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You Returning for Season 3 on Netflix! Latest Release, Cast & Production Updates


You Season 3 | Everything you should know about Netflix’s Show!

‘You’ is a television series developed by Greg Berlanti and Serra Gamble. The psychological thriller, based on the ‘You’ series of novels by Caroline Kapens, Goldberg – a serial killer whose disillusionment with women results in disastrous consequences.

The show initially began as a producer for the Lifetime Channel, but was later captured by Netflix and received high audiences and reviews, complemented by its dark yet fickle take on love and passion.

With season 2 coming to an end that was already hinting at its next “victim”, fans of the show are eagerly awaiting the next season. Here you know everything about ‘season’ 3.

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Has Netflix Renewed You for Season 3? | You Season 3 Renewal Status

According to our sources, you were in “active development” shortly before the release date of season three. Our sources also state that Greg Berlanti and Serra Gamble will remain the audience for season three and will be filmed once again in California.

The series was given an official renewal on January 14, 2020 with a short teaser. It mentions “New Year, New You”. For season three, the AAP writers will now have their own Twitter account by February 27 and will likely be shortening their progress.

Netflix's You Season 3
Netflix’s You Season 3

When will You Season 3 Release on Netflix?

‘You’ season 2 was released on the streaming platform Netflix on December 2, 2019, with each episode playing for 45 minutes. Season B is based on Hidden Bodies’, the second book in the series of novels by Caroline Kamens.

‘You’ season 3 was announced by Netflix on January 14, 2020, less than a month after the release of season 2. The show’s producers Greg Berlanti and Serra Gamble return as co-producers for the new season,

And the show will once again be loosely based on the book series by Caroline Kapens, the third installment of which was released on April 6, 2021.

Discussing that Season 3 would be based on a third book, called ‘You Love Me’, Gamble said that there would be similarities between the show and the book, but the stories distract.

Filming for Season 3 began on November 2, 2020, but was suspended on December 31, 2020, due to an increase in Kovid’s 19 cases. Then production resumed in February 2021. Considering the original 5-month shooting schedule and delays due to the epidemic, we expect season 3 to premiere in late 2021.

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Which Celebs are a part of the Cast for You Season 3?

In season 3 of AAP, Penn Badley will play the lead, which will feature Goldberg and Victoria Pedretti as his girlfriend Love Scene. Like the previous season, season 3 will also debut with a new reallocated Joe, and so we can expect some changes for the cast.

One such addition will be Michael McManus () The Village ‘), who plays Joe’s mysterious new neighbor Natalie. Further announcements by Netflix confirmed the addition of Shalita Grant (‘NCIS’), Travis VanWinkle (inkle Friday the 13th), and Scott Speedman (‘The Other’) to the new cast.

Additionally, in the cast list released for season 3, Love’s mother Dotty as Saffron Berves (‘Agents of Shayl’), Theo as Dylan Arnold (‘Nashville’), Tatey Gabrielle (‘Unkeatched’) Marine, Shannon Chan-Kent (‘Another Life as Cakey’),

Dante as Ben Mehl (‘The Good Wife’), Andrew as Chris O’Shea (‘Madam Secretary’), Christopher Sean (‘ Days of Our Lives ‘) as Brandon, Brian Safi (‘ Desperdos ‘)’) as Jackson, McKenzie Astin (‘Homeland’) as Gill,

Ayte Zurer (‘Angels and Demons’) as Dr. Chandra, Jack Fisher (‘NCIS’) as a young Joe Goldberg, and Morrisic Lara as his friend Pauli.

List of 13 New Characters Included in the Cast of You Season 3:

In November 2020 we received a large number of new cast announcements (see all their character backgrounds on Variety): Here will be a core cast including 13 new names, new cast members, and a return to face:

Pain Badcond: Joe
Victoria Pedretti: Love
Scott Speedman: Matthew
Travis van Winkle: Carrie
Shalita Grant: Sherry
Saffron Burrows: Dottie
Dylan Arnold: Theo
Titty Gabriel: Marianne
Michela McManus: Natalie
Shannon Chan-Kent: Kiki
Ben Mehl: Dante
Chris O’Shea: Andrew
Christopher Sean: Brandon
Brian Safi: Jackson
Mackenzie Astin: Gill
Islet Zuror: Dr. Chandra
Jack Fisher: Young Joe Goldberg
Mauricio Lara: Friend of Young Joe

Earlier this year we received confirmation from two returning cast members: Victoria as Badley Joe and Love will return as Pedretti. Love’s Joe’s continued presence in life was a pretty sure thing about how season two ended,

With the couple having a very unholy union (more that Twist means down to season 3). Hopefully, we will also see the return of an extended season of Quinn family and friends from season 2 onwards.

What can we expect from the plot of You Season 3?

You Season 2 of ‘U’ concludes with one of the biggest revelations of the show, which his girlfriend Love reveals that she has been on him and his dark secret the whole time.

Not only that, she was two steps ahead of the protagonist and reveals that she originally manipulated her to fall in love with him.

Joe decides not to kill her when he finds out that she is pregnant with their child and the two move into a new house where Joey immediately comes in his pattern and falls in love with his new neighbor, Natalie.

Season 3, therefore, picks up from a very tense situation, with the opening episode currently titled “After They Led Lively”. 

In addition to hoping to develop the angle of new neighbor Natalie, we will also see how Joe deals with his girlfriend’s new knowledge of violent and manipulative inclinations.

Although he decides not to kill her, the two killers are living with each other, they do not want to mention the child they are not expecting. In an interview, Schrüner Serra Gamble describes how the storyline of Season 3,

Although running on a parallel timeline, makes the decision in Season 2 due to being distracted by the books. She also mentions the tension between Joe and Love in Season 3, as Love no longer fits into his portrait of an ideal life, and Joe struggles to accept that his romantic views may not be realistic.

Serra Gamble has also written the first episode with Mayor Reid, and like millions of fans, we can’t wait to see it!

Netflix’s You Season 3 Production Updates:

By March 2020, the third season of the series was still in the writing stage and we were expecting the film to be running over the summer. However, with all the COVID-19 interrupts that never came.

All authors worked on writing the series exclusively from home as they shared on their collective Twitter account. Digital Spy had said that filming would begin in February 2021, and would come again in 2021, but is now fully debunked.

In September 2020, we received word through Scooper Daniel Richman that you would start filming in season three in early November 2020 and then film until “Late April 2021”.

He also revealed the set, as with most Netflix productions, would have stricter COVID-19 restrictions. On November 2, 2020, we received official confirmation that construction of season three was underway.

In 2021, Netflix France gave us a quick update with a behind-the-scenes look at Joey’s role in season three of Penn Badley.

It is also worth noting that by the time the series should be finished filming, Caroline Capans (author of AAP) has revealed that the third book of the series, You Love Me, is due to be published on April 6, 2021.

Will Season 3 be the last season of You on Netflix? | How many seasons of You will be there on Netflix?

Joe’s story will not necessarily be complete with season 3. Gamble told THR, “I’m not scared at all, saying that we can definitely follow Joe for many more seasons.” Don’t worry about writers running out of the way to test your hero either.

“Because we believe in the world that Caroline gave us and we believe in these characters, we just know that they will really get fucked.

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