movieSavages Movie Ending Explained! Plot Details & Spoilers

Savages Movie Ending Explained! Plot Details & Spoilers


Savages Movie Ending: Everything you should know!

Savage is an American action thriller-drama film released in 2012, directed by Oliver Stone. It is based on Don Winslow’s novel of the same name.

Oliver Stone’s “Savage” is a moral tangle inherent in a bloody war between two best friends in Laguna Beach and the Queen of the Mexican Drug Cartel.

A return to form for Stone’s dark side, “Savage” evokes ruthless energy and some, but not too much, humor. The film is a battle between good and evil, you might say, except that everyone is evil in it – but some are less evil than others, and they all have their own good sides.

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Savages Movie Summary: What the movie is about?

California entrepreneurs Ben (Aaron Johnson) and Chon (Taylor Kitsch) run a lucrative business growing marijuana and share one-of-a-kind love with the beautiful O (Blake Lively).

Life in Laguna Beach is pleasant for them until the Mexican Baja Cartel’s ruthless leader Elena (Salma Hayek) comes in and demands action.

However, Elena underestimates the trio’s unbreakable bond, and with the help of a shadowy DEA agent (John Travolta), Ben, Chon, and O go to war.

Savages Movie Ending Explained
Savages Movie Ending Explained

Savages Movie Plot Details: What happens in the movie?

Late-back Ben, and his best friend, Chon, a former Navy SEAL, may not sound like important drug dealers; However, together they make a comfortable living selling high-quality, home-grown marijuana.

In addition, the two business partners share more than just one profitable business: their mutual girlfriend, Ophelia. But, when Ben and Chon think they are at the top of their game,

The terrified Mexican Baja Cartel enters the picture, wanting a piece of the action, threatening the joyous life of their chaotic hedonism. Now, their cruel, ruthless, and rude leader,

Elena will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and her top promoter, Lado, is going to make sure she gets it. Before long, things go haywire, desperate pot dealers are forced to enlist the help of the shadowy DEA agent, Dennis, to try and stop a tragedy.

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Savages Movie Ending Explained!

Savage is told from the point of view of an unrelated narrator, hey, who may or may not die. She is the girlfriend of Ben and Chon, two marijuana farmers who make super-strength weeds that they sell to legal marijuana distributors in California and also to illegal distribution outlets.

His pottery business comes under the supervision of Elena Sanchez, a Mexican drug kingpin who kidnaps O to manipulate his business to Ben and Chon.

With the reluctant help of Dennis the Corrupt FBI agent, he kidnaps Elena’s daughter, loots one of her deliveries, and sets up all of her agents for the crimes.

The story of the double kidnapping leads to a climax told twice. The first version is a bizarre John Woo-esque shootout where almost everyone dies. Chon injects Ben, O, and himself with a suicidal drug, Elena is shot by a henchman who is also shot, and no one ever lives happily ever after.

It manifests as O’s imagination. The real end threatens to turn the exchange into a shootout before being thwarted by Denise, who is prancing to arrest Elena. By doing so, Dennis is busting the drug, announcing the end of one of Mexico’s major drug rings.

Ben, Chon, and O are used as witnesses before they hide on a distant beach where they may be alive or dead, but O never confirms.

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