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Netflix’s Ride or Die Ending Explained | Spoilers & Short Review


Ride or Die Ending | everything you should know about Netflix’s Movie!

Ryuichi Hiroki’s strange, rare, undoubtedly influencing enchanting roadway flick Trip or Pass away isn’t simple to suggest. It also isn’t particularly very easy to obtain a grasp of, in a narrative feeling, despite it having barely any kind of story.

Its purposeful obscurity, brazen sincerity, and refusal to follow any type of rubric but its very own do make it a worthwhile movie to attempt and unbox, though,

So let us do that and see if we can place the pieces of that two-and-a-half-hour jigsaw puzzle with each other. The setup is easy enough. Directed by Ryuichi Hiroki from a movie script by Nami Sakkawa, itself adapted from Ching Nakamura’s popular manga Gunj?

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Trip or Pass away locates mistreated homemaker Nanae (Honami Satô) turning to her traditional close friend Rei (Kiko Mizuhara) for a pretty large favor.

She wants Rei, a lesbian who was obsessed with her in the past, to eliminate her partner, Kotaro (Shinya Niiro), and also uses to sleep with her in return.

Netflix’s Ride or Die Ending Movie Summary | What’s the story?

Adapted from Nakamura Ching’s prominent manga collection “Gunjō,” “Trip or Pass away” is a much-needed adjustment of rate from the type of modern movie theater that minimizes every story to its moral math,

As well as a valuable refresh for the kind of modern target markets who view flicks the same way. It’s a shaggy and swollen picture of friendship that pinballs with time as easily as it does in between styles,

Ride or Die Movie Spoilers
Ride or Die Movie Spoilers

As well as a couple of ways too many of the 140-minute story’s frequent detours end up in dead ends, yet “Trip or Die” retains enough forward energy to roll across,

Also its the very least effective chapters because of just how stubbornly Hiroki rejects to maintain rating between these characters.

Ride or Die Ending Explained | How the Netflix Thriller Ends?

Our impression of Rei is that of someone who’s jackknifed right into the deep end even though she does not understand how to swim.

The portable video camera follows her down right into the bowels of a half-empty Tokyo nightclub as Mizuhara includes a restless motion sickness to her natural path stride. She targets a wedded salaryman,

Purchases him a beverage that he’s too turned on to inquiry, and also allows the man strong-arm her back to his hotel-like home. In the film’s closing minutes, as Rei is taken away by the cops, Nanae proclaims that she will certainly be waiting for her.

All her life, Nanae has been at the obtaining end of male-initiated abuse. After her mom left, her father concentrated all his impotent rage and aggravation on her. In her demand to escape poverty,

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She wound up selecting a male that resembled her dad in more methods than one. When Rei sacrifices her entire life to conserve her, Nanae doesn’t know exactly how to deal with it. And that complication goes beyond her sexual orientation.

As they take a trip with each other, Nanae starts to reciprocate Rei’s sensations. However, she isn’t prepared to admit it up until Rei agrees to choose her bro and also give up to the police.

For the very first time, Nanae realizes that she has been happy, brave, and carefree during the time she has invested with Rei and desires it to last permanently, although her practical side understands that it won’t.

Netflix’s Ride or Die Ending Quick Review: What do we think about the Movie?

The capturing was carried out in consecutive order at the elevation of the COVID-19 pandemic, with lengthy recall that map Rei’s unrequited love for Nanae to their lives at an elite girl’s institution.

Both are expanding nearness when traveling result in their characteristics changing constantly in appealing ways. The discussion’s repeated flirtation with the style conventions of “shinju” (love suicide) include an aspect of suspense.

By the end of their trip, one could believe that even though Rei, with all her cash, can have found various other methods to totally free Nanae from marriage misuse, love is illogical, and also this could be her most individual means of expressing it.

An essential sex scene splashing with uneasiness and rapture brings resolution to their dilemma and is just as cleansing for audiences. Mizuhara sinks her teeth into the role of her life with ravenous zeal,

But sometimes over-exerts herself doing hideous crying and also freak-out shouts. A drummer that executes under the name Ikoka Hona in the band Gesu no Kiwami Otome, Sato infuses Nanae with chameleon moods: prim as well as innocent in bookish specs,

Wild and also carefree when speeding with a back road in her BMW convertible, as well as at various other times, incredibly desirable.

Even so, Nanae isn’t invested with as numerous psychological layers as Rei and also in some cases betrays a particular opacity. Their younger selves are played by Sara Minami and also Yu Uemura, without leaving much impact.


It’s easier to value Trip or Pass away in principle than execution. It meanders type of by design, with dragged-out flashbacks, go-nowhere subplots (a little bit about Rei’s deserted girlfriend is an emotional,

But mainly pointless vignette dropped in the middle of the movie) and also bountiful personality expedition that still doesn’t seem like enough. It opens up with shocking panache, and also concludes with a fizzling, banal anticlimax.

Sometimes, it provides engaging dramatization, at others, it’s superficial, flimsy as well as indulgent, a lot of egregiously when Rei, as well as Nanae, freely contemplate killing each other or themselves,

As well as we do not understand if they’re spilling their hideous sincere intestines or kidding morbidly or simply grumbling like goth teenagers.

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