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Netflix’s Anime Eden Ending Explained: Did they Bring Back Humanity?


Eden Ending: Everything you should know about Netflix’s 1st Japanese Anime!

Eden is a Netflix original science-fantasy anime series, created by Justin Leach. The series will be directed by the famous Yasuhiro Iri, best known for directing the incredible full metal alchemist series.

EDEN is a completely original series and is not licensed from any other studio. Two studios behind bringing EDEN to life are Cubic Pictures and CGCG Studios.

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Netflix Eden Summary: What the Anime is all about?

Eden travels the story of Sarah growing up as the only human in a world full of robots. After being picked up by these friendly bots, she never questioned her existence, but as she grows older, she becomes more and more curious.

How did she get there? Are there more like him? Is she left alone? All are questions that she asks herself as she undertakes to uncover the black truth behind this society.


A human girl secretly raised by a robot begins to uncover the dark secrets behind her succulent, utopian world where humanity has disappeared.

Japanese Anime Eden Recap

The story is of a thousand years in the future where everything is at peace and the green atmosphere is perfect. The world of EDEN-3 is run by self-aware artificial intelligence robots that very much follow Isaac Asimov’s three laws of robots.

I saw “too much” because Asimov is never directly named, and the three laws are written in a slightly different way. Regardless, the role of laws in the story is paramount as it controls the action of robots and explains how robots believe people should behave.

Therefore, it is the Garden of Eden… with three tackles. But humans do not exist and robots living in this world consider humanity a myth.

Netflix Anime Eden Ending Explained: What happens to them in the End?

The fate of the cryogenically frozen mankind relies on Sarah retrieving a password to bring them out of their deep slumber. She is also on a deadline, as the life support system is caused by a power-down in a few minutes by the climax of the anime.

A flashback shows that Drs. Fields knew this password when he was still human, but chose not to disclose it to Geneva or Zurich, an AI system protecting Eden bases, before deliberately adopting his new robo identity.

After Sarah survives a near-death encounter with Zero – which erases her parents’ memories – the two have a massive final performance, Sara is desperate to uncover her buried knowledge.

She asks Zurich to take him to the same place where they first met inside a fallen robot. She intends to stop the void. She arrives at the robot. Zero in the bot extends its arms for fully robotic combat.

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Pj is back with his team in his support. “It’s a fight you can’t run away from”. Robots on both sides bump into each other. Sara is fully charged for the fight and, initially, also manages to rattle Zero, but is soon on the ground.

She walks out and shouts Zero knowing she has a human, Dr. Fields. He denied. She then immediately plays a memory of Liz for him on Zurich’s screen.

Eden further ends with a brave new world, with the E92 and A37 reverting to their earlier forms after being reprogrammed by Zero. From their conversation it seems that ever since they first met Sara.

Sarah giggles when a harmful biological life form lands on E92 and turns around. This is, of course, a throwback to the first episode when she was a child.

Zero almost pushes him to his death, but seeing Sara’s outstretched arms makes him miss Liz’s final moments, resulting in Zero himself rescuing her, seeing that her memories unlock Dr. Weston Fields Has been given.

Realizing the error of his ways, he agrees to give Sarah the password – a set of rules she devised about how robots were created to serve and protect humans.

When doing so, the pods are realized and opened, Sarah raises an infant from her, just as humans have now returned to Earth. The series ends in a touching way – although the A37 and E92 were reprogrammed and Sarah lost all memories,

She noted that they still function as they did when she was younger. Used to inspire her to laugh, seeing her, they too are mom and dad. While Dr. Fields, who lost his robot exoskeleton in the final battle, transfers his consciousness to Emily, Liz’s robot dog.

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Eden Season 1 Review: A Soulful Anime!

The world is very interesting in itself, but it is criminally underestimated, pushed in favor of a simple story that sees Sarah looking for any potential human survivors.

However, she is not alone, and her identity soon becomes clear to Zero, the dictator leader of the Eden One. As the episode progresses, a cat-and-mouse chase ends between the pair, leading to the usual big action stand-off at the end.

It also creates a clear delineation between the four-act structure of the story. The end of each opens up the past a bit more so that the viewer can gather important information with his fearless heroine.

In the end, Eden does not provide concrete answers to the questions he asked. Unfortunately, as the series progresses, the story deepens in nature and, although the climax inevitably falls in favor of Hope, Eden tries something new for the more exhausting aspects of this familiar set-up Finn Misses an opportunity to do.

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