AnimePrison School Season 2 Canceled Or Renewed? Latest Updates

Prison School Season 2 Canceled Or Renewed? Latest Updates


Prison School Season 2: Everything you should know!

The manga-based series is portrayed by Akira Hiramoto and directed by Tsutomu Mizushima. The first season of Prison School aired between October and December 2015 and by March 2018 sold over 13 million copies.

The anime has already received many positive reviews. Most importantly, Tsutomu Mizushima used the first nine versions of the manga to plot 12 episodes of the first season of Prison School. However, the original manga has a total of 28 sections with 277 chapters.

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So, J.C. The staff studio has 200 more chapters left to make Prison School season 2 or more seasons. Additionally, Prison School ended with several Cliffhangers. So the anime audience is waiting for Prison School 2.

Prison School Season 2 Summary: What the Anime is all about?

Prison School is a comedy, ecchi manga series that follows the lives of Kiyoshi Fujino and his classmates, chairman of the Hachimitsu Academy’s Boys’ Student Council.


The story takes place on an island where all the students are male and female teachers are forbidden to set foot on the ground. The second season of Prison School will air this summer with more plot twists and new characters!

The upcoming season promises to be even more mysterious than before as it tackles new challenges in the quest for freedom for our protagonist, Kiyoshi Fujino.

Prison School Season 2 Renewed or Canceled?

The second installment of this series is actually one of the much awaited upcoming anime shows. But J.C. Staff Studio, which produced its first installment, has not provided any details on it. He has not yet cleared or canceled Prison School Season 2.

And that means that the future of anime is still up in the air. This series is being well-liked by the audience and critics. The creators also made a lot of profit from it. Also, this manga series has sold over 13 million copies so far.

And that means that the show is still popular, and its fans are still awaiting its return. So, the prospects are currently in favor of the anime’s comeback.

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Which Characters & Voice Artist are Returning for the Cast Prison School Season 2?

Prison School Season 2 will be overseen by Hachimitsu Academy, Kiyoshi Fujino by Taishi Nakagawa, Takehito Morokuzu by Tokio Emoto, Shingo Wakamoto by Masato Yano, Joji Nezu by Daiki Miyagi, and Regi Endo by Galigaligaliksson.

Other directions at Prison School begin with an underground Understead driving gathering of eligible trustees who combine Mari Kurihara by Hirona Yamazaki, Meiko Shiraki by Asan Momaru and Hana Midorikawa by Aoi Morikawa.

Prison schools are clamoring for fans to recover for Season 2. Surprisingly, the recovery of the accompanying season is yet to be guaranteed. Despite this, as the entire season expanded Monster Ground, all ended, the producers would have no motivation to make another season.

Prison School Season 2 has no rights chart for methodology lovers. It will focus on issues or issues related to adolescents who are moving towards the Foundation with a greater number of young women.

The prison school was one of the two vectors of the Best General Manga Award that Gurgeni had at the 37th Kodansha Manga Award.

Is there Enough Source Material for Prison School Season 2?

The opening season of the anime series followed the story of its first nine editions of the manga. While the author has so far released 28 volumes in this series, which contains a total of 277 chapters. And that means that J.C.

The staff studio has about 200 chapters to make up for Prison School season two. They can also make two or three more seasons of this anime if they want with that source material. The availability of many of those translated chapters is a good sign for the future of this anime.

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Is Prison School Season 1 & Season 2 on Netflix?

Netflix has finally added the first season of Prison School to its library. If you are unfamiliar with the anime, it follows a group of boys who are sent to school for bad behavior.

Prison School Season 1 Review: Cliffhanger Left Us With Many Questions!

The English dub for Prison School is superb, with solid and recognizable voices from Funimation Stable including Austin Tyndall (Tokyo Ghoul, My Love Story), Eric Vale, Christopher Bevins.

Arslan, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood), Alexis Tipton (Heavy Object, Overlord), and Tia Ballard (Little Busters, Fairy Tail).

The stand-out for me was Sunny Straight (Assassination Class, Dragon Ball), which has this weird, indescribably weird sound for Andre, which matches the equally bizarre character design to a tee.

If listening to English is too embarrassing with others at home, don’t fret, as the Japanese dub also features high-quality voice actors including the Monogatari series Alum Hiroshi Kamiya and Kana Hanazawa.


Among the heaps of ecchi garbage, the Prison School stands as a diamond among the raw. I don’t think it will be enough to convince people completely away from the genre, but for those who like it, it’s a real treat and unlike anything out there.

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