Web seriesApple tv+Servant Season 2 Episode 10: The Finale! Latest Release...

Servant Season 2 Episode 10: The Finale! Latest Release & Other Updates…


Servant Season 2 Finale: Everything you should know!

After reaching its rebuttal of the second season of Ant Servant, its convolution plot slowly begins to crumble. The Church of the Lesser Saints is after Lean as they desperately try to reestablish it in the cult.

Jericho does not come (against Dorothy’s hopes), and he leaves her in a broken state. Sean tries to understand George and Lean’s confused thoughts. The ninth episode takes us inch by step and gradually leads to climate change.

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However, Jericho’s whereabouts are still unclear. The next episode stands to reveal the truth, and we can’t wait for it to arrive. If you’re curious to learn more about Episode 10, we’ve got you covered!

When will Servant Season 2 Episode 10 Release on Apple TV+?

Servant Season 2 Episode 10 was released on March 19, 2021, at 3 pm EST on Apple TV +. New episodes are coming every Friday.

Servant Season 2 The Finale
Servant Season 2 The Finale

Where to watch Servant Season 2 Episode 10 online?

You can watch Servant Season 2 Episode 10 ‘by saving it on Apple TV + official website or app. Paid membership costs $ 4.99 per month, while it costs $ 49.99 annually.

You can also take advantage of the free seven-day trial given by Apple TV +. The show is yet to come on other streaming platforms.

Which Celebrities are going to appear in Servant Season 2 Episode 10?

Unlike other Apple TV + projects such as C and the Morning Show, Servant revolves around very small actors due to the limited space of the story.

As it stands, the vast majority of this teeny-young cast is likely to return in future episodes, including; It features Nell Tiger Free as creepy nanny Lean, who was hired to look after their baby son.

Lauren Ambrose is also expected with Toby Kebbell as Dorothy Turner as her husband Sean Turner. Harry Potter star Rupert Grint will also return as Dorothy’s brother Julian Pearce.

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Are there any Spoilers for Servant Season 2 Episode 10?

Episode 9 ends with a strange woman in black playing on a cliffhanger. She learns of Dorothy’s desperation to find Jericho. The tenth episode of ‘Sevak’ season 2 is titled ‘Josephine’, which probably indicates the stranger’s name.

His veil dress gives the impression that he is a part of the cult and has come to bring Lean. We can actually see the contents of the Betamax tapes that George Lean wanted to show. The stranger may uncover the truth behind George’s plan and perhaps come to fulfill it.

We can expect new episodes to deal with the formula of this narrative. Perhaps Jericho’s whereabouts will eventually be revealed to Dorothy. It remains to be seen how Julian overcomes her situation.

Will Natalie play her role in healing Julian? It will also be interesting to see how Sean treats the stranger. Since their faith is strong, they can welcome their presence.

We can speculate about the various junctions in the final episode, but one thing we are sure about is the confrontation between Lean and Panth. The second season is awaiting its end as it stands to discover the deeper circumstances.

Servant Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: What happened till now?

Sean prepares the goose for lunch on Christmas Eve. Dorothy is preparing herself in anticipation of Jericho’s arrival. However, she learns from Leanne that George has left. Dorothy thinks she is out to bring Jericho back.

Julian arrives at Turner’s house with Mr. Pearce and a woman, who dates Mr. Pierce. Lean informs Sean about his arrival, and in their subsequent conversation, it becomes clear that George will not return. However, Sean feels that Creed wants to help him.

Julian is agitated, and he does not pity Sean’s faith in George and his religious ways. While trying to keep her distance from Leanne, Julian apologizes for her affair. Leanne appears to be drawn to Julian, but he refuses her progress.

Meanwhile, Dorothy eagerly awaits Jericho and Sean tries to comfort her. Unfortunately, Julian falls to the floor due to his excessive drug use. After all, attempts have failed to revive him, Lien wakes him up with a kiss.

Guests eventually arrive when paramedics arrive and check on Julian. Dorothy is visually shaken by these events, and in her grief, prepares a hangman’s nose for herself.

Leanne asks her about the noise, in which Dorothy reveals her unyielding desire to meet Jericho. Finally, a bizarre woman wearing a black dress arrives at Turner’s door.

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