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Who Killed Sara Returning for Season 2 on Netflix! Trailer Review


Who Killed Sara Season 2: Everything you should know!

‘Who Killed Sara’ (originally K Queen Mato a Sara? ‘In Spanish) is a Mexican drama mystery written by award-winning telenovela writer Jose Ignacio Valenzuela.

In the show Alex Gusman (f Manolo Cardona of Narcos fame) discovers to avenge his powerful Lazano family for the murder of his sister.

However, capturing his sister’s murderer proves to be more complicated than expected, and the story soon evolves into an all-out murder mystery.

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The first Netflix show is written and produced by the Chilean writer, called Who Killed Sara ‘premiered in March 2021 on the streaming platform. Part family drama, part revenge thriller, altogether from a sinister murder mystery, the show has received favorable critical reviews and has been described as compelling and fast-paced.

If you, like us, are hooked on the show and are thinking that when we can expect season 2, we have got news for you!

When will Who Kill Sara Season 2 Release?

‘Who Killed Sarah’ Season 1 premiered on Netflix on March 24, 2021. All ten episodes of the season were released simultaneously, each episode being between 35 and 40 minutes long.

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Trailer Review
Who Killed Sara Season 2 Trailer Review

The show is available in 190 countries, where Netflix is ​​available, not often seen with Latin small-screen productions of this genre. So far, behind neither streaming platform Netflix nor production house ‘Who Killed Sara’, Pero Azul has confirmed the release date for the second season.

Although that season 1 ends with the teaser scenes of season 2, we can speculate that production is going well and possibly nearing completion.

There will be a possibility of Greenlight soon by Netflix next season, and if so, we can expect to see ‘Who Killed Sarah’ Season 2 sometime by 2022.

Who Kills the Whole Season 2 Cast: Who Can Be in It?

Mexican actress Ximena Lamadrid is based on the character of Sarah, who is the name of the show. Manolo Cardona plays his brother and the show’s protagonist Alex.

The Lezcano family consists of the patron Don Cesar (Geenus Garcia Milne), his wife Mariana (Claudia Ramirez), older son Jose Maria (Eugenio Sailor), younger son Rodolfo (Alejandro Nones), and daughter Alice (Carolina Miranda).

Hector Jimenez, appears as a trusted family assistant and protector of dark secrets, Allroy. We can expect the main cast to remain largely unchanged in the second season, as characters who appear in a phased manner in present-day narratives may still appear in flashback scenes.

The only exception to this may be Hector Jimenez, whose character Alloyer dies (or is killed?) In the hospital. Marco Japata will probably return in season 2 to portray Young Allroy.

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What can we expect from the Plot of Who Killed Sara Season 2?

The ending of season 1 of K Who Killed Sarah is not just a cliffhanger as it extends the realm of suspense to a completely different level.

Although the story has been a case of murder and motive so far, the finale of the season reveals the psychological instability that Sarah was suffering, making a more loud sound towards a psychological thriller.

As Season 1 draws to a close, we see Don Caesar finally looking distraught, as his daughter realizes that she knows his murderous ways, though she doesn’t appear to be defeated yet.

Skepticism about Mariana’s motives is also confirmed as we try to find her risking Sarah’s life and most likely kills Alroy, so her secret is not revealed. Both Lozano’s sons – Jose Maria and Rodolfo’s relationship broke up as a result of the chaos around Don Caesar and the family.

We also finally find out that Alex’s mysterious assistant is Sarah’s childhood friend Mariphar. However, the biggest jerks are Sarah’s second diary, which reveals her troubled mental state and suicidal tendencies, and a piece of paper Alex finds in the diary, which leads her to a corpse buried in her backyard.

In season 2, we can expect the mystery to expand, and the answers to the burning questions may be few and far between. As we saw, Sarah has a whole side that has not been presented yet.

Alex will therefore have to rethink his point of view and widen his search further if he hopes to find out the truth about his sister. We can expect to be helped by Lorenzo, the partner of Don Caesar’s daughter, Alize, and possibly Jose Maria, whom we briefly see talking in the credits after Alex.

The show’s producer Valenzuela explained in a recent interview that in order to successfully pitch a story to an online streaming platform, a person must have an arc that lasts at least 3 seasons and possibly more.

Therefore, we can expect the story of ‘Who Killed Sarah’ to last at least two more seasons. However, we have to wait patiently for them and the answers they bring.

Netflix’s Who Killed Sara Season 2 Official Trailer Review:

In just a few hours, it has crossed over 15K views. The upcoming Brazil show is slowly being watched globally. The show stars Manolo Cardona as the protagonist. He also played a key role in the popular Netflix show Narcos.

One is set in a world, where the path of deception is adopted and an innocent brother is accused of killing his sister. After spending years in prison, Alejandro had to find a place for himself in the powerful Lazano family to learn the truth of his sister’s death and seek revenge from them. Check out the trailer below:

The trailer looks intriguing and there is an element in suspense that they stick to their screens. Who killed Sara? Captures the story of both the past and the present and who do you think can suspect such a heinous crime.

Every detail feels as if it combines character and death and how you think everyone becomes a suspect. Actors like Diana Mercado Armenta, June Carlos Remolina, Ana Lucia Dominguez, Kaludia Ramirez, Eugene Siler are part of the cast of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara?

The show is produced by David Ruiz and written by Jose Ignacio Valenzuela. The show is produced by Alexis Fridman and Juan Uruchartu. The show is set to premiere on Netflix on March 24, 2021, and is a part of the Brazilian version of Netflix.

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