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Who Killed Sara Ending Explained | She Alive? Netflix Spoilers


Netflix’s Who Killed Sara Ending | Everything you should know!

Netflix series Who Killed Sarah? (Aka Quien Mato a Sara?) Left many viewers with a lot of unanswered questions after the confusing end of their first series.

Not only is there no question marks on whether Sarah and Alroy are dead, but the identity of the remains in Alex Guzman’s garden has not yet been revealed, and it is still unclear what Mariana will do to Sophia’s child as well.

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Who Killed Sara Summary: What the show is all about?

The story begins when a group of friends are partying on a boat, when the harness fails. As a result, Sara dies. Fast forward 18 years, and Sara’s brother, Alex, completes his prison sentence after he is framed for Sara’s murder.

When he is released, Alex seeks revenge from those responsible for his wrongful imprisonment: the Lazcano family. Who killed Sara? The second season of? Starts right where we left off and unravels the secrets of Sarah’s past which only fosters Alex’s vengeance.

Who Killed Sara Ending Explained
Who Killed Sara Ending Explained

Who Killed Sara Season 1 Recap | What Happens in the Netflix’s Show?

The bandages are broken and the whole falls to its doom screaming in fear as soon as it falls into the water. These memories haunt Alex, who finds himself in prison. He was quickly released due to his good behavior.

Actually, he is scheduled to leave at 8 am the next day. Narrowing his gaze, he asks if the Lazcano family is aware. Well, if they weren’t before then definitely are now! Desperate for revenge, Alex leaves prison and goes back home.

These feelings of bitter regret and disappointment are revealed in several flashbacks, shedding more light on Sarah and Alex’s past. They are siblings, as it turns out, and Lazcanos’ silence causes Alex to collapse for what happened to Sarah.

After Alex believes Rodolfo Lazcano is responsible, Sarah’s harness is cut off as an act of sabotage. Using a key obtained in prison, Alex opens a security deposit box and extracts a pile of cash. With financial support, he starts sorting out the house ready to take his revenge.

Alex starts looking at the various files carefully, looking at a scanned picture for Sarah. Sarah was pregnant at the time she was murdered.

Who Killed Sara Ending Explained: Who is the killer?

Alex was thinking the whole time that mastermind Caesar Lazcano killed his sister because she was carrying Caesar’s child. However, Alex is stunned by a mysterious diary hidden inside his house. The diary was of Sarah and the pictures on it were gothic and scary.

This leads Alex to his own backyard where he digs a skull, which has a bullet hole on its temple. A quick montage reveals that it was Caesar who fired, and perhaps it was to save Sarah from an attempted rape or murder.

Season 2 will lead Alex further into Sara’s dark past from which she died. Sarah had a mental problem and Alex will find out what the real truth is. For speculation, the series hints that Ellory damaged the parachute as ordered by Rodolfo’s mother Mariana Lazcano.

Mariana also thinks that Alroy killed Sara and that she is a sinner of this murder but neither Ellroy nor Katha accepts it. Mariana kills Allroy before giving any concrete evidence related to Sarah’s death.

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Who Killed Sara Season 1 Quick Review!

I love the fact that Netflix produces these series. The production quality is impressive and the actors certainly do their best to complete the story. If you love this type of series, more power to you (and Netflix) because who killed Sarah? There is all the thrill and drama in spades.

Personally, I just like the more classic thriller crime stories. And yes, Spanish-style productions in this genre are really among my favorites when it comes to movies.

For the series, the telenovela genre is often prevalent meaning that the play takes the point and not the story of the crime. Furthermore, this usually means that it becomes slightly over-estimated in over-the-top methods.

Who Killed Sara Season 1 All Episode Ratings

Episode One| Review Score – 3.5/5
Episode Two | Review Score – 3.4/5
Episode Three | Review Score – 4/5
Episode Four | Review Score – 3.5/5
Episode Five | Review Score – 3.3/5
Episode Six | Review Score – 3/5
Episode 7 | Review Score – 2.5/5
Episode 8 | Review Score – 3/5
Episode 9 | Review Score – 3.2/5
Episode 10 | Review Score – 3.5/5

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