movieArmy of Dead Ending Explained: Who Wins Heroes or...

Army of Dead Ending Explained: Who Wins Heroes or Zombies?


Army of the Dead Ending: Everything You Should Know About the Zack Snyder’s Film!

Zack Snyder and zombie fans alike have begun eating the army of the dead on Netflix and liking what they see.

The film aims to launch an expanded universe for the Legion of the Dead which already includes a prequel film and a TV show, but there is every possibility that we will see a sequel to go with them.

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Army of Dead Summary: What the Movie is all about?

In Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, refugee camp volunteer Kate Ward (Ella Purnell) pursues her father in zombie-infested Las Vegas, hoping to find and rescue her missing friend Geeta (Huma Qureshi).

However, the ending of the film creates some confusion about what happened to Geeta. A captive outside the Las Vegas walls, Geeta makes it a dangerous choice for herself and her daughters to move to Las Vegas in hopes of getting some cash from the city.


But after being smuggled by Lily the Coyote (Nora Arnjeder), Geeta goes missing and fails to get out of the city. Kate eventually finds her alive at the Olympus Hotel and Casino, which serves as the home of Alpha Corpus.

Zeus, the king of the zombies, holds the humans in captivity until he is ready to turn them into an alpha corpse, and Kate manages to take Geeta out before she can take him out.

Army of Dead Recap: What happens in the Movie?

The plot partly hinges on a mission to rescue Geeta, a refugee mother, who enters a zombie-infested quarantine area to obtain some money. When she fails to return, a group of mercenaries on a different mission also decides to save her.

The group is led by Dave Bautista’s Scott Ward, with his daughter Kate acting as the moral center of the story. It is Kate who insists that they save Geeta.

The team is in a race against time, as the president decides to drop an atomic bomb on the city of Las Vegas to kill all the zombies.

At the end of the film, Scott and Kate find Geeta alive, and the trio goes to the roof of the Olympus Hotel and Casino, where their fleeing helicopter awaits.

Army of Dead Ending Explained: Did They Survive the Zombies?

Like Rogue One, we felt it would be a one-way trip to Sin City for a lot of artists. But, given the rate at which the characters fell, you can be a little lost in who lived and who died.

An atom was launched in Las Vegas, which apparently meant some casualties. Scott and Kate manage to get out of Sin City with Peters and Geeta, but with Zeus.

The rest were not so lucky. Definitely among those who died were Scott (killed by Kate after being bitten by Zeus), Guzman (blew himself up), Cummings (shot by Geeta),

Chambers (eaten by a zombie), Lily (Bailey’s casino spear by Zeus)), Zeus (shot by Scott), Maria (a neck pierced by a zombie), and Martin (the film’s most brutal – and worthy – Was killed by Valentine in death)) went).

There are some that are either off-screen or contained. They included Dieter – who throws Vanderohe to safety before being picked up by Murray – as well as Geeta and Peters, who we can assume were killed by a helicopter crash in the Nevada desert.

Although their fate has been left unclear, they are probably now joining the corpse that shattered Vegas – although we are hoping that Dieter will somehow survive. It turns out that Las Vegas is a very forgiving place.

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Most of the team is killed except Scott, his estranged daughter Kate (Ella Purnell), helicopter pilot Marianne (Tig Notaro), and Vanderohe (Omari Hardwick), but when Scott rides the helicopter for only a few minutes, Kate lives nowhere.

And what better time for a redemptive dad arc than this? He runs back for her and they make it in time … but his valor is valued as the meat-eater ends up in his cargo. They make it out of Vegas prematurely, but Scott is bitten by a zombie, and Kate is forced to kill him.

Meanwhile, Vandrohe left Vegas for money earned from blood, guts, and the wreckage of the fire. He uses that money to rent a private jet and fly to Mexico, and everything seems peachy. That is until he starts feeling a little under the weather and sees a bite mark on his arm.

At the end of the film, we see Vanderohe walking out of the bank vault, surviving a nuclear attack on Vegas. Then we see that he books a private plane using a bag of cash taken from the said vault.

In-flight, he gets distracted and enters the toilet. There, he discovers a bite mark on the back of his arm, meaning he was bitten by a zombie. As it happens, we hear that the pilot announces landing in Mexico City.


The Army of Dead by Zack Snyder is a good one time watch Zombie Thriller Movie. After all its a Snyder movie you have to give it a try.

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