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K-Drama So Not Worth It Season 1 Coming to Netflix in June This Year!


The sitcom-based Korean drama ‘So Not Worth It’. It is going to be released on Netflix. Also, this sitcom-based Korean drama ‘So Not Worth It’ is going to explode on Netflix.

Korean drama has created a large fan base. They are among the most emerging people on the digital platform. However, ‘So Not Worth It’ is also being titled ‘I hope the Earth falls tomorrow’.

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Has Netflix Given Green Light to So Not Worth It Season 1?

Netflix, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, confirmed production for So Not Worth It, a sitcom about the youthful adventures of students with multicultural backgrounds living in a college hostel.

So Not Worth It will be produced by Kwon Ik-Joon, a sitcom heavyweight who has shaped the landscape of Korean-style sitcoms with shows such as Three Guys and Three Girls and Nonstop.


Kwon will collaborate with another veteran producer Kim Jung-Sik, while the screenplay is co-written by Seo Yoon-Jung and young-ae.

What to Expect From the Plot of So Not Worth It Season 1?

It will be built around young people in an international hostel. They face many challenges in their residence and fight among themselves. But in the end, make a way out of all the troubles. What makes this Kdrama different from the rest of the Kdramas is its unique plot.

As we have already mentioned that there will be more than two heroes, we will see here the background of all the characters who have their roles. And, their stories will get entangled with each other’s stories.

When will So Not Worth It Season 1 Release on Netflix?

The show is yet to get a confirmed release date from the makers. It has now been confirmed that So Not Worth It will be available to stream on Netflix on Friday, June 18, 2021. So Not Worth It Season 1 is likely to grab viewers’ attention.

The show is also recognized as “Hope That The Earth Collapses Tomorrow”, this South Korean drama is set for release on one of the major online streaming platforms Netflix. Back in October 2020, the show was officially announced.

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Which Korean Celebrities & Characters are Included in the Cast of So Not Worth It Season 1?

Se Wan as Park Van
Shin Hyun Seung as Jamie
Choi Young Jae as Samu
Minnie as Minnie
Han Hyun Min Hyun as Mino
Carson as Alan Carson
Joaquim as Laugh
Terris brown
Lee june

Netflix’s So Not Worth It Season 1 Trailer:

The makers or Netflix has not released the official trailer for the show yet but you can watch fan made trailer till then.

Netflix’s So Not Worth It Season 1 Trailer

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