!

Back Arrow: In episode 11, Prince Fine accepts the battle with His Majesty. He tells Barana and Prax that they are preparing for a war with Rekka in two days. Prax notices that Prince Lalit had other personalities during the war.

The people of the city are wondering why Luto has to fight Rekka. Dr. Solo invades Luto to obtain food for the escape. When he arrived, he told Arrow and the others about the war.

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The Fries start destroying their whereabouts, but Decenza pursues Fries. Solo could not believe that it was Discenza. He asked Solo to follow him as he did not know anything about the capital. He told her that she was waiting for him.

When will Back Arrow Episode 11 Release?

Back Arrow Episode 11 will be released on Saturday, March 20 at 12:00 pm. The show will air on the same broadcast website,, AnimeLab, and Funimation. We will update you more after Episode 11 is released.

Back Arrow Episode 11 Updates
Back Arrow Episode 11 Updates

Back Arrow Episode 10 Recap: What happened till now in Back Arrow?

In episode 10, they both arrive at the Depressed Palace. He meets Elect Supreme, who is eating some aromatic snacks. He feels sorry for eating in front of them, and Shou wonders why a fat man is like that.

Elect Supreme is glad that Solo knows him and reveals that he is Rudolph. He was wondering why Rekka doesn’t know him. He thought that Shuka knew everything that happened to Rekka.

Solo reveals that this is the first time he is seeing Rudolph. They have just heard of him and never thought Supreme exists. Arrow asks about him and Shou that Rudolph is one of the six supreme.

Rudolph is the one who chooses the crown, so Bit thinks Rudolph is the most important guy. He continues to eat a bunch of snacks. Rudolph remarks that Solo has brought an interesting group.

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What can we expect from the plot of Back Arrow Anime?

The series takes place in the land of Lingalind (ン ガ リ ン ド ド, Ringerindo), a continent completely enclosed by a massive wall. The people of Lingalind consider the wall as a god, believing that all of existence is inherent.

While the land comprises several countries, it is mostly dominated by two powerful nations: the Lootoh Republic (リ ュ 卿 several 国 R, Rutō Kyōwakoku), which values ​​intelligence, and The Great Reka Empire (レ ッ several 帝国, Rekka Kai Teikoku), which honors Mann.

These two nations are in constant conflict with each other over obtaining Rakuho (ク ホ ウ ウ caps) capsules, which are sent once per month from an undisclosed location and land in predetermined areas of Lingalind, including provisions And there are weapons that the people of Lingalind consider a gift from the wall.

One day after a Rakuho is recovered by the Rekka forces, the first an unheard-of second Rakuho land in the village of Edgar on the outskirts of Lingraind. An inside is a young man whose only memory is that he is “beyond the wall”.

Taking the name “Back Arrow”, he wants to travel back to the wall to restore his memory, entangling himself in a conflict between the two countries.

Some of the people of Lingalind have devices known as point warpers, metallic orchids derived from the Rakuho capsules that allow one to summon and control a huge mechanical armor as a bright (as イ ハ ハ イ ト イ, Burahito) allows for.

A Briheight’s abilities are linked to one person (Shin, Shin’n), something they consider above all else. Controlling one while being defeated in battle by another Brightkite will cause the user to disappear.

Which Characters will return for the Cast of Back Arrow Episode 11?

we can see most of the main characters from the anime appear in episode 11. The Cast will include:

Atlee Ariel
Elsha Lean
Burk Lean
Bit Namital
Athin Sola
Zetsu Daidan
Tae Howa
Bai Toatsu
Goh Zanga
Kai Rhodan
Shū Bi
Ren Sin

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