movieCoven of Sisters Ending Explained! Movie Plot Details &...

Coven of Sisters Ending Explained! Movie Plot Details & Spoilers…


Coven of Sisters Ending: Everything you should know!

‘Coven of Sisters’ is a Spanish-language horror drama based partly on the true events of the witch hunt in Old Spain. The film was directed by Pablo Aguero and the screenplay was written by Aguero and Kettel Guillo.

Cowan of Sisters has the talents of Amaya Ebersturi, Alex Brendemuhl, Daniel Fanego, Daniel Chamorro, Inigo de la Iglesia, Une Nogiras, Asier Oruesagasti, Elena Ariz, Garazi Urkola and Joan Laspiur.

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Coven of Sisters Summary: What the movie is about?

In 1609, a group of five teenagers in the Basque Country was apprehended and arrested as the main suspects of witchcraft, as they celebrated a party in the wilderness. Judge Rostegui was given the task of purifying the area by the king, arresting the women and accusing them of witchcraft.

He decides to do anything to get them to confess and tells him what they know about Ekalare, a ceremony with magical connotations, during which Satan needs to initiate his servants and have intercourse with them Is called for.

Coven of Sisters movie Ending
Coven of Sisters movie Ending

To run away due to a debate between Rostegui and his men; A chase through the forest continues until the girls are placed on a rock.

As they join hands, an elderly woman from the village sings in Basque about the tide brought by the full moon that drives the girls from the rock to the surprise of Rostegui and his men.

Coven of Sisters Recap: What happens in the movie?

The setting at the time of the Spanish Inquisition in 1609 is Basque. At that time, life was a nightmare for the women of the country. The girls and women were accused of being witches and tied to posts and burnt alive.

The story begins when the men of the village go to the sea and all the women dance in the forest at night, making them all suspected of witchcraft. The movie follows the girls who try to survive until the men return from the sea.

Coven of Sisters Ending Explained: What happens with the Girls?

Rostegui is Lucifer in the real sense. He murders girls on the pretext of being a witch. Instead of him, he is the one who is spreading all evil. He believes more than girls that Lucifer actually exists. Nobody is sure about this.

Even his loyal Consejero Salazar has moments of doubt but Rostegui never has. At the climax of the film, Ana and sisters are about to jump off a cliff and into the sea.

The ‘satanic language’ the girls use throughout the film is simply Basque language, which is different from the original Spanish that the two judges and their soldiers would have used.

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On top of that, the Sabbath ritual that we see girls perform appears to be a collection of folk songs that girls know and possibly draw inspiration from pagan rituals, some of which worship the forces of nature.

And finally, we come to the rock scene where Rostegui claims to see the girls flying. It should be noted that Rostegui’s declaration of “they are flying” came after he was given a mysterious substance to eat during the ritual, which resulted in him realizing that he was a pig.

The camera quickly cuts to Rostegui, who is completely immersed in his confusion. Out of his head, he declares that the “witches” have flown. The camera then cuts to the edge of the cliff where the girls were standing.

There is no one there now. While the obvious follow-up would be that they jumped into the sea, it seems unclear. But it really shouldn’t be. I think there is ambiguity.

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