movieWill Smith To Collab With Deadpool 2 Directors for...

Will Smith To Collab With Deadpool 2 Directors for a New Movie!


Will Smith is Going to get together with John Wick & Deadpool 2 Directors For New Movie!

Will Smith and director David Leach are working on a memory-making crime drama titled Fast and Loose.

Deadline first left the news and revealed that Meg duo John and Eric Hoerber came up with the script, which would see Smith’s character trying to discover his true identity.

Given Leach’s previous output – Atomic Blonde, John Wick, Deadpool 2, and Hobbs & Shaw – it has the potential to become the next Bourne.

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The official Synopsis of Fast and Loose reads: “After the leader of an Upper-Econ criminal organization suffers a memory loss from an attack, he reunites with his crew, only to find out that things aren’t him. Which they think they are.

“When John Riley (Smith) wakes up in Tijuana after being dead with absolutely no memory, he follows a string of clues to reveal his identity which reveals that he is two different people.

Living a Different Life: One, as a super-successful crime kingpin, surrounded by beautiful women, expensive toys, and a lavish lifestyle and an undercover CIA agent, but with a punishing salary, and family. Or not home life, and zero marks of success.

“The problem is that he can’t remember which of these two people is his true identity, and more importantly, which life he really wants to live.”

Meanwhile, Leach is currently shooting for the star-spangled killer flick Bullet Train alongside Brad Pitt, Michael Shannon, Lady Gaga, and Zazzi Beitz.

Will Smith to star in David Leach’s Fast and lose!

As reported by Deadline, the film Fast and Loose is written by John Y. Eric Hoeber and presents us with a story in which Will Smith will explain John Riley,

A man with a serious identity problem and a dual Is living life Media reports state that when John Riley wakes up in Tijuana after dying with full memory, he follows a series of clues.

The Fast and Loose brother Scrinz was written by John Y. Erich Hoeber, whose credits include Red Y. the Meg. The Amnesia-themed film finds Smith not attacking after waking up in Tijuana and leaving after being dead,

Only to find that he is living two separate lives: a rich and successful crime One as the owner, the other as the police officer. CIA Broken and Alone. The catch is that he does not know what lifestyle his real identity represents, and worse, he is not sure who he wants to live with.

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First announced in April 2020, the project was originally developed by STX Films when Leitch was only on board to produce, but once he decided to direct, Smith made the runway Slaves film.

Later signed on to act on it and make it his next project. Antoine Fukka, Salvation. As a result, Fast & Loose is very high profile, and it was decided to purchase it from streamers and Deep Pocket Studios.

The story follows a man who has no memory of who knows that he is living two separate lives contrary to the law.

The New Movie John Riley: The man who has lived two lives is in Making!

The film is cooking in STXFilms but it was paralyzed until they started signing big names for the cast. While Leach was originally attached only for production, he now also performs the duties of the director.

Right now, many studios and streaming services are in a bidding war to obtain distribution rights. Leach has also produced the film Bullet Train, which also features a luxury cast headed by Brad Pitt.

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