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Million Dollar Baby Ending Explained: It Leaves us with Many Unanswered Questions


Million Dollar Baby Ending: Everything you should know about the 2004 Movie!

Million Dollar Baby is a 2004 American sports drama film directed, co-produced, and produced by Clint Eastwood from a screenplay written by Paul Haggis, based on short stories by FX. Toll, the pen name of fight manager and cutman Jerry Boyd.

It stars Eastwood, Hilary Swank, and Morgan Freeman. The film follows Margaret “Maggie” FitzGerald (Swank), an underdog amateur boxer who is helped by a less appreciated boxing trainer (Eastwood) to achieve her dream of becoming a professional.

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Million Dollar Baby Summary: What the movie is about?

Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood) is a veteran Los Angeles boxing trainer who keeps almost everyone at arm’s length except for his old friend and colleague Eddie “Scrap Iron” Duprice (Morgan Freeman).

When Maggie FitzGerald (Hilary Swank) arrives at Frankie’s gym in search of her expertise, she is reluctant to train the young woman, a transplant from working-class Missouri. Eventually, he cries, and the two form a close bond that will irrevocably change the two of them.

Million Dollar Baby Spoilers
Million Dollar Baby Spoilers

Million Dollar Baby Recap: What happens in the movie?

Released on video today, Million Dollar Baby spends its first 90 minutes explaining what’s most familiar to boxing stories, about the timid, down-and-out young fighter who has nothing but a heart and a Krusty trainer.

With help all the way up to a title match for the World Championship. The strangeness of the film, and it is not very imaginative, is that Boxer is a woman.

But in the end, he goes inside with his apparent courage and a gentle provocation from his avuncular, blind-in-one-eye watchman, “Scrap” (Morgan Freeman).

Within a year, Maggie has learned leg and fist work, honing her body for a lethal leanness, and winning pro bouts, most of them from knockouts.

Eighteen months after her partnership with Frankie, she is fighting for the world’s WBA welterweight title and her opponent is on the ropes.

Million Dollar Baby Ending Explained: Why does it seem Unsatisfactory?

Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh, who has struggled with painkiller addiction without feeling the need to defend his moral lapses, could not stop himself from boasting about how bad “Million Dollar Baby” is.

He described the film as a product of left-wing, secular thinking. Maggie is paralyzed in a big fight. She loses a leg to bedsore and then tells Frankie to end her life. He hesitates because of his faith and she tries to do so by biting his tongue.

He then decides to do so by unplugging his breathing machine and then injecting adrenaline into his IV. Morgan Freeman then stated in a letter to Frankie’s daughter that she never saw Frankie again.

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And the last shot is of Frankie at the dinner we saw earlier in the film. Michael Medved, another right-wing who seems to think Hollywood exists only to find more substandard ways to corrupt the morality of the American public, has also thought about the film.

And the Web sites and blogs of pro-life groups across the country are obsessed with how Hollywood dares to promote a pro-euthanasia film for so many Oscars. In the final scene, we see what Frankie looks like at the counter for Ira’s roadside dinner.

Father Horvak told Frankie that he would be lost forever if he helped Maggie, seeing Frankie at the restaurant where she and Maggie had dinner in a time of joy – and Frankie also expressed interest in buying Was – is a relief.

This shows that his soul does not permanently wander into broken or negative territory; In fact, if he is eating a piece of that fabulous Homemade Lemon Pie, it might be stronger than ever.

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