Web seriesGrown-ish Season 3 Plot, Spoilers & Finale Discussion!

Grown-ish Season 3 Plot, Spoilers & Finale Discussion!


Grown-ish Season 3: Everything you should know!

It seems that a lifetime has passed since Zoey’s 21st birthday party at Zoe’s season 3 spring finale. When things take off, she and her ex-classmates are, as always, most college students working through all the issues they can relate to sex, relationships, politics, money, and identity.

Recently told Complex that Luca Sabbat, who plays Luka Sabbut, said, “These are things that happen to every child according to our age.” We live in a very political time.

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A lot of things are getting hypersexual, a lot of people are discovering their sexuality … so I think it’s good to cover it all because these kids are figuring it out for themselves as well. “

Grown-ish Season 3 Recap: What happens in Season 3 of Grown-ish?

  • Zoey and Aaron kissed – again

Seasons 2 and 3 ended very similarly: on-off, off-couple again on Zoy and Aaron’s lips. After Zoey broke the news for her ex that she had filed the paperwork and was “officially now a Calu student,” Aaron pulled her in for an epic goodbye kiss.

Grown-ish Season 3 Finale
Grown-ish Season 3 Finale

“Now we are too,” she tells him, referring to her airport lip-lock from the season 2 finale. Suffice it to say, things are still as complicated between them as ever.

  • Zoy and Luca are in a good place

Beginning the post-breakup season in the rocky area, Zoe and Luca had sex in the backslide “clothes-optional walk memory lane,” or non-Zoey-Speak.

The no-strings-attached relationship prevents a major obstacle when Zoë finds out that Luca is also working with new transfer student Jillian.  But in the end, Zoey and Jillian became close and the trio seemed to be in a healthy place.

  • Nomi left kailu, two

After revealing that she was pregnant at the end of the season 3 premiere, Nomi struggles to tell the child’s father and decide if there is room for her child to adopt. Eventually, she comes to the conclusion that she needs to leave Kailu to find out.

His water breaks when he encounters Zoey during the closing of spring, so the answers to those questions must be imminent.

  • Jazz and dag are on break

Unable to postpone her track career with her all-consuming relationship with Doug, Jazz decides to overcome the distraction and ask her boyfriend for some time.

“While I train for the next six months, will you wait for me?” He asked her at the end of the episode. Only time will tell how it works for them.

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Grown-ish Season 3 Finale: What happens in Grown-ish Episode 15?

Ana confronts Nomi, saying that she has to look into the city to understand what she likes for the child.

Nomi doesn’t agree (nor do I, but maybe it’s just because Ana was a mistake in this episode) and Anna grills the boy, Phil, to the bar. Nothing is limited, the only real need in Ana’s mind is “making Phil humanly uncomfortable.”

Finally, Nomi realizes that she needs to see him to discuss his childhood and to learn more about him in hopes of learning more about the sweet, adorable Luna. Phil begins to remember more about the night and slowly discovers how good his sweet night is … before you know it.

He takes her back to his place to recreate sixteen candles, expressing her admiration and feelings for him, then … well, you know.

Nomi returns home to discuss the happenings with Luca (she has retreated! Too much?) And she feels that it was a big mistake not to tell the child about Phil.

When he suggests keeping it from Phil for life, Nomi decides to reveal the information to Phil in the best interests of all. We leave it to a climber after revealing this and I get nervous!

Meanwhile, Aaron is trying to fix the break between him and Rochelle. Remember when he talked to Zoë before Rochelle about Dean’s tuition offer?

Aaron decided to produce it with a really sweet apology, as a way to make it up to Rochelle as she read a list of things she had never told anyone before. He is bound and all is well in the world.

That is until Zoy returns, he returns. A rumor revolves around the “family” that he left his boss’s bus at 3 in the morning … well, you know. With the advice of “grow up or get out”, Zoey realizes that she must have made a big leap in life and may decide to tour and go back to her place on Kaal Yu.

Aaron tells Zoe to say that they need to take a step back to avoid hurting Rochelle, but Zoy drops a bomb about Rochelle already facing him. YIKES.

Aaron is understandable, upset with the situation, and, being back and forth, Zoy reminds Aaron to fall in love with her. The quarrel turns into a make-out session and I’m here to get Rochelle the Heck Out Dose. Zoey and Aaron 5EVA!

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